Many lifestyle factors, such as smoking, the usage of alcohol, sex, sleep, prescription medication, stress, mood, confidence, and the like, can have a huge impact on our T-levels.

You also should monitor your exposure to environmental endocrine disruptors, such as the man-made chemicals in certain types of plastics, some pesticides in our food supply, or the parabens and heavy-metals in our personal care items (soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc). These are all proven to affect hormone levels. In the articles below, we'll teach you more...

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Stress and Testosterone: How Stress Chokeholds the Endocrine System and Few Ways to Combat This

By Ali Kuoppala | 11/02/2016 | 8 Comments
how stress affects testosterone and endocrine system

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the term stress means, but an explanation that comes rather close, goes something like this: “stress is the body’s principal method of reacting to a challenge”. To open up the term a bit more, this “reaction to challenge” can be divided into two categories. So, short-term stress can be…

Personal Hygiene and Testosterone: How to Boost T-Levels with Natural Personal Care Products

By Ali Kuoppala | 02/02/2016 | 4 Comments
personal hygiene and natural care products for testosterone

This might be a weird topic, but it’s a fact that you will likely increase your testosterone levels, while slashing estrogen, by changing your everyday personal care items (toothpaste, shampoos, soaps, deodorants, etc) to chemical-free and natural alternatives. This effect is largely due to lower exposure to endocrine disruptors. That’s right, there can be an…

The Definitive Weight Loss Guide: How to Lose Weight without Falling Prey for Fad Diets and Quitting in the First Month

By Ali Kuoppala | 03/01/2016 | 27 Comments
how to get to single digit body fat

It’s 2016 and everyone and their dogs are now making resolutions to do great things. It goes without saying that for most people that this resolution will be related to weight loss. There’s one problem though – most people don’t have a weight loss guide to point them in the right direction and have absolutely no clue…

Triclosan and Testosterone: Banned in Europe Since 2010, Still in Wide-Spread use in the United States

By Ali Kuoppala | 03/12/2015 | 7 Comments
triclosan and triclocarban effect on testosterone levels

Triclosan (2,4,4′-Trichloro-2′-hydroxyphenyl ether) is an antibacterial and antifungal compound that has been in wide-spread use throughout the United States since the 60’s. It’s also a potent endocrine disruptor and a known carcinogen. In fact, triclosan is such a nasty chemical that the European Union decided to ban the use of triclosan in 2010, and so…

Painkillers and Testosterone: Are you Damaging your T Levels just for the Sake of Short-Term Pain Relief?

By Ali Kuoppala | 03/11/2015 | 6 Comments
painkiller medicine and testosterone levels

In this day and age, painkillers from mild to super strong, are being popped like candy. This is not good, especially when there’s some evidence suggesting that certain types of painkillers can significantly lower your testosterone levels. Have a slight headache? Pop a pill! Fever? Pop lots of pills! Thinking you might be catching something?…