Learn How to Increase Vascularity Naturally to Get that Ripped “Road-Map” Look

Learning how to increase vascularity is not as hard as you think. Not to mention a nice road map of veins on arms or pretty much all around the body looks pretty freaking bad-ass.

Sure we can argue about that but when I see a guy who has some serious muscle going on, but not a single vein on sight, it just looks like there’s implants under his skin. It doesn’t look natural at all. It’s like a hamburger bun without the sesame seeds, it lacks that final edge and definition that really defines the word “ripped”.

But how does one get vascular naturally?

It is possible. Let’s learn how to increase vascularity naturally:

Get to Low Body Fat

Learn how to increase vascularity by having low body fatThis is the most important part, and also the most obvious when it comes to increasing vascularity.

There’s a layer between the skin and the muscle, and it’s the layer where the veins we want to make visible, are located in.

However that’s also the place where fat mass accumulates into.

Needless to say that if the layer is filled with goo like fat, it’s going to be tough to increase vascularity since the veins are not going to show at all.

The simple fix to the problem is to burn off that fat. Shed down to single digit body fat % and I guarantee that you’re going to see a road map of new veins that you didn’t even know you had.

And the best part is that it’s not a temporary fix like diuretics or other shady tricks often are. It’s natural vascularity that will show 24/7.

NOTE: From personal experience I can say that 8-12% body fat is somewhat optimal if you want to maintain a diet that’s good for your hormones, while simultaneously being shredded and vascular. Go above 12% and your veins will slowly disappear, or go below 8% and you’re going to wreck your hormones with the strict diet.

Build Serious Muscle Mass to Increase Vascularity

Build muscle to increase muscle vascularityThis is another quite obvious point, but hugely important factor if you want to increase vascularity. 

If you want to increase muscle vascularity, you just simply need to get bigger and stronger muscles.

And how to get those?

Well just lift big weights and hope for the best.

When the muscle gets bigger and stronger, it needs more oxygen and nutrients. This occurrence will naturally increase the blood flow and the size of your veins, thereby increasing vascularity.

Also when your muscles increase in size, the layer between the skin and the muscle will tighten up, making the veins more prominent, thus increases your natural vascularity.

The THOR Testosterone Training Program is awesome for building serious muscle, in addition to increasing testosterone (as the name implies).

Boost Nitric Oxide Levels

Increase vascularity by boosting nitric oxideNitric oxide is one of the most important molecules for your cardiovascular health.

It relaxes smooth tissue, dilates arteries, improves blood flow, and reduces arterial stiffness.

This is also why most of the pre-workout supplements contain ingredients that elevate nitric oxide levels. As that gives you the pump, which basically is just increased blood flow due to the elevations in nitric oxide.

L-arginine is a classic nitric oxide booster, but L-citrulline is even more effective. I personally take a mix which contains both.

You should also eat foods high in nitrates (spinach, beets, arugula lettuce, celery, etc). The nitrates will convert into nitric oxide by the actions of the bacteria in your tongue and in your gut.

This study showed that a simple vitamin C + Garlic combo was enough to increase nitric oxide levels by 200%. Meaning that the two together will probably beat the living shit out of all the pre-workout supplements in the market.

Eat Foods that Increase Vascularity

Eat foods that increase vascularityLearning how to increase vascularity instantly can be as simple as eating more thermogenic foods. When your basal body temperature increases, your body naturally pushes blood towards the skin away from the internal organs.

That’s because your body doesn’t want the organs to “overheat”.

This is a natural occurrence and there’s nothing dangerous in doing so. Simply taking a hot shower has similar effects. However hot shower, sauna, etc. all have only a temporary effect.

To increase vascularity for longer, you can simply eat foods and spices which have thermogenic effects in the body, such as cayenne pepper or ginger. Basically all of the hot spices and chili’s. If you want this thermogenic effect to be constant, you need to optimize your thyroid function, as it’s the natural thermostat of the body, which also controls your metabolic rate.

I normally mix some cayenne pepper and ginger in water and gulp down. It’s a mix that will give you a testosterone boost, a thermogenic effect, and a nitric oxide boost. Perfect to improve vascularity naturally.

Avoid Water Retention

Improve vascularity by avoiding water retentionThe layer between the muscle and the skin does not only hold in fat, as there’s also subcutaneous water.

This is mostly because sodium in salt will “store” the water there.

The occurrence is called water retention, and it’s also the reason why processed salt bloats you up like a balloon, to combat water retention, most professional bodybuilders use diuretics which strip the body from stored water.

However diuretics are not so easily available for a reason…

…They can be quite dangerous if not used correctly.

The more natural and safer alternative to diuretics would be to stop consuming processed foods with low quality salts, instead prepare your own meals and use small amounts of real non-processed salts, such as Himalayan crystal salt or unrefined sea salt, those are a lot healthier and don’t cause that much water retention as that processed shit does.

Also drink plenty of water, as it doesn’t cause water retention, it actually flushes sodium and toxins away from the body and when you’re well hydrated your body doesn’t need to store water in between the skin and the muscle therefore increasing muscle vascularity.

Conclusion on How to Increase Vascularity

With the points explained above, you can dramatically improve vascularity without the use of dangerous diuretics or any other weird gimmicky tricks.

The best thing is that those things will promote a more lasting and permanent vascularity, instead of generating that 20 minute pump.

If you’re looking for a program that will help you build muscle and lose fat to get that vascular look wile increasing your testosterone levels, be sure to check out the THOR Testosterone Training Program

Learn How to Increase Vascularity Naturally to Get that Ripped “Road-Map” Look was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by Ali Kuoppala

Ali Kuoppala

Ali Kuoppala is the founder of Anabolic Men, and an Independent Researcher that has been credited with organizing the findings that have helped thousands of men reach hormonal balance.
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  1. RKelley on 03/07/2015 at 02:30

    Good advice, I like the no bullshit straightforwardness.

    Some feedback:

    1. Water does flush out sodium and toxins. Drinking it also helps reduce water retention due to the effect of osmosis–high to low flow of water from cells to the exterior. Drinking too much water to flush your body of water is dangerous, because it dilutes the electrolyte balance in your body. Like their name indicates, electrolytes are necessary for carrying electricity across your cells (and I believe ATP). When you flush your body with water, you’re going to feel lethargic and weak because your muscles are being robbed of energy. And more importantly, it can kill you if you drink too much water without eating any salt.

    This is why high school wrestlers and body builders die every year while trying to cut weight and tighten up. They take diuretics and flush their body with loads of water.

    2. Do spicy foods create a thermogenic effect or do the vitamins in them? I always was under the impression that capsaicin didn’t actually create heat–it just irritated your nerves and created the sensation of heat. I learned this from a high school chem teacher and coach, who explained that Icy Hot was useless for my shoulder pain because it didn’t have an effect on blood flow.

    3. I’m a hairy dude, and I have Irish, Swedish and Persian blood. My dad was a soldier, state trooper, prison guard and boxer. He was absolutely jacked-up with muscle. His forearms alone were the size of Popeye’s. However, aside from his hands, he didn’t have that veiny look. And I don’t either. I spend hours in the gym, and I get jacked up with hard muscle, though I never get a six pack, and I have trouble losing belly fat around the navel and on my lower back. I do dead lifts until my sciatic flips out. I’m a tall, narrow-boned guy that laments about his thin wrists and fingers. Anyway, what gives? More celery, vitamin C and weight training will do the trick?

    I feel like it’s a growth hormone thing. The most jacked I ever got was when I was loading creatine and powerlifting as preparation for high school sports. I suppose this was because my HGH levels were raging. I’m 28 now, and they’ve probably subsided. Especially because I typically am awake 12-20 hours a day working and covering chores.

  2. SeanLM on 12/10/2015 at 07:55

    No evidence whatsoever that “Himalayan crystal salt or unrefined sea salt” is any healthier than “processed” salts. Show me the peer-reviewed academic studies that prove otherwise (not bullshit supplement-industry “studies” but studies from actual universities). So long as it’s NaCl, and nothing else, it does the exact same thing whether it was produced in a factory in the USA or in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery on top of some mountain. The real difference? The price.

    • Bishop King on 12/04/2016 at 17:10

      Trace minerals

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