How to Determine Testosterone Levels Pretty closely without a Blood Test at Home

Many men, including me, hate to go to the doctor for testosterone testing.

But that’s what you have to do to get really accurate testosterone test result (even though I have gotten results so wacky that even the doctors and medical experts seem to fail).

But what if you could  figure out how to testosterone testing at home? And what if we could define a close number without going to the doctor?

That’s what this post is about: easy testosterone tests you can do at home.

Obviously testosterone levels fluctuate a lot and by doing this at home means that everything is only a speculation, but I believe that in most cases you can get fairly close to your actual numbers and use natural ways to test testosterone by monitoring few things I’m about to explain here.

So how can you do testosterone testing at home? Want to learn how to test testosterone without a doctor or laboratory?

Let’s find out!

Monitor The Smell of Your Sweat

Learn how to do testosterone testing by monitoring sweat.Sounds stupid huh?

Well let me explain why this should show some guidance to you:

You have had these glands called apocrine glands for your whole life, but they really started working during puberty.

Those glands produce the sweat called “apocrine sweat” and it’s hormonally driven.

That’s the reason why if small kids sweat it doesn’t smell bad, but once a teenager or a grown man does, it can smell awful.

In a nutshell: The more apocrine sweat you produce, the more testosterone you’re likely to have.

So the more bitter, pungent, and manly your sweat smells like, the more testosterone you will likely produce.

In contrary to that: a good low testosterone test is seeing if your sweat has no smell, or it’s not pungent. If this is the case, then you most likely have very low testosterone levels, and that’s why you sweat like a baby.

Monitor The Size of Your Testicles

testicle size is an easy way to test testosterone levelsThe size of your balls is one of the key factors if you want to have a clue about how much testosterone you’re producing. After all, that’s where the testosterone is coming from.

If they’re small and atrophied (not just temporarily but all the time), you likely have low testosterone.

If they’re big and full, you most certainly have high testosterone & sperm production.

You can test this out by going to a women’s fragrance section, then be there for a while and inhale all those estrogenic perfumes. I can guarantee you that your balls will be like raisins after that.

Or get yourself drunk, the following morning you will have smaller balls than usual. That’s because the alcohol has decreased your testosterone levels.

Monitor The Quality and Frequency of Your Erections

Erection quality is a low testosterone test indicatorYour erections are testosterone driven. If you don’t have them frequently, you probably lack the testosterone which drives them to happen.

Based on the huge amount of “help me” emails that I’ve been getting since I opened this website. I’d say that all of the guys complaining about erectile problems are somewhere around and below of 300 ng/dl. For younger guys the number is a bit higher (some have reported ED problems at 400-500 ng/dl so it seems like young guys are more sensitive to the effects).

The higher your testosterone levels are the easier it is to get erections. Once you go past 800 ng/dl you can likely summon a boner without even thinking about sex.

Morning erections are also a giveaway. If there’s none, or they’re infrequent then there’s 4 possibilities:

a) You have low testosterone levels
b) You have low nitric oxide levels
c) You have porn induced ED (aka, oversentisized androgen and dopamine receptors)
d) You have all of the three combined

Home Saliva or Blood Spot Testosterone Test Kit

Testosterone blood test kit at homeIn some countries there’s a possibility to order a home test kit for various hormones.

For saliva test it’s an easy procedure. You just order a kit, then you spit on to the vial, send it to the address provided, and receive your results.

A testosterone blood test is similar but you have to draw some blood.

However there’s few things that you have to remember when doing a home testosterone test.

a) Testosterone levels can fluctuate a lot, and they’re highest in the morning, so 2-3 tests done in morning should give you something believable.

b) Saliva test or blood test done by yourself isn’t nearly as accurate as a blood test done by your doctor.

c) Saliva test done at home is only something that should give you some “insights” your blood testosterone levels can be different.

Your Fat Percentage

Low testosterone testing by checking body fat percentage A good testosterone level test one can do, is to pay attention to body fat percentage. A surefire low testosterone test is seeing if you have a high body fat.

Because the more fat you carry on, the more aromatase enzyme your body produces.

All that aromatase enzyme will then convert your testosterone molecules into the female hormone estrogen. Then the excess estrogen signals your brain to decrease the production of steroid hormones.

That’s the reason why fat guys have usually low T. So if you’re packing on fat mass, you can be sure that your testosterone levels are probably quite low too.

Your Age Can Matter

Using age is a great testosterone level testOn average the levels of male testosterone start to decline at around 30 year mark. And the decrease is about 1% a year.

So that should also give you some insights.

NOTE: This decline is only seen in “modern cultures”, as this study found out that in rural areas, older men have just as much testosterone in their system as younger guys do.

Quite odd isn’t it? I think it’s because of the fact that in rural areas, men won’t become sedentary once they get older. Therefore they’re still active and their endocrine system remains active too.

In contrary the men of “modern culture” start a sedentary lifestyle of watching TV and eating a bag of chips every night after that sluggish 9-5 jive.

So if you’re older than 30 and sedentary, then you’re going lower and lower all the time, but if you’re getting old and still being active, then you’re fine and age doesn’t matter to you.

How Many Prescription Drugs you’re Taking

Check how to test testosterone based on pillsA huge number of prescription medications will lower testosterone levels, so if you’re a guy popping 5 different pills a day, there’s a big change that some of those pills are also decreasing your testosterone levels.

I’ll write a detailed post about medication and testosterone in few days, but before I do, here’s some of the meds that cause low T (if you take these then you’re most likely not having high levels):

Statins, asthma drugs, long term painkillers, anti-depressants, anti-histamines, heartburn drugs, beta blockers, cortisone, acne drugs, hair loss medication, and many many more (detailed post coming later).

So if you pop those pills then you’re not having high testosterone levels, that’s a fact.

How Do You Exercise

Test testosterone through exercisingTo have high testosterone levels, you need to do something physically demanding to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce testosterone (sedentary guys don’t need testosterone in their lives).

But the way you exercise matters a whole lot.

If you exercise by lifting heavy weights and your aerobic exercise is something like sprint running or high interval intensity training. Then you most likely have constantly elevated testosterone levels.

In contrary if you’re jogging or practicing long term endurance sports like marathon running etc. You’re most likely having constantly decreased testosterone levels.

Again this is not a way to get a solid number out. Still this is a way to test, measure, and define some sort of reasonable range.

Check Your Diet

Use diet as a testosterone testIf you’re eating organic foods, eating plenty of meat and fats, some quality carbs, and not on a caloric deficit. Then you’re most likely rocking elevated T.

In contrary, if you’re a vegetarian/vegan, eating a low fat diet, on a calorific deficit, avoiding meats, and not eating organic produce. You’re most likely rocking low testosterone levels.

Again this is just to give you some examples on how to figure out your possible numbers.


Based on the above factors, you should now know how to test testosterone levels and be able to figure out a reasonable range, or at least to figure out if you’re on the low side.

Nothing beats the actual number that you get from your doctor after a blood test, but if you’re like me and hate going there (and paying your ass off), you can use the above factors to determine a reasonable number.

NOTE: Even tough you would have high testosterone levels, you can still have the low T symptoms, these can be caused by high estrogen or low free testosterone (or multiple other things). That’s why it’s not a bad idea to go get a blood test, at least once to be on the map.

 NOTE: If you’re interested in learning everything you must do with your diet, training and lifestyle to raise testosterone as quickly as possible, check these out .

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