4 Common Signs and Symptoms of Having Various Hormone Imbalances in Men

Hormones are like these little messengers in your body that deliver the orders into cells. The cells then respond accordingly to the hormones signal.

Different cells uptake different hormones, and they all have fairly specific functions that differ from each other.

While some hormones could be seen as more important than others, it's also good to realize that all of them have functions that in a way or another are necessary for the optimal functioning of the human body.

It's the hormonal balance or "bodily homeostasis" that makes sure everything runs smoothly, and all the hormones are synthesized, used, and discharged accordingly...

...However, if an external factor like obesity, lack of exercise, poor nutritional habits, chronic stress, micronutrient deficiency etc. cause the balance to shift, the body may not be able to naturally maintain its hormonal balance, and it will simply "not function optimally".

This results in different symptoms of hormonal imbalance, and below you can read about four of the most common symptoms, taking place after imbalance in the "most important" hormones of the body.

#1. Low Body Temperature

cold hands and feet thyroidThere's a small gland right below the Adam's apple and above the chest bone that is called the thyroid.

When receiving a signal (via a hormone) from the brain, the thyroid secretes the thyroid hormones T3 and T4, which maintain the bodily energy production in all of its cells.

If the thyroid is sluggish and secretes too little of the hormones T3 and T4 (hypothyroidism), then the bodily energy production also goes down, and this slows down EVERYTHING in the body.

It slows down the metabolic rate, hair and nail growth, synthesis of other hormones, bowel movements, and the immune system...

...And one of the easiest ways to identify a problem in the thyroid gland and an imbalance in the thyroid hormones, is by taking your morning body temperature.

According to Dr. Broda Barnes, the optimal waking temperature is between 97.8 – 98.2 degrees Fahrenheit, higher than that and you're likely suffering from hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid), lower than that and you're likely having hypothyroidism (under active thyroid).

More about thyroid and how to fix it naturally;

#2. Lack of Interest in Sex and Low Libido

hormonal imbalance low libidoThe male sex hormone; testosterone, has been extensively studied over the last 100 or so years.

It's widely known that testosterone is required for the development of male sexual characteristics and the actual sexual organs as well as the ability to produce an erection...

... And it has also been shown that it's largely testosterone that maintains the "interest of pursuing sexual activity in men".

Which is why one of the most common and early signs of low testosterone levels, is low libido, erection problems, and generally a lack of interest in any sexual activity.

This makes many men depressed and insanely embarrassed about themselves, and the worst thing is that many men simply don't realize what causes it, and think of it as just some natural occurrence.

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#3. Brain Fog and Fatigue

brain fog hormonal imbalance symptomsBrain fog is medically called "clouding of consciousness".

It feels just as what is sounds like.

A cloudy feeling in the head, inability to think, acute memory loss.

Since many people can live with this for years, it's also often deemed "just normal".

But really, chronic brain fog is nothing to joke about. It's usually caused by prevalent micronutrient deficiencies and lack of proper nutrition, which has led to increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, lowered levels of the male hormone testosterone, and often also suppressed thyroid levels.

If the cause isn't taken care off, the chronically elevated cortisol levels and suppressed thyroid can start causing actual damage to the brain tissue, and eventually lead into real dementia.

Fixing the root causes of stress, eating a wholesome micronutrient rich diet, and exercise are good ways to balance the hormones that can cause brain fog, and you might also want to read this article that discusses the topic of brain fog more in detail.

#4. Unexplained Loss of Muscle Mass

muscle loss hormone imblanceHormonal imbalance in androgens like testosterone, and/or peptide hormones like growth hormone can result in unexplained loss of muscle mass, even in people who actively lift weights.

When these hormones dip, muscle protein synthesis decreases, muscle satellite cell activity goes down, and catabolic (muscle breaking) compounds like myostatin are elevated.

When this muscle loss occurs, many men panic and try to fix it by lifting more weights, but this can backfire by increasing cortisol levels and stress-response and further suppressing the hormones that are necessary for growth of muscle mass.

Better way to fix it would be to understand how testosterone works and how its produced, and then systematically fix the factors in your lifestyle, nutrition, supplementation and exercise habits that can contribute to the loss of T.

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