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Some say that we men rarely care about our health, but that is false. We do care, just in a different way than women do.

They read about detox-teas and booty pumping workouts on their Cosmopolitan's, trying to "eat clean" and drink more water...

...Us men however, we care about health - in a different way. We care about men's health. That is, how to improve our circulation, erection quality, how to grow thicker beards, and anything along the lines of that stuff, but certainly - none of that detox BS.

Some of the topics we cover in this category include:

  • The seven powerful compounds that can supercharge circulatory health
  • Foods that skyrocket nitric oxide production and subsequently ramp up erectile quality.
  • 20 awesome methods to get more nitric outside from supplements, lifestyle, and foods.

We understand that male health is a complex topic and you've probably seen many mainstream men's health websites prance around the topic without really providing any evidence to their rambles. That stops here, because we bring you the evidence-based methods.

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how to get rid of ED naturally

3 Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction (and Few Easy Tricks to Fix ED Naturally)


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an embarrassing condition affecting millions of men. Some think its natural to happen at older age, while some men can have it even in their early adulthood and teens. The reality is that the inability to produce an erection is not natural at any age. And resorting to the blue pill…

foods for stronger erections naturally

9 Best Erection Foods that Work Like Magic to Boost Circulatory Health


 These days as our populations hormonal and cardiovascular health are on a steep decline, erectile problems are – as to be expected – on a steep incline. Many jump on the doctor’s prescribed solutions such as Viagra or Cialis rather than seeking out natural erection foods that can alleviate erectile problems, but the honest truth is that…

best natural supplements to improve erection quality fast

7 Best Erectile Dysfunction Supplements to Improve Erection Quality Naturally


Erection problems are one of those “silent health hazards” that are rapidly increasing all around the globe, especially in countries where obesity, poor nutrition quality, and lack of exercise are key “attributes” of the population. Changes are that if you have problems with erection strength all the time or occasionally, and you go to a doctor for help,…

how to increase nitric oxide naturally

Nitric Oxide: 20 Ways to Increase NO Levels Naturally for Boosted Circulation


Nitric oxide (NO) is a gaseous signaling molecule of the human body, and also a powerful vasodilator. Because of the fact that it enhances circulation all around the human body, nitric oxide boosters are generously used as pre-workout supplements among weight-lifters and various other athletes that could benefit from increased circulation in their choice of…

viagra testosterone

Viagra and Testosterone: Could the Blue Pill Really Increase Testosterone Levels?


The blue pill on the image above is probably one of the most recognizable drugs in the world. It’s of course the magical erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra, with the active ingredient sildenafil. There’s little to no doubt that anything with sildenafil will help men suffering with erectile dysfunction, as the active ingredient is a strong…

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