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In the basics category, we break down complex topics into more understandable discussions.

For example, the endocrine system and how it works, how testosterone is synthesized through each step of the HPT-axis, what are thyroid hormones and how they affect your metabolism and androgen production...

...Estrogen, prolactin, serotinin, nitric oxide, you name it. All that is important to optimize for male hormonal health, we cover here.

This category also has the popular list articles we've created:

  • Like the 14,000 word beast on how to optimize natural testosterone production.
  • Or the 20 natural methods of increasing dihydrotestosterone (the most potent androgen).
  • We also discuss 9 methods to lower SHBG, making testosterone more active in the body.
  • And 5 simple tips & tricks to increase the sensitivity and density of androgen receptors.

Scroll down below to read more about our "basic" articles, although some of them do go far beyond the usual stuff.

basics category

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lower estrogen naturally in men

8 Effective Ways to Lower Estrogen Levels Naturally and Safely


Estrogen or as it’s sometimes called; oestrogen is commonly referred as the “female hormone”. The three main active estrogens in the body are; estrone (E1), estradiol (E2), and estriol (E3). Despite being the female hormone – men also have it – sometimes in very high amounts. Women biosynthesize most of their estrogens in the ovaries, whereas…

training category

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Post-Cycle Therapy


Here at Anabolic Men, we don’t recommend anyone to use steroids, yet, we acknowledge the fact that many of our readers have used them before, and are seeking for ways to jump-start their natural testosterone production after the suppression caused by exogenous hormone use. Normally, if you’ve already done a cycle of steroids, you should…

herbal testosterone replacement

Herbal Testosterone Replacement: What is it, Where did it Come From?


When a man has low testosterone levels, a doctor often prescribes HRT (hormone replacement therapy). This consists of the actual male hormone; testosterone, in either injections, pellets, gels, creams, or tablets (this last one being fairly uncommon these days). Hormone replacement therapy with actual androgens is highly effective at restoring blood levels of testosterone, although…

natural hrt alternatives

Hormone Replacement Therapy: 3 Uncommon Natural HRT Alternatives that Work


When a man’s testosterone levels have declined, a doctor usually prescribes hormone replacement therapy (HRT). HRT most commonly includes an application of exogenous testosterone, which is administered via gel, cream, pellets, or injection. These are the same hormones that your body cannot produce enough naturally. Is HRT effective? Surely, depending on the dosage it reliably…

foods high in potassium

5 Ways to Naturally Reduce Insulin Resistance to Better Handle Carbohydrates Again


Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, which turns the carbohydrates you eat into the simplest form of sugar; glucose. Insulin sensitivity on the other hand, is the term used to describe how responsive your cells are to insulin or how well they can utilize it for glucose conversion. If your cells can’t work…

hormone replacement therapy side effects

3 Shocking Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Side Effects that Rarely Get Enough Press


When a doctor finds out that man has low testosterone levels, he immediately prescribes medication for it. In the case of low T, this medication is most likely a source of exogenous testosterone in the forms of creams, gels or injected. Does this bring the levels of testosterone back to normal? In most cases, yes. But what…

man boobs what are they

Gynecomastia: What is it, What Causes it, And How Can Man Breasts Actually Be Reduced


Gynecomastia (gyno) is medical term for enlarged male breasts, otherwise known as man boobs, moobs, man breasts, and many other commonly used terms. It’s a highly embarrassing condition, which often makes a man lose all of his confidence towards his body and himself as a person. The worst part is that the majority of men who…

signs of hormonal imbalance

4 Common Signs and Symptoms of Having Various Hormone Imbalances in Men


Hormones are like these little messengers in your body that deliver the orders into cells. The cells then respond accordingly to the hormones signal. Different cells uptake different hormones, and they all have fairly specific functions that differ from each other. While some hormones could be seen as more important than others, it’s also good to realize…

how to prevent and cure varicoceles naturally

What are Varicoceles: The Definitive Guide on Causes, Symptoms, and Ways to Fix Them


There’s a little known condition that affects at least 1 in every 5 men during their lifetime. This condition is not only painful in many cases, but can also go completely undetected if it’s not severe. Since the condition only occurs in men and is known for reducing testosterone levels, sperm production, and sperm quality,…

insulin resistance signs and symptoms

Insulin Sensitivity: Common Insulin Resistance Signs and Symptoms


Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that turns the carbohydrates you eat into glucose and pushes them into the cells for direct use as metabolic fuel. But what happens when you’re insulin resistant? Simply put, your body fails to respond to the effects of insulin, and it isn’t sensitive towards it. Instead of…

the ultimate probiotics guide

What Exactly Are Probiotics? The Definitive Guide to Foods, Supplements, and Benefits


Those red turd-looking things above are probiotic microbes from the Lactobacillus family of bacterial strains. They are just a tiny part of the 100-trillion bacteria that populate your gut. And no, that’s not a typo, there are in fact 100 000 000 000 000 living microbes in your tummy. That’s 10 times as much as you have cells…

what is testosterone

What is Testosterone: Understanding the Basics and Production of Androgens


Sadly, most guys who start optimizing their natural testosterone production, don’t really know how the hormone works and is produced in the first place. Even though the process is the exact thing that they’re trying to optimize, hack, fix, or whatever. To put it simply, this is the most important thing you have to fully…

how to increase the amount density and activity of androgen receptors and testosterone receptors

Androgen Receptors: 5 Ways to Increase the Density and Sensitivity of the AR


Before androgens (testosterone or DHT) can make any changes in your body, they have to enter DNA. In order for them to actually get to the DNA, they have to be bound from blood circulation by androgen receptors in cells. This happens naturally all day long around your body, but did you know that you can actually…

varicoceles natural cure and testosterone

This Scary T-Supressing Condition Called “Varicocele” Affects 20% of All Men


There’s one very very important topic that gets way too little attention in the natural hormone optimization circles. And that is… *drum roll* Preventing and eliminating varicoceles, aka. blocked/half blocked veins and/or venous insufficiency (poorly operating vein valves) in testicles. What? Were you expecting some breakthrough new supplement? No this is actually super-important topic. It’s…

how to increase dht dihydrotestosterone levels naturally

Dihydrotestosterone: 20 Ways to Increase DHT and 5-a Reductase Levels Naturally


Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) optimization is a controversially controversial topic among men. Some say that it’s a “bad hormone” that causes hair loss and prostate enlargement, while others praise it for being the ultimate male hormone, since it’s significantly more potent than its little brother; testosterone. In fact, DHT has 2-3 times higher affinity to the androgen…

how to increase testosterone levels naturally

52 Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally – 14,000 Word Guide


It was about time I made a comprehensive guide on how to increase testosterone levels. After hundreds of specific posts about what affects your natural testosterone production and hormonal health and how to increase testosterone naturally, I had yet to compile it all into one easily accessible article that covered all the basics. The goal…

testosterone boosting plan

8 Simple Steps to Create your Own Natural Testosterone Boosting Plan


With over 300 articles about ways to boost testosterone in this blog, 262-pages of T-optimization in TestShock, and 52 evidence-based ways to increase testosterone just solely in this one article, I get a lot of questions about where exactly should a “natural T-boosting journey” be started. The good news is that in order to significantly speed…

How Testosterone and Metabolism are Connected (And How to Increase Both)


Article by Tim Berzins; Metabolism underlies every aspect of optimizing hormonal health. I know that might sound like a big claim, but every single cell in your body depends on its ability to produce enough energy to do everything it needs to do (or even more than enough energy). The more energy your cells can produce,…

ways to lower testosterone levels

6 Super Effective Ways to Destroy your Testosterone Production Naturally


I have written A LOT about increasing natural testosterone production, but I have never actually made any posts about lowering testosterone levels. I mean there are probably people out there who want to lower their T and feel like shit. You know? The guys who are scared that they’ll become too manly or too aggressive…

how to get 20% more testosterone in less than 2 minutes

Body Language and Testosterone: How to Get 20% More T in Less Than 2 Minutes


What if I told you that you could get roughly 20% more testosterone in less than 2 minutes for free and from the comfort of your own home. What if I also told you that the trick is scientifically proven and pretty easy to do. Want to know what it is? Great, then take a…

how fast does testosterone increase

How Long Does it Take to See Results When Increasing Testosterone Levels


Some of you might already know that I’m extremely slow at answering emails. My email inbox is literally like a black hole. Whenever I answer 50 emails, 60 new ones are waiting for me. This is a question that I get asked multiple times per day. “Dear Ali, how long does it really take to…

benefits of high male testosterone levels

5 Awesome Little Known Benefits of Having Naturally High Testosterone Levels


We have all heard the most common benefits of having high T. Such as the increased ability to build lean muscle mass, increased ability to burn fat for fuel, or the improved sexual performance and libido, bone health, etc. But there are also so many other awesome benefits that come along with high testosterone… …And…

how to test male testosterone levels without doctor

How to Determine Testosterone Levels Pretty closely without a Blood Test at Home


Many men, including me, hate to go to the doctor for testosterone testing. But that’s what you have to do to get really accurate testosterone test result (even though I have gotten results so wacky that even the doctors and medical experts seem to fail). But what if you could  figure out how to testosterone…

testosterone killers that lower male hormone levels

8 Surprising Things that are Big Time Testosterone Killers


In our daily lives we’re constantly in contact with testosterone lowering substances, without knowing it ourselves. Luckily science has helped us to find some of these things and by actively avoiding them, you can make a big difference in your hormone levels. Here’s 8 of the big time testosterone killers that you probably weren’t aware…

9 Ways on How To Lower SHBG Count Naturally to Raise Free-Testosterone


We have testosterone which is bound to two different proteins, albumin and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). This bound up testosterone is unavailable to be used by our androgen receptors and it’s basically like a “reserve” of our male hormones. Then we have “free testosterone”, which isn’t bound to glycoproteins. It floats around the bloodstream…

6 Physical Signs and Symptoms of High Testosterone Levels in Men


What does a man look who has high testosterone levels? How can I know just by monitoring myself if I have high testosterone levels? What are the signs of high testosterone levels? Those are questions that I get asked constantly via email. And the answer is relatively simple: Almost every physical or emotional trait that…

how to heal adrenal gland fatigue naturally

The Ultimate Guide to Healing Adrenal Glands Naturally to Prevent Burnout Symptoms


Your adrenal glands sit on top of your kidneys, being only about the size of two Brazil nuts and weighing less than two grapes, these glands may seem small and useless. However that’s far from the truth, because your adrenal glands actually control the secretion of cortisol and adrenaline. Your adrenal glands are also able…

how to lower prolactin levels naturally

How to Lower Prolactin Levels Naturally (and why it’s beneficial)


Prolactin is a hormone that triggers the milk production in pregnant women, but believe it or not, most guys have high prolactin levels too. In this post I’m going to teach you how to lower prolactin levels naturally. By now you might already guess what a hormone that induces breast milk production in women does…

testosterone cheat sheet by tim ferriss

Triple Your Testosterone Cheat Sheet by Tim Ferriss


Tim Ferriss is a writer, entrepreneur, public speaker and investor. He became famous after writing the book called The 4-hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (affiliate link) which was rejected by 26 publishers, but now since the 27th publisher decided to give it a go. It’s sold over 1,350,000 copies and…

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