Chipotle and Testosterone: Likely the Most T-Friendly Fast-Food Restaurant

By Ali Kuoppala | Last reviewed Tue 25 September 2018

Medical Review by Dr. Vlad Belghiru, MD

Few weeks ago, I realized one of my biggest dreams of visiting the United States. Within the states I realized another dream of mine, which was eating at Chipotle.

I had heard great things of Chipotle before my trip, and since we don’t have one in Finland, the only way to get some was to go abroad. Luckily I had already planned a trip to Los Angeles for some business meetings and to finally meet Chris Walker (the author of THOR and TestShock) in person after working with him for over a year.

Literally the first thing I did – even before checking into a hotel – was eating at Chipotle. Otherwise known as the greatest testosterone boosting restaurant known to man.

Why Chipotle is the Greatest

chipotle is the best restaurant for macros and testosterone boostingMany bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast have for long time promoted Chipotle as a place to go for quality “clean” foods and well documented info about calories and macronutrients…

…Not only is this information vital for someone looking to build muscle and/or get lean, it’s also important for anyone looking to optimize testosterone levels, as you want to be eating enough calories, and you damn surely want to get your daily calories from around 50% carbs, 20% protein, and 30% fats for optimal T-production.

Chipotle makes that easy, since their website has a neat calculator for macros, so you know how much you eat and at what ratios are your macros in.

Although Chipotle could be labeled as “fast-food” due to the fact that it takes about 2 minutes to get food from there, it most definitely won’t fall into the same category as McDonald’s, Burger King, or Taco Bell would, this is because those places have incredibly heavily-processed menu’s whereas Chipotle is pretty much made from non-processed whole foods. This is good to know since a recent study showed how the people consuming lots of processed fast-foods had higher levels of testosterone lowering phthlates in their bodies.

So non-processed and macro-friendly? What else?

Well, the price, its pretty low considering that you’re essentially getting real food in just a matter of minutes for under $10. Then there’s the taste which – although can’t be debated since we’re all different – is still heavenly. Not to mention the ability to customize your meal in similar manner as you could in Subway.

But most importantly, look at the whopping amount of testosterone boosting foods they can pile into your bowl or burrito at Chipotle. I have already gathered a list of 30 T-boosting foods here, and if you read through it…

…You can quickly spot that Chipotle builds their masterpieces with quite many of those ingredients;

  • Meat, lettuce, salsa, fajita veggies, sour cream, guac, and cheese with no processing gives you plenty of micronutrients.
  • The types of fat in a Chipotle meal are mostly pro-testosterone (high in MUFAs and SFAs).
  • You can choose some quality T-boosting animal protein, such as beef or barbacoa.
  • You’ll get the simple T-boosting starchy carbs from white rice.

So if you’re looking for some fast food, and would like something delicious and testosterone-friendly, go ahead and get a Chipotle bowl with barbacoa, steak, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, salsa, white rice, and of course, double guac. 😉

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