3 Effortless Ways to Burn off Some Fat Mass and Increase Your Energy Expenditure

The year is nearing its end and yet again millions of people will make a promise of finally losing that stubborn flab off of their bellies.

Few weeks after that, 95% of them have already given up.

They’ll probably buy into the latest shenanigans of Dr. Oz, or start some of those ridiculous low-fat starvation diets and fail.

To perhaps help you from not becoming one of those desperate dieters. I will now present you 3 effortless ways to lose weight. These three are something that I’m personally using every single time I cut off body fat, and I can promise you that all of them work, and all of them are truly effortless.

Depending on your size, if you combine these three, you will end up burning roughly 300-600 extra kcal’s, each and every day, with literally no effort.

Here they are:

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1. Drink Ice Cold Water

ice cold water for extra weight lossAt the start of every morning, get yourself 1-2 liters of ice-cold water, preferably in glass jugs, and fill them with ice. Then put them to the fridge.

Thorough the day, drink the ice cold water. Aim for at least 8 glasses (also remember to consume plenty of salt during your day to avoid flushing it all out).

What in the world has this to do with effortless weight loss?

Answer: Your body keeps itself warm 24/7, via a process called ‘thermogenesis’, which simply means that the body converts energy (calories) into heat.

Now think of what happens when you drink a glass of cold water? The body temperature goes down, and the body has to increase its thermogenesis in order to get you back to your basal body temperature…

Guess what the body requires for that? It requires energy. And what’s the measurement of energy in the human body?

That’s right! Calories.

Simply put, you can burn roughly 100 extra kcal by drinking 10 glasses of ice cold water per day, simply because your body has to keep itself warm, and for that to happen, it needs the extra calories.

NOTE: Water is also good for maintaining optimal testosterone to cortisol ratio during exercise, so drink it!

2. Ephedrine + Caffeine

ephedrine + caffeine for effortless weight lossThere’s an endless supply of weight loss supplements on the market that promise you the moon and the skies, but at the end of the day, 99% do absolutely nothing for your body composition.

Then there’s a handful of compounds that actually can help you shed off the fat, but the results are quite modest and nothing dramatic. To name a few supplements of that list: synephrine, yohimbine and caffeine.

Then there’s the king of them all…


It’s without a doubt the number #1 weight loss supplement on the market, with guaranteed results, and a vast pool of studies to prove its effects…

…Here’s few of them:

a) Study after study has confirmed that ephedrine increases metabolic rate in human subjects. This increase can be up to 8% thorough the day (study, study, study, study, study, study).

b) In studies where there are 2 groups, (ephedrine and placebo) which both eat the same amount of calories and the same foods, the ephedrine group always loses more fat mass.

For example: In this study there was a group that received placebo pills, and a group that received 75-150 mg’s of daily ephderine, along with 150 mg’s of caffeine and 330 mg’s aspirin (in bodybuilding slang this is called the ‘ECA Stack’). During the first 8 weeks, the ECA stack group lost 2,2 kg’s of fat, whereas the placebo group only lost 0,7 kg’s. After 20 weeks the ECA stack group had lost 5,2 kg’s more fat than the placebo group.

In this study, 2 groups of obese males were put on a calorie restricted diet, the other group got placebo, and the other received 20 mg’s of edphedrine and 200 mg’s of caffeine on a daily basis. After 16 weeks, the EC group had lost 3,4 kg’s more weight when compared to placebo.

Similar results were seen in this study too. 2 groups of adolescents, the other receiving 60 mg’s ephedrine and 600 mg’s caffeine, and the other getting just a placebo. After 20 weeks, the ephedrine + caffeine group had lost 5,9 kg more fat than the placebo group.

c) Why the caffeine you might ask? Well, it’s also a stimulant that increases metabolic rate, and several studies have found that it works in great synergy with ephedrine (study, study) hence, the popularity of the ‘ECA stack’.

So now you know why I’m using and recommending ephedrine supplementation when the goal is weight loss. You can easily burn off 200-300 extra kcal’s with a small dose of the ‘EC stack’

Due to the fact that it’s a stimulant (like caffeine but stronger), it can increase blood pressure and heart rate shortly after ingestion. So to protect idiots from overdosing with the compound, many regulatory agencies have either banned the substance, or labeled it as a ‘prescription only’ drug. Despite the fact that countless of studies have shown it to be very safe when taken as recommended (study, study, study, study, study, study).

Sadly, this also includes my home country of Finland. Here ephedrine is a ‘prescription only drug’ (sigh)…

…But luckily I have a prescription to a certain cough relieving medicine called sir-ephedrin, which just so happens to have ephedrine as a main ingredient 😉

Bottom line: Ephedrine is safe to take if you don’t go crazy with it. It’s not a steroid or doping or anything like that, even if the media tries to label it so. If you have access to it, take it with caffeine, it’s worth the supplementation and as effortless as weight loss gets.

3. Crank Down the Heat

lower heat to increase fat burning potential effortlesslyThe average indoor heat is often set to at least ~20°C (68°F). That’s a warm and cozy temperature.

However if you want to burn 200-300 extra calories thorough the day, crank that heat down to ~15°C (59°F). (This is obviously impossible in a hot country and/or during summer).

Why does the heat affect your fat burning potential?

Answer: For the very same reason that drinking cold water does. Your body always keeps the basal temperature at a certain point, if it’s cold, it uses energy (calories) to maintain that temperature.

By making your house colder, your body has to constantly burn more calories in order to keep you at optimal heat.

But wont I be cold all the time then?

Answer: well yes, for the few first days you’re going to be bit chilly, but so what? You’ll get used to it in 3-5 days and then it’s nothing.


You can’t escape the simple fact that you must create a caloric deficit in order to actually lose weight.

However, you can get into that caloric deficit more effortlessly with the 3 tricks presented above. I use them, I know they work, and they are like I said, extremely effortless.

Thank you for reading. And happy holidays! 😉

3 Effortless Ways to Burn off Some Fat Mass and Increase Your Energy Expenditure was last modified: March 27th, 2017 by Ali Kuoppala
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