What is AnabolicMen.com

AnabolicMen.com is the leading evidence-based natural hormone optimization website online. 

Our goal is to provide our readers with fact-checked, evidence-based, effective, and safe natural alternatives to improve hormonal health through lifestyle changes, nutrition optimization, and supplementation.

All of our articles are authored by our founder and men's health author, Ali Kuoppala, and carefully reviewed by an expert team of board certified medical professionals from doctors to RDs.

AnabolicMen.Com's medical reviewers ensure that our articles are always evidence-based, scientifically sound, safe, and fact-checked.

Along with extensive experience in a variety of medical specialties, they bring added perspective due to their backgrounds in clinical practice, research, and patient advocacy.

Medical Review Team

Bengebara Omar, MD (Dr. Ben)

dr ben senior medical reviewer of anabolic men

Bengebara Omar (Dr. Ben) is the Senior Medical Director of Anabolic Men. As a Doctor working in the ER, he offers us a unique expertise in health related subjects. His experience as an emergency doctor provides a different view of the medical field, as he shares his goals, vision, and the challenges he faces while treating, operating or advising his patients. He writes or reviews the articles of www.anabolicmen.com, ensuring their accuracy and relevancy along with other collaborators. Visit Dr. Ben's LinkedIn

Gerardo Sison, PharmD

pharmd gerardo sison supplement reviewer

Gerardo Sison is a registered pharmacist with experience in a variety of healthcare practice settings. He has worked and volunteered in both hospital and community pharmacies where patient safety was a priority. Gerardo earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences with a focus in chemistry. He then went on to graduate cum laude from the University of Florida where he earned a Doctorate of Pharmacy. Currently, he splits his time between consulting work, medical writing, and research.

Vlad Belghiru, MD

dr vlad belghiru md

Belghiru Vlad’s interest in science was amplified during his teenage years, attending one of the most prestigious high-schools in Romania, Colegiul National Carol I. It was the school’s mathematical program which developed his keen eye for details and the sense of logic and correlations between facts and outcomes. He then attended and graduated the University of Medicine and Pharmacy from the city of Craiova and is now a Medical Doctor. He will take the national residency exam in November and will decide on which medical specialty he will choose.

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