Micronutrient Deficiencies

What are micronutrients?
Why are micronutrients so important?
How common are micronutrient deficiencies?
How do I know if I have deficiency of some vitamin or mineral?
What are the most important micronutrients for healthy testosterone production?


What is a calorie?
What are macronutrients?
How much protein should I eat?
How much carbohydrates should I eat?
How much dietary fat should I eat?


How important is sleep
Does alcohol lower testosterone levels?
Can weight loss increase testosterone levels?
Are there any prescription drugs that lower testosterone levels?
I've heard that chronic stress suppresses testosterone, any truth to this?
What are endocrine disruptors and how come would they lower testosterone levels?


Does resistance training increase testosterone?
How do different types of cardio affect testosterone levels?
Are there any specific workout programs designed to raise testosterone?
What is overtraining and how does it affect overall health and testosterone?


Are supplements necessary?
Are there supplements that men should avoid
What are the most important supplements for overall health?
What are the best supplements to increase testosterone levels naturally?
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