3 Surprisingly Effective Foods that Can Supercharge Natural Test Production

Raising the rate of natural testosterone production is not rocket science. In fact, it's pretty easy when you know what you're doing and how the body produces this incredibly beneficial hormone.

It all boils down to a cascade of endocrine glands and enzymatic reactions that eventually turn some of the most basic nutrients (that we get mostly from our food supply) into steroid hormones.

For testosterone, this all starts from the brain, which sends a message to the testicles to convert cholesterol into free-testosterone.

If we zoom in a bit more, we can realize that for the actual signal from the hypothalamus to reach to the testicular leydig cells, there are several pathways that rely on essential nutrients, such as: vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, vitamins K2 and D, and a plethora of minerals. Then there's also the amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, and even the total caloric intake that all have an impact.

Now, some foods are simply better suited for hormonal health. Others not so. And one of our goals with this website is to teach men everything there is to know about these nutrient-hormone interactions and other ways to maximize the natural production of androgens.

In this article, you'll learn about the three surprising foods that are beneficial for T production:

#3. Fructose-rich Fruit Juices

orange juice is a surprising testosterone raising food itemSimple sugars - especially fructose - have gotten an incredibly bad rep in the media.

"Sugar makes you fat"

"Sugar is toxic"

"Sugar is unhealthy".

"Our nation is getting fat because of eating more sugar than ever before..."

However, nobody seems to look at the important things. Like for example, what does simple sugars and fructose actually do in the body?

For one, fructose has shown to be liver-protective and strongly stimulate metabolic rate and thyroid hormone production.

This is excellent for hormonal health, since the ability of the body to convert cholesterol into pregnonelone (reaction needed so that pregnonelone can then convert to steroid hormones) relies on thyroid activity.

Liver regulates several enzymes needed in the pathway of steroidegenesis and thus, it's health is absolutely vital for hormone production in the body.

Lastly, higher intake of fructose has been shown to suppress SHBG levels, and since SHBG binds to free-testosterone (rendering it inactive for the receptors), suppressing this carrier protein essentially increases the bio-availibity of testosterone in the body.

Oh and what about sugar being so bad for us? Well good luck finding actual scientific evidence for that. All you're going to find is a) speculation and theories b) woo'sters claiming that sugar is toxic in their mommy-blogs c) populational studies which link sugar to something without actually having proof of the fact that the condition was caused by sugar in the first place.

#2. Apple Cider Vinegar

vinegar is surprising testosterone increasing foodAdding some apple cider vinegar (or some other type of vinegar) to your diet might actually end up increasing your testosterone levels.

How? Simply because vinegar contains acetic-acid, and acetic-acid has been shown to strongly improve insulin sensitivity (especially right after a meal).

Now what could this have to do with testosterone? Everything, as higher insulin sensitivity has been time and time again shown to increase testosterone levels, whereas diabetes and insulin resistance have a tendency to lower T-levels.

So simply, consume some vinegar post-meal -> improved insulin sensitivity takes place -> this results in elevated testosterone production and androgen utilization in the body.

#1. Pomegranates

pomegranates are testosterone boosting foodsMuch of the fact that pomegranates can increase testosterone levels are likely caused by their high fructose content, but there's also some other compounds in them.

Research suggest that the ellagitannin-derived compounds in the fruit can potentially lower estrogen levels and preserve testosterone from converting into estrogen by blocking the aromatase enzyme.

In any case, pomegranate consumption has been shown to increase testosterone levels by up to 24%, while showing signs of being cardio-protective.

And in another study, 3-years of consuming pomegranate juice was associated with a staggering -35% reduction in arterial plaque

So in case you're interested in a fruit that is rich in fructose (making it lower SHBG and boost thyroid function), anti-estrogenic, and proven to increase testosterone levels and cardiovascular health, then pomegranates are a logical choice for you.

3 Surprisingly Effective Foods that Can Supercharge Natural Test Production was last modified: February 12th, 2017 by Ali Kuoppala
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