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Paleo is all the rage right now, and has been for few years. Whether you’re part of the ‘movement’ or hate all dietary trends like this, you can’t escape the fact that the food recommendations related to the paleo diet are – for the most part – incredibly healthy choices in terms of overall health and hormonal function.

The Paleo Grubs Cookbook claims to be the best and also largest resource of recipes for anyone seeking to prepare foods that the caveman could of have eaten (as that is basically what paleo is all about). With its staggering 470 recipes (yes that’s right four hundred seventy) in 17 different categories and for different skill levels of the chef, it’s easy to say that the book is likely the largest installment of paleo recipes in one book…

…But is it any good and should you even care about paleo foods in the first place?

How Good is the Paleo Grubs Cookbook?

paleo grubs cookbook pdf reviewI generally hate it when some diet grows to near cult-like following, which is exactly what has happened with paleo, largely thanks to the website; Mark’s Daily Apple. Like in many “hip” things the paleo crowd sometimes makes reckless claims about the benefits, but surprisingly, there’s also many good aspects to the diet.

Paleo eating in a nutshell means that you’re consuming foods that would of have been available to the humans of the paleolithic era, an era which ended roughly ~11,000 years ago.

This meaning that the idea of the diet is basically to consume no grains, no – to very little – dairy products, no omega-6 laden seed & vegetable oils, and basically nothing that is heavily processed.

A diet like that is often claimed to; boost weight loss, cure and relief many autoimmune diseases, relieve constipation and bloating, help with cravings, reduce chronic inflammation, and be generally super-healthy.

To be completely honest, the claims of paleo diet increasing the rate of weight loss are ABSOLUTELY bullshit. There’s a mountain of evidence which shows very clearly that weight loss is – and will always be – all about the caloric intake. No matter how “clean” the diet, it never really makes a significant difference. Does it relieve autoimmune diseases then? It might, in cases which the disease is triggered by compounds found in grains, pesticides, man-made chemicals, or dairy products, though it’s not scientifically sound to claim that the paleo diet would cure any autoimmune diseases…

…Does it help with constipation? Maybe, depends on what “paleo” foods you eat and how your body reacts to them, this is highly specific. The chronic inflammation thing is relatively accurate, since when you reduce refined grains and omega-6 fatty acids from the diet, your system generally responds with lower amounts of inflammation biomarkers (study, study). And lastly, In terms of overall health and hormone function, paleo is very close to what I’d call “optimal”.

The paleo diet is no ‘magic-pill’ but it’s simply a pretty healthy way to eat with its high amount of whole foods and micronutrient dense food items.

Now what about the book? Well the book is a massive resource of recipes that’s one thing. 470 to be exact. With a quick glance thorough, all the recipes seem to be in-line with the “general paleo rules”. Some of the recipes do require talent in the kitchen, but bulk of the instructions are easily doable even if you’re not Masterchef material. The recipes seem to be incredibly tasty (I only tried the Shepherd’s pie and few of the slow-cooker recipes which were A+ IMHO), and visually very very pleasing. It’s likely that you will find the “paleo version” of your favorite foods in this book.

With the good there’s also some bad stuff. One of the biggest cons of the Paleo Grubs Cookbook is the fact that none of the recipes has its nutritional information listed (ie. calories, macronutrients, micronutrients). This is a massive let-down for people who count and track calories and macronutrients, aka. people who know how to lose or gain weight. Sure you can count them yourself from by combining the info from all of the isolated ingredients in the recipes, but seriously, if you write a fucking cookbook you should go the extra-mile to actually list the nutritional values.

The book also lacks any other content aside from the recipes. In fact that’s what the main cookbook seems to be all about. Recipes and recipes only (a lot of them though). It would of have been easy to add few pages of info about why paleo foods would be healthy? Little bit info about the authors, etc to the beginning, but for some reason there isn’t anything like that.

With the purchase you will get plenty of bonuses (more about those below)
470 recipes in 17 categories means that you will not be at shortage of options
The cookbook comes with ClickBank’s full 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee.
The sales page & book won’t make any claims about weight loss, which is great since you need a calorie deficit to do that
The recipes use wholesome natural ingredients, which will improve health (at least for the people coming from “standard Western diet”)
If you’re interested in paleo or simply want to make food that is as “real” as possible, this cookbook is the last one you’ll ever need

The low-carb ideology of paleo needs to die, our ancestors ate plenty of carbs and carbohydrates are essential for many bodily functions
With the book and bonuses you will get no info whatsoever about the benefits and possible negative effects of paleo
The recipes have no nutritional label or any info about calories, this is a massive con for a cookbook…
There’s some Paleo Grubs Autoimmune book attached after your purchase, it only lists part of the recipes from the main book…

Q: How does The Paleo Grubs Cookbook compare to other similar programs?
A: The internet and bookstores are SATURATED with paleo cookbooks. It seems as if every single paleo-blogger or paleo-athlete, etc suddenly has their own cookbook. I mean is this the only thing they figure out to sell? Cookbooks and only cookbooks? Fine enough, from the vast seas of paleo recipe books, this one is easily the biggest and by far best of the ones I’ve seen.

Q: Are there people that you don’t recommend the cookbook for?
A: If you don’t like paleo foods, why buy a paleo cookbook? If on the other hand you either like paleo and/or wholesome natural foods & recipes, then this is perhaps the best cookbook around (as long as you’re not looking for nutritional values).

Q: Are there any bonuses in the program?
A: Aside from the main cookbook which had the 470 recipes, you will also get the auto-immune version which has part of those same recipes, supposedly for the auto-immune disease people? You will also receive “paleo desserts” book with 45 recipes, “paleo slow-cooker” book with also 45 recipes, and additional meal plans for 10 weeks.


paleo grubs cookbook pdf reviewThe Paleo Grubs Cookbook.

This book is good, it has tasty recipes, they’re relatively simple and easy to make for the most part, and you will for sure find some great tasting “paleo versions” of your favorite foods in the cookbook. However, the Paleo Grubs seriously falls short on the fact that it does not have any nutritional values for any of the recipes. Seriously this stuff needs to be there…

…I suspect that the lack of nutritional info has something to do with the fact that many of the followers of the paleo movement actually believe that you don’t have to care about calories or macronutrients when eating wholesome natural foods. Unfortunately that ain’t the truth. Aside from that, I would recommend the Paleo Grubs Cookbook.

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