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Many lifestyle factors, such as smoking, the usage of alcohol, sex, sleep, prescription medication, stress, mood, confidence, and the like, can have a huge impact on our T-levels.

You also should monitor your exposure to environmental endocrine disruptors, such as the man-made chemicals in certain types of plastics, some pesticides in our food supply, or the parabens and heavy-metals in our personal care items (soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc). These are all proven to affect hormone levels.

Here's what I mean*:

  • Each extra hour of sleep can mean roughly 15% more testosterone for the day ahead.
  • In multiple studies, fat men constantly sport lower testosterone levels than their lean peers.
  • We're exposed to wide variety of antiandrogens on a daily basis, effectively suppressing T.
  • Alcohol dose-dependently disrupts the synthesis of male hormones and boosts estrogen.
  • Men who have sex frequently tend to have higher testosterone levels than men who don't.

*Clinical evidence for the claims above can be found in the posts below.

Scroll down to view all of our lifestyle articles, we cover these and many other topics, such as prescription drugs, excitotoxins, stress...

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Antiandrogens: How to Identify and Avoid Testosterone Lowering Compounds

antiandrogens that lower testosterone levels

Antiandrogens, are compounds either natural or synthetic, that have the ability to lower the levels of testosterone and DHT (the androgens) and/or prevent the natural androgen pathways and their functions by blocking the androgen receptors in tissue. Limiting your exposure to antiandrogenic compounds plays a key part in natural hormone optimization, and in my opinion it’s far…

Gynecomastia: The Most Common Man Boobs Signs and Symptoms

gynecomastia symptoms and signs

Gynecomastia or gyno or man boobs, whatever you want to call them, occur when the body over produces estrogen and prolactin, and this is usually accompanied by drastically lowered testosterone. Real gynecomastia – the actual growth of soft tissue and eventually the harder glandular tissue – is seriously embarrassing condition and it can be prevented and…

4 Simple Things to Improve Gut Health and Immunity Naturally

ways to fix gut health

1.) Remove Inflammatory Foods.  Your gut is a home to over 100-trillion living microorganisms. A number so big it’s hard to comprehend. These organisms have been proven to respond differently to various types of foods, either positively or negatively impacting the gut flora and its protective net-like structure that works as a barrier to prevent harmful…

6 Simple Ways on How to Improve Concentration and Attention Naturally

ways to improve concentration and focus naturally

Your mind is one hell of a powerful tool that can be used to create immense success, prosperity, joy, and the most magnificent inventions. But even the smartest people will get nowhere if they lack the focus and ability to concentrate on the important things that would drive their lives forward. In fact, one of…

How to Increase Productivity Levels Naturally: 4 Surprisingly Effective Tips & Tricks

how to increase productivity

Being more productive and mentally sharp in your daily life can make a World’s difference in its quality. If you work more efficiently and get more done in less time, you will not only have more free time to pursue other interests, but you’ll also impress your superiors or be able to grow your own…

20 Ways to Lower Cortisol Levels to Preserve Testosterone from Oxidative Damage

signs of hormonal imbalance

Stressed out? You probably need to lower cortisol levels in your body. Bad news, your higher than normal stress levels are effecting more than your relationships and sleep patterns. This is due to your principal stress hormone – cortisol. Cortisol and Testosterone Cortisol levels are inversely proportional to testosterone levels. Man or woman, lower than…

3 Weird but Surprisingly Effective Tricks & Tips to Raise Natural Testosterone Levels

how intermittent fasting improves cognitive abilities naturally

Generally speaking, natural testosterone optimization is pretty simple stuff. Eat right, train right, sleep well, make sure you’re not deficient in any micronutrients, and optimize certain lifestyle factors. Those in most cases will get you well covered. But then again, there are still some extremely “weird” ways to raise testosterone production. Things that you don’t…

My Super Weird Way of Boosting T-Levels with Sports Betting

sports betting testosterone

The internet has been quite saturated with “ways to increase testosterone levels naturally” kind of articles, and after writing more than 250 articles on the subject, I know for a fact that this blog has most of the scientifically proven tricks already covered. Well, today I have you a special trick of mine that hasn’t…

Testosterone and Weight Loss: Can Androgens Help you Lose Weight and Burn Fat?

how to get jaw dropping abs

If you type “the benefits of testosterone” to Google, you’ll find dozens of articles which list increased ability to burn fat as one of the main benefits of having high T levels… …Does testosterone really do that though? And if so, why would it happen? Can guys with low T lose weight? You’ll learn how…

Stress and Testosterone: How Stress Chokeholds the Endocrine System

how stress affects testosterone and endocrine system

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the term stress means, but an explanation that comes rather close, goes something like this: “stress is the body’s principal method of reacting to a challenge”. To open up the term a bit more, this “reaction to challenge” can be divided into two categories. So, short-term stress can be…

How to Lower Xenoestrogen Exposure with Natural Personal Care Items

personal hygiene and natural care products for testosterone

This might be a weird topic, but it’s a fact that you will likely increase your testosterone levels, while slashing estrogen, by changing your everyday personal care items (toothpaste, shampoos, soaps, deodorants, etc) to chemical-free and natural alternatives. This effect is largely due to lower exposure to endocrine disruptors. That’s right, there can be an…

The Definitive Weight Loss Guide: How to Get Shredded Naturally

how to get jaw dropping abs

It’s 2017 and everyone and their dogs are now making resolutions to do great things. It goes without saying that for most people that this resolution will be related to weight loss. There’s one problem though – most people don’t have a weight loss guide to point them in the right direction and have absolutely no clue…

Triclosan and Testosterone: Banned in Europe Since 2010, Still in Used in U.S

triclosan and triclocarban effect on testosterone levels

Triclosan (2,4,4′-Trichloro-2′-hydroxyphenyl ether) is an antibacterial and antifungal compound that has been in wide-spread use throughout the United States since the 60’s. It’s also a potent endocrine disruptor and a known carcinogen. In fact, triclosan is such a nasty chemical that the European Union decided to ban the use of triclosan in 2010, and so…

Painkillers and Testosterone: are you Damaging your T Levels with Drugs?

painkiller medicine and testosterone levels

In this day and age, painkillers from mild to super strong, are being popped like candy. This is not good, especially when there’s some evidence suggesting that certain types of painkillers can significantly lower your testosterone levels. Have a slight headache? Pop a pill! Fever? Pop lots of pills! Thinking you might be catching something?…

Marijuana and Testosterone: The Effects of Frequent Cannabis Use on Hormones

cannabis and testosterone levels

This is not the first time I’m write about marijuana and testosterone. In fact, about 6 months ago I wrote a post showcasing all the studies about its effects on androgen production, but since some serial-stoners decided to spam the shit out of the article, claiming that I was promoting propaganda, I just got tired…

How Listening to Music Can Alter your Hormones and Productivity

how music affects your hormones and productivity

We are exposed to music on a daily basis, but did you know that it can have a serious positive and/or negative impact for your hormones and productivity? There are multiple studies which show very clearly, how listening to various kinds of music can significantly alter the levels of anabolic hormones, stress hormones, productivity, mood,…

3 Tips to Creating a Bad-Ass Life Truly Worth Living, aka. How to Live on your Own Terms


Few years ago I was broke, I fixed cars for a living, I was “normal” – and in general – I pretty much hated my life. The only things I really had going for me, the things that made living worth it, were my girlfriend and a bunch of good friends. The only things that…

Alcohol and Testosterone: The Acute and Long-Term Effects of Alcohol on Hormones

alcohol and testosterone production

Alcohol is a widely used depressant that we humans most often drink in the form of ethanol. And ethanol – like everyone who has hugged a toilet seat at 4am knows – is toxic for the human body. But just how toxic? How do testosterone and alcohol interact in our bodies? And what kind of effects…

Hydration and Testosterone: Drinking Enough Water Can Impact Hormones

water testosterone

We who live in developed countries tend to take water as granted, and we don’t often stop to think how vitally important it is to nearly all bodily processes. To say it lightly, all of our cellular functions depend on the substance. Drinking more water – and making sure that you’re always well-hydrated – has…

8 Natural and Effective Ways to Suppress the Stress Hormone Cortisol

signs of hormonal imbalance

Learning how to lower cortisol is not as hard as you may think… with a few simple tweaks, you can lower cortisol dramatically. But before I get into the list of how to lower cortisol, let’s learn a little more about cortisol and why you would want to lower it in the first place… Cortisol is…

Ejaculation and Testosterone Levels: Does Masturbation Really Lower Testosterone?

ejaculation and testosterone levels

One of the more frequently asked questions I get is around the topic of ejaculation and testosterone is; Does masturbation increase or decrease testosterone levels? That’s a valid question since the internet seems to be loaded on opinions about the topic. Obviously, it makes a lot of sense that ejaculation, masturbation, and having sex could…

Fluoride and Testosterone: Possible Endocrine Disruptor and Thyroid Suppressant

fluoride and testosterone levels

Everyone knows fluoride. It’s the naturally occurring inorganic chemical used heavily in toothpastes, salts, and tap water supply for the prevention of tooth decay. And even though some hippie “alternate medicine” people like to claim that it doesn’t work and is “pure evil conspiracy”, there’s plenty of evidence to show that it does protect the…

Sleep and Testosterone: Each Extra Hour of Sleep Means Roughly 15% More T

sleep tracker review

We don’t sleep enough. We’re so seduced by the modern day electronic marvels that instead of hitting the sack, we can do thousands of other things instead. And unfortunately that’s what usually happens. When the sun sets and your body is ready to shut down and recharge itself, your brain tells you that its OK…

BPA and Testosterone: 5 Sources Filled with Testosterone Lowering Bisphenol A

bpa testosterone

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a man made chemical that was first synthesized back in 1891. It’s heavily used in the manufacturing processes of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins and it’s often hailed as one of the most conventional chemicals. Bisphenol A is also the most tested chemical in the world, and through that testing, some…

Pheromones and Testosterone: Up to 150% More Testosterone with Copulins

pheromones and testosterone levels

Pheromones are chemicals similar to hormones that humans, insects, and plants release in the air in response to various triggers. When a member of the same species smells a scent of the pheromone their neurocircuits, inflammatory system, immune system, endocrine system and behaviour can be significantly altered. Pheromones were largely unknown outside the scientific world…

Does Smoking Tobacco and Cigars Really Lower Male Testosterone Levels?

smoking tobacco and testosterone levels in men

For many years I used to think that smoking would completely crush testosterone levels. I didn’t even read the studies about smoking and testosterone, I just assumed that as smoking is so harsh on the human body in so many ways, and the fact that its filled with possible endocrine disrupting chemicals and carcinogenic smoke,…

Sunscreens and Testosterone: Unnecessary Chemical Cocktails of Endocrine Disruptors

sunscreens and testosterone production

What puzzles me almost daily, is how and why people have seemingly lost their ability of rational thinking. This lack of common sense, is especially true when it comes to sun protection. We are told by so called “experts” that being out in the sun without some SPF 100+ lotion, would cause rapid skin cancer,…

Chlorine and Testosterone: Chlorinated Pools Suppress T-Production?

chlorine swimming pools reduce testosterone

The side effects of chlorine from pools can be detrimental to your endocrine system if you don’t take the right steps to flush it out. Now, I’ve been talking about the dangers of light halogens (chlorine, bromide, and fluoride) on our testosterone levels multiple times before in this blog. The reason why those light halogens…

Money and Testosterone: Could Earning Some Honest Cash Ramp Up T Production?

make more money to increase testosterone naturally

This is a sensitive subject. Many men are simply afraid of money. Many men hate money because they think it’s “evil”. A lot of guys are also angry at people who make plenty of money, as they think that everyone who’s rich just got “lucky”, and probably doesn’t deserve it any way. I understand that…

3 Effortless Ways to Burn off Some Fat Mass and Increase Your Energy Expenditure

3 effortless weight loss tips

The year is nearing its end and yet again millions of people will make a promise of finally losing that stubborn flab off of their bellies. Few weeks after that, 95% of them have already given up. They’ll probably buy into the latest shenanigans of Dr. Oz, or start some of those ridiculous low-fat starvation…

Plastics and Testosterone: Xenoestrogens, Phthlates, BPA & Co.

plastics and male testosterone levels

Plastic. The savior of the modern day human, and the solution to all of our daily problems. What could we do without it, now that we have gone and invented it already? The answer is, that we couldn’t do much. I once tried living a day without touching anything that’s made from plastic, and I…

Sex and Testosterone: Most Enjoyable Way to Boost Male T-Levels Naturally

sex and testosterone levels

There has been lots of discussion about porn and excessive masturbation possibly lowering testosterone and disturbing the activity of androgen receptors and brain dopamine receptors. This has naturally led to the fact that many men are now scared of having too much sex as they think this would “drain” them from testosterone and be associated…

Obesity and Testosterone: 5 Hormonal Reasons to Get Rid of that Excess Fat Mass

obesity and how it lowers testosterone levels

Obesity is a topic that gets a lot of attention in the media, and that’s not a big surprise as we’re getting fatter with each passing year. Experts actually agree that this generation of teens is going to be the first one to die before their parents due to complications caused by obesity. That’s how…

Testosterone and Depression: Low T and Depression are more Closely related than You’d Think

Low testosterone depression and anxiety

This may come as a surprise, but low testosterone and depression seem to come together. Low testosterone is linked to depression, and depression is linked to low testosterone. Got either one of them and it’s very likely that the other one will eventually follow. And what’s even more remarkable, testosterone seems to somewhat cure depression…

Gynecomastia Cure: Learn How to Get Rid of Man Boobs Naturally

How to get rid of man boobs guide

Man boobs (moobs, man breasts, gyno, gynecomastia) are a gigantic problem in the modern day world. It’s only getting worse day by day because we are surrounded by testosterone lowering, estrogen increasing chemicals and foods on a constant basis which makes it difficult to learn how to get rid of man boobs. Millions of men…

Cold Showers and Testosterone: Is there Evidence to Suggest that Cold Showers Boost T?

cold shower testosterone

The old school powerlifters of the now fallen Soviet Union were some bad-ass fellows. You see they had this crazy habit of freezing their balls right before big competitions. They didn’t do it from pure joy however. Their sole goal was to increase testosterone levels, and I know that it sounds crazy, but it’s not when…

5 Manly Hobbies that Will Raise Testosterone Levels Naturally (Backed by Research)

watching sports and testosterone

There’s way too much estrogen in the modern World, it’s time to fight back with some testosterone raising hobbies. Which is why I made this short list of scientifically proven daily activities and hobbies that will surely increase testosterone levels naturally. Here they are: 1. Watching Sports Nothing screams man more than watching sports. And it’s actually a scientifically…

Japanese Study Suggests Listening to Music May Temporarily Lower Testosterone Levels

should i listen to music while working out

Many athletes like to train with music on their ears. However this research done by Hajime Fukui, a Japanese endocronologist might surprise you. Back in 2001 Fukui did an experiement with 70 students aged between 19-25 (both men and women), at the Nara University of Education. He took saliva samples from the students before the…

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