Many lifestyle factors, such as smoking, the usage of alcohol, sex, sleep, prescription medication, stress, mood, confidence, and the like, can have a huge impact on our T-levels.

You also should monitor your exposure to environmental endocrine disruptors, such as the man-made chemicals in certain types of plastics, some pesticides in our food supply, or the parabens and heavy-metals in our personal care items (soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc). These are all proven to affect hormone levels. In the articles below, we'll teach you more...

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3 Effortless Ways to Burn off Some Fat Mass (Literally Effortless)

By Ali Kuoppala | 20/12/2014 | 8 Comments
3 effortless weight loss tips

The year is nearing its end and yet again millions of people will make a promise of finally losing that stubborn flab off of their bellies… …Few weeks after that, 95% of them have already given up. They’ll probably buy into the latest shenanigans of Dr. Oz, or start some of those ridiculous low-fat starvation…

Meditation Testosterone Benefits: Lower Cortisol and Boost Testosterone… (Seriously)

By Ali Kuoppala | 11/11/2014 | 7 Comments
There are many meditation testosterone benefits

First off, I just want to say that I’m not an expert in meditation, nor in any relaxation exercises either… …But what I do know something about – is testosterone – and today while I was bouncing all over the internet, looking for something to write about, I bumped into some really interesting meditation testosterone…

Plastics and Testosterone: They Might Be Useful, But They’re Bad for Your Hormones

By Ali Kuoppala | 05/11/2014 | 7 Comments
plastics and male testosterone levels

Plastic. The savior of the modern day human, and the solution to all of our daily problems… …What could we do without it, now that we have gone and invented it already? The answer is, that we couldn’t do much. I once tried living a day without touching anything that’s made from plastic, and I…

Sex and Testosterone: Likely the Most Enjoyable Way to Boost Male Testosterone Levels Naturally

By Ali Kuoppala | 30/10/2014 | 4 Comments
sex and testosterone levels

There has been lots of discussion about porn and excessive masturbation possibly lowering testosterone and disturbing the activity of androgen receptors and brain dopamine receptors. This has naturally led to the fact that many men are now scared of having too much sex as they think this would “drain” them from testosterone and be associated…

Obesity and Testosterone: 5 Hormonal Reasons to Get Rid of that Excess Fat Mass

By Ali Kuoppala | 03/10/2014 | 12 Comments
obesity and how it lowers testosterone levels

Obesity is a topic that gets a lot of attention in the media, and that’s not a big surprise as we’re getting fatter with each passing year. Experts actually agree that this generation of teens is going to be the first one to die before their parents due to complications caused by obesity. That’s how…