avena sativa and testosterone levels

Avena Sativa and Testosterone: The Impact of the Common Oat on Male Hormones


Avena sativa or “the common oat” is the grain most people should be already quite familiar with. There seems to be this general consensus among the bodybuilding world that oats and avena sativa supplements (which are basically glorified oat straw extracts) would be anabolic and pro-testosterone. I have seen many claims about oat straw being…

pomegranates testosterone and erectile health

Pomegranates and Testosterone: Excellent Nitric Oxide Booster that Raises Free-T Levels


The pomegranate (Punica grantum) is an antioxidant rich fruit with small red edible seeds. It originates from the Mediterranean region, but nowadays, the use of this delicious fruit has spread thorough the globe. Due to the many claims made about the possible health benefits, pomegranate is in high demand in the United States, which is why…

stinging nettle and testosterone

Stinging Nettle Root and Testosterone: Can this Common Plant Really Increase Testosterone and Lower SHBG?


 Stinging nettle root (Urtica dioica) is a common plant most should already be familiar with. It’s added into many testosterone booster supplements, and generally stinging nettle is  labeled by some as a testosterone raising herbal supplement that works by inhibiting SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), and thus makes testosterone more bio-available in the body. Confusingly, nettle…

garage gym building guide

How to Build a Home Gym: The Only 6 Pieces of Equipment Needed for a Killer Garage Weight Room


 Hopefully you’re already aware of the impact proper weight training can have on testosterone levels and bodily androgen utilization. (In case you’re not, go back and read how a basic resistance training routine increased resting testosterone levels by 40% in just 4-weeks and how strength training impacts androgen receptor density). If you’re lucky enough to have…

natural steroids and anabolic foods

Natural Steroids: 3 Anabolic Foods you Wouldn’t Think Could Have Steroid-Like Activity


For years, bodybuilders and health conscious men have looked into ways to optimize natural testosterone production. One of the things that has gained quite some interest, has been nutritional methods to raise bodily hormone levels. And it has been already well-proven that total caloric intake, dietary fat intake, protein intake, and carbohydrate intake can all…

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