Resources and Recommendations for Optimal Men's Health and Natural Testosterone Optimization

By Ali Kuoppala

During these four years that has existed as the primary resource for natural testosterone optimization and men's health, we have recommended plenty of courses, books, supplements, gadgets, and whatnot.

This page, the "resource page" combines the best of them into neat little lists...

...Including the best supplements, best paid courses and programs, and best gadgets & apps, etc.

Best Supplements

best testosterone booster is a multivitamin supplement like thisSupplementation is not the most important thing when it comes to hormonal health, or health in any sense.

You first need to lay a good foundation with proper nutrition, lifestyle habits, stress management, and exercise.

After that, supplementation comes in, primarily in the form of getting rid of micronutrient deficiencies, but also with some adaptogenic herbs, amino acid supplements, and the like.

Below you can find my most recommended supplements for various goals.

Micronutrient Supplements;

Herbals for Hormonal Health;

For Resistance Training;

Vascular & Erectile Health;

Estrogen & Prolactin Suppression;

Other Supplements;

Best Books, Programs, and Courses

Thor Training programOne of the keys to optimal health and performance are in learning why and what to do to reach your peak potential.

Why eat certain foods, what are the optimal macronutrient ratios, what is testosterone, how vitamins and minerals affect your body, what kind of training stimulates testosterone synthesis, etc.

Without understanding the body and its interactions, you are simply a blind sheep following these so called "experts", which makes you vulnerable to all sorts of woo-woo and whacky claims that can potentially mess up your health for good.

Learning and understanding how the body works and what makes us healthy is fundamental in your road to higher testosterone levels and better male health.

Testosterone & DHT Optimization;

Overall Health;

Training & Movement;

Business & Success;

Best Gadgets, Gear, Apps, and Such

recommended testosterone bosoting gadgetsThere are also some random gadgets, apps, and such that I recommend for health and testosterone optimization.

They may seem random, but all of them have their applications to overall and hormonal health which have been thoroughly explained in the articles of this website.

Here's the list:

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