9 Tasty Foods that Give you More Testosterone Naturally

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There are hundreds of different natural testosterone boosting foods out there, just as there are hundreds of foodstuffs that can do the exact opposite and lower testosterone.

In today’s post, I will show you 9 testosterone boosting foods which I personally consider to be the best of the best when it comes to increasing natural test production. Stock your fridge with these and results are guaranteed.

So without further introductory ramblings, here are the foods that increase testosterone: 

1. Avocados

Avocados are a testosterone boosting foodAvocados are often called alligator pears, as they’re shaped just like a pear, but the bumpy skin looks like one taken from an alligator.

There are hundreds of different avocado varieties out there, but the one we most commonly eat and talk about, is the Hass avocado.

It’s the one in the picture, available pretty much all around the World, and I’m sure most of you can instantly recognize it from your local grocery store shelves.

Why are avocados a testosterone boosting food? Here are multiple reasons:

a) Unlike most other fruits which are high in carbohydrates, avocados are jam-packed with monounsatured fatty-acids (MUFAs). This is exactly the type of fat you want to consume for a testosterone boost (study, study, study).

b) There are more than 20 dietary vitamins and minerals present in the flesh of an avocado. Many which your body uses and requires to produce testosterone: A, K2, C, B2, B5, B6, zinc, magnesium, and copper.

c) Avocados are one of the few foods known to contain oleuropein (extremely bitter glycoside with aromatase enzyme blocking effects). In this rat study, oleuropein boosted testosterone levels by more than 250%. Hard to say if this applies to humans, but it’s still quite fascinating.

High dietary fat intake, and high intake of monounsaturated fatty acids are both proven to increase testosterone levels quite significantly. Avocados are high in dietary fat, and most of it is monounsaturated. Therefore it’s quite obvious that high avocado intake would also be pro-testosterone.

Add on top the facts that avocados are also jam-packed with testosterone boosting micronutrients, and the (possibly) testosterone boosting glycoside – oleuropein, you have got yourself one of the best foods that boost testosterone naturally.

2. Eggs

Eggs are a food that increases testosteroneThe old school bodybuilders didn’t chug down raw eggs for nothing. Egg whites contain a great balance of amino-acids for the human body. They’re not much short from being a perfect protein source for humans.

But you’d be a gigantic idiot to throw away the yolk, because that’s where the true testosterone boosting power is hidden.

Firstly, the yolk contains natural cholesterol, which is the direct precursor steroid for the production of testosterone. Your leydig cells simply can’t make any testosterone without cholesterol (study, study, study, study).

NOTE: No, eating eggs won’t cause you any cardiovascular problems. Stop believing the corrupted media hype. Studies spanning the last 10 years or so have proven countless of times that the correlation between dietary cholesterol intake and cardiovascular disease risk markers is virtually non-existent (study, study, a lot of peer-reviewed studies)

Secondly, eggs have pretty great fatty acid profile. They contain more of the testosterone boosting saturated (SFA) and monounsaturated (MUFA) fatty acids, and less of the testosterone lowering polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). It has been proven countless of times that eating more SFAs and MUFAs increases testosterone, whereas high PUFA intake does the exact opposite (study, study, study, study).

Thirdly, eggs are packed with testosterone boosting vitamins and minerals, such as: A, D, B , iodine, and selenium. One of the B vitamins in particular – choline – is hugely important for testosterone production. Choline is a natural methylator, which works by donating methyl groups to estrogen molecules so that they become “complete” and your liver can chelate them out of the body. Methylators also positively influence testosterone synthesis in-vitro.

All-in-all, eggs are one of the best testosterone boosting foods out there. If your goal is solely to boost testosterone, chug them down raw, as that preserves the cholesterol and the vitamins from heat. On the other hand if you want maximum protein bio-availibility, you should cook the eggs. If you want the best out of both world, you drink the yolk raw and cook the whites.

3. Grass-fed Beef

Beef is a food that raises testosteroneThese are good news for all men. Beef is a food that increases testosterone levels immensely.

Sure protein is the least important macronutrient to focus on if you’re boosting testosterone, and studies constantly show that high protein diets are detrimental for testosterone production…

…However, science has also shown that chronic protein malnutrition lowers testosterone, and that animal protein is superior to plant-based protein sources when it comes to testosterone optimization.

Based on my research and experimentation, I recommend that about 20-25% of your daily calories should come from protein. And that most – if not all – should come from animal sources.

In other words, start eating more beef.

You might be wondering, why grass-fed instead of grain-fed?

Answer: This isn’t a MUST if you want to increase testosterone, but a SHOULD, because of the following reasons:

a) Grain-fed cattle that lives in large feedlots is fed mostly with GMO soy and corn. As an end result, the meat coming from this kind of cattle is not as nutritionally dense as the one coming from their grass-fed relatives. For example: grass-fed beef contains 4x more vitamin K2 than grain-fed, 5x more omega-3’s, and 2x times more CLA. Grass-fed also contains more vitamin A, more B vitamins, more potassium, more zinc, and more phosphorus (study).

b) Grain-fed cattle is often pumped full of hormones to make them grow faster. Most often this is a combination of estrogen and growth hormone to make the cattle big, but also fat at the same time. These hormone traces are then found where? In the beef of course (study).

Bottom line: Eating beef as your main source of protein is a good idea if you want to boost that big T production. The fat is mostly saturated, which is the best kind for testosterone production, and the protein is high quality animal protein, which is what you want to eat this food to boost testosterone production. Grass-fed is better than grain-fed, but if you’re short on money, grain-fed is better than nothing.

4. Butter

Butter is a food to boost testosterone productionThrow away those nasty margarines and soft spreads high in PUFAs and trans-fats, they wreck havoc inside your endocrine system.

Then replace them with real butter. Yes that’s right. Instead of eating something that tries to mimic the texture, color, and taste of butter, you should be eating the real deal.


Because butter is an awesome food that raises testosterone. It’s mostly saturated fat, which again is the best type of fat to consume for testosterone production.

On top of that grass-fed butter contains the testosterone friendly vitamins: K2, D, and A.

I get that saturated fats were heavily demonized in mass media some tens of years ago, but if you’re still believing the hysterical claims, you’re missing out. Butter is perfectly healthy, both for your body and for your balls.

5. Potatoes

Potatoes are a testosterone boosting foodYou may have already seen that I speak very highly of potatoes in this blog.

That’s not for nothing though. Potatoes are my main source of carbohydrates. I eat my meat with a side of potatoes, potato smash, baked potatoes, whatever I can make from potatoes, I also eat that.


Because carbohydrates are essential for testosterone production and a great testosterone boosting foods (study, study, study, study, study)

So why don’t I just slam my face with grains, pizza, etc?

Answer: Because most grains contribute to general bodily inflammation, are high in fiber, and contain a lot of gluten. And general inflammation, high fiber intake, and high gluten consumption all contribute to lower testosterone.

Instead of consuming a lot of grains I consume starchy carbs, including: all kinds of potatoes, beets, squash, turnips, parsnips, etc. These don’t contain any gluten, are low in fiber, and won’t contribute to bodily inflammation. I also eat some simple carbs to further boost T, even sugar.

It doesn’t kill you or wipe away your testosterone production if you eat grains once in a while, but let me just tell you: potatoes are a testosterone boosting food. They’re the tastiest, most effective, and cheapest source of testosterone boosting carbs I can think of.

6. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a testosterone food.I think most of health “gurus” and so called “experts” can conclude that olive oil is healthy.

Well that’s probably because it is. Especially for your testosterone production.

Olive oil contains mostly monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), which have been shown time after time to induce higher testosterone levels (study, study, study, study).

Olive oil also contains the (possibly) testosterone boosting oleuropein. The same thing that increased testosterone levels by a staggering 250% in rats (also in avocados as seen in #1).

However the best thing about olive oil, is the fact that we don’t have to even question its testosterone boosting abilities. There is a study where young Moroccan men consumed either olive oil or argan oil as their main source of fat for 3 weeks. The results showed that olive oil increased testosterone by 17.4% and argan oil by 19.9%.

There’s also this animal study, which states that olive oil helps testicular leydig cells to convert more cholesterol into testosterone.

So I guess we can all agree that olive oil is damn good for us.

Many of the olive oil brands on the market contain unnecessary sulphates and low quality oil. Always get organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil (affiliate link).

7. Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is a testosterone boosting foodMany cheese varieties are great for testosterone production, as they’re mostly saturated fat. And saturated fat is “it”.

Blue cheese is mostly saturated fat too, but it packs in something more…

Probiotics and healthy gut bacteria.

It’s known that the gut is like the second brain of the human body, and that your tummy directly communicates with the hypothalamus (brain substrate responsible for testosterone production) through the Vagus nerve.

Therefore, a theory exists that increased intake of gut bacteria and probiotics, could affect the hypothalamus, and therefore testosterone production.

The best part? It’s already proven in animal studies.

Before there’s any human studies to prove the theory, I highly suggest that you eat a lot of blue cheese and other fermented foods high in probiotics and gut bacteria. I know I will 😉

8. Pomegranates

Pomegranates are one of the best foods that increase testosteroneIf I’d have to pick only one food that could increase sexual performance (aphrodisiac), it would be pomegranates without a doubt.

Yup, that’s right. Pomegranates are a superfood for the love tool.

This is because of two things. Firstly, they improve your cardiovascular health by increasing blood flow, nitric oxide production, and reducing arterial plague. And secondly, pomegranates increase testosterone.

Here’s some studies:

a) In this human study pomegranate juice increased testosterone levels by a nice 24%.

b) In this study, 3 years of drinking pomegranate juice, significantly reduced arterial plague (-35%), dropped blood pressure, reduced LDL oxidization, and increased nitric oxide levels.

c) This in-vitro study found out that pomegranates are anti-estrogenic, simply because they inhibit the aromatase enzyme (the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen).

The big question is, how do pomegranates do all this? There are probably multiple mechanisms, but so far we know that pomegranates are incredibly high in antioxidants (this might explain the boost in testosterone) and that the compounds called punicalagins in the fruit, trigger the body to produce more nitric oxide, which then widens and relaxes blood vessels.

9. Organic Bacon

Organic bacon is a testosterone boosting foodHow could I leave out bacon on a list like this?

Well I can’t.

Bacon is pretty amazing. Not only does it have a heavenly taste, but it’s also packed with high quality animal protein, testosterone boosting saturated fats, and the direct precursor of testosterone: cholesterol.

Bacon would actually be number #1 in this testosterone boosting foods list, if it wasn’t for one detail.

The bacon you eat, should be organic.

This is because the mass production conventional pigs are fed with GMO soy and corn, they’re living in such horrid conditions that they’re pumped full of antibiotics to ensure that the pigs won’t get any inflammation, and they’re fed with ridiculous amounts of estrogen and growth hormone to make the pigs fatter and bigger in record times.

That last part is crucial. Because of the high fat content of the pig meat, the hormone residues are much more of a concern. You see, the adipose tissue (fat) is exactly where the hormone traces can be found.

That’s why I only eat organic bacon. I’m not a hippy or anything, but I will not consume a meat filled with estrogenic residue if I can pay a bit more to get an organic alternative that is not fed with pesticides, antibiotics, and low-quality exogenous hormones.

Bottom line: bacon is an awesome food that increases testosterone production, but only if it’s organic. If you can’t afford organic bacon, it’s better to just to eat conventional beef instead. Beef is lower in fat and won’t pack in as much hormone residues as fattier cuts of meat do.

Conclusion on Testosterone Boosting Foods

That’s it. Incorporating testosterone foods into your diet for high testosterone levels isn’t hard. In fact as you can see, you get to eat like a king.

I have been eating these foods that increase testosterone for years now, with the macronutrient ratio of roughly: 20% protein 50% carbs 30% fats. As a result, I have higher testosterone, better thyroid labs, and I’m healthier than what I have ever been.

I encourage you to throw away the ridiculous soy milks, low-fat diets, low-carb diets, and everything that the mass media tries to sell you into.

Start eating like a man; foods to boost testosterone to high levels. Real meat, real fat, real carbs. That’s how you increase testosterone levels.

9 Tasty Foods that Give you More Testosterone Naturally was last modified: October 19th, 2017 by Ali Kuoppala
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