nutrition and workout program for 2018

Stupidly Simple Diet and Exercise Program to Get Lean and Put on Some Muscle Mass in 2018


It’s 2018 and the gyms are full of the “new year, new me!” people. Some of you might find it annoying, but it’s perfectly understandable that you’d want to make some changes and start working on new goals as the new year rolls around. It’s sort of like a fresh sheet of paper to work…

fenugreek testosterone

Fenugreek and Testosterone: Closer Look at One of the Most Popular Testosterone Herbs


Fenugreek (trigonella foenum-graecum) is a common herb that originates from the Indian herbal medicine; Ayurveda. Its claimed use is to enhance masculinity and libido. The seed powder and seed extracts of the fenugreek plant are commonly used in various testosterone boosters, and some manufacturers claim that it would be the single most effective natural compound…

lower estrogen naturally in men

8 Effective Ways to Lower Estrogen Levels Naturally and Safely


Estrogen or as it’s sometimes called; oestrogen is commonly referred as the “female hormone”. The three main active estrogens in the body are;¬†estrone (E1), estradiol (E2), and estriol (E3). Despite being the female hormone – men also have it – sometimes in very high amounts. Women biosynthesize most of their estrogens in the ovaries, whereas…

boost dht with nutrition

5 Foods to Boost DHT Levels and 5-Alpha Reductase Naturally for Androgenic Benefits


Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a controversial hormone. Even though it’s the male hormone of the male hormones and a lot more androgenic than testosterone, some are still scared that high levels of it could lead to hair-loss and prostate enlargement. Whereas the prostate claim has proven to be inaccurate in multiple studies (for example: in this…

bulbine natalensis and testosterone

Bulbine Natalensis and Testosterone: May Raise T-Levels but has Similar Toxicity Side Effects as Many Oral PEDs


The testosterone supplement industry has been booming for the past years, frequently coming up with new possible herbals to raise natural test production. Bulbine natalensis is one of them that was briefly hailed as the best of them all and then almost completely forgotten just months later. In this article we will go through all…

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