Brazil Nuts and Testosterone: A Selenium Packed Super Nut

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There’s one nut that is the king of them all, and that’s the Brazil Nut (or the Macadamia, nut depends if you value good fat ratios or minerals).

There’s this endangered specie of monkeys, called the Chapuchin monkeys, who actively search these nuts covered with a thick shell. Only the strongest and wisest monkeys are able to crack the shells open, but once they finally succeed, they’re famous for the next day or two, because in the world of the Chapuchin monkeys, the male with the Brazil nuts is the ultimate alpha male.

I’m eating a handful of Brazil nuts daily, and Tim Ferriss who sports a testosterone level of 1200+ ng/dl mentions them in his quick “triple your testosterone guide“…

But why?

Here’s a low-down on why the Brazil nut is awesome:

Brazil Nuts And Testosterone

testosterone and brazil nutThere’s hardly any science backing up the use of Brazil nuts as a testosterone booster, but I think we don’t even need science to crack this up.

Brazil nuts contain so much pro-testosterone building blocks, that they simply have to increase natural testosterone production.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

1. Packed with selenium – Brazil nuts are the richest known source for bio-active selenium in the whole planet, and selenium has been linked to elevated testosterone levels. Brazil nuts are actually so rich in selenium, that even as little as 1-2 Brazil nuts can easily fill the daily requirements of selenium.

2. Strong antioxidant – Brazil nuts are filled with antioxidants known for protecting your sensitive testosterone molecules from oxidization. Recent studies also show that certain antioxidants will stimulate the leydig cells to produce more testosterone.

3. High in L-Arginine – Arginine is a substance that will significantly increase your nitric oxide production, which means that your veins will dilate and relax allowing your blood to flow more freely. The good news: Brazil nuts are packed with the most bio-active form of Arginine.

4. Improves Sperm Quality – The 2013 Journal of Andrology reported that dietary selenium was able to significantly increase sperm quality, volume, and motility. The quality of your sperm is highly linked to testosterone levels, as it’s a scientific fact that men who have the highest testosterone, also tend to have the highest sperm counts.


These cheap nuts are amazing for your testosterone levels, and I can easily say that the Brazil nut qualifies to be a valid testosterone booster in my books.

When purchasing Brazil nuts (affiliate link), keep in mind that most of the selenium content is in the skin, so for maximal testosterone boosting benefits, always purchase these bad boys with as much skin as possible. Also avoid all the salted and roasted kinds, the more natural, the better.

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  1. Orion Antares on 07/10/2015 at 19:54

    How much cholesterol is contained in brazil nuts? Are we talking vegetable oil levels or egg yolk levels?

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