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Smart drugs and nootropics can prove to be incredibly useful for people who require the use of their cognitive abilities in their work, hobbies, life, or sports.

Why? Because they are simply; cognitive enhancers.

Nootropics are like any supplement or medication, but with the goal of boosting brain function. They can improve your focus and attention, memory and learning, and even trigger growth of new neurons and nerve growth factors. You might be wondering where these nootropics came from, so allow me to explain a bit of their history.

In 1964, one Romanian Chemist by the name of Dr. Corneliu Giurgea, was on task to create medication that would improve cognitive functions.

He had five factors that needed to be met:

  • The compound had to enhance memory and learning functions.
  • The drug needed to be neuroprotective against physical stress and trauma.
  • It would protect the brain against neurotoxins that would cause oxidative damage.
  • It would stimulate the various cerebral cortext mechanisms for better focus and attention.
  • And lastly, the compound needed to be virtually side-effect free and non-toxic.

Giurgea managed to fulfill his task when he synthesized Piracetam, aka the first ever nootropic, which triggered a whole new area of supplements and medication for the mind...

Also, If you are looking for a natural nootropic, I would recommend Cortigon.

nootropics category


noopept review on dosage safety side effects benefits and where to buy the nootropic

Noopept: Review on Benefits, Research, Dosage, and Side Effects


What is Noopept: The proline molecule N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester, commonly known as Noopept, is a modified version of the original racetam smart drug; Piracetam. Specifically, Noopept is a peptide analog of Piracetam. Noopept was created in Russia in 1996, where its known also as Ноопепт or GVS-111. It’s commonly grouped up with the other nootropics in the racetam class due…

Aniracetam review on dosage safety benefits research and where to buy this nootropic

Aniracetam: Review on Benefits, Research, Dosage, and Side Effects


What is Aniracetam: Sold by the brand names Ampamet, Memodrin, Referan, and Draganon, Aniracetam is a nootropic smart drug from the racetam class, first synthesized in the 70’s. It’s called “the big brother of Piracetam”, and this is because Piracetam was the first racetam compound to be synthesized, and it has the same pyrrolidone structure as aniracetam…

oxiracetam review on dosage side effects where to buy and nootropic benefits

Oxiracetam: Review on Dosage, Benefits, Research, and Side Effects


What is Oxiracetam: Sold by the brand names Neuracetam and Neuromed, Oxiracetam was one of the three first racetams nootropics to be synthesized (the first one being Piracetam, followed quickly by Aniracetam and then Oxiracetam). Oxiracetam is structurally almost identical with Piracetam, with the only exception that it has an added hydroxyl group in its basic pyridionine…

piracetam review on dosage side effects and benefits

Piracetam: Review of the Benefits, Research, Dosage, and Side Effects


What is Piracetam: Sold with brand names Nootropil, Memotopril, and Nootropyl, Piracetam was the first ever created nootropic compound. It can be obtained without prescription in US, but many European countries require one to be able to purchase it. Piracetam was first synthesized in 1964 by a Romanian chemist, Corneliu E. Giurgea, who worked in a Belgian company by the name…

phenylpiracetam review on dosage, benefit

Phenylpiracetam: Review of Benefits, Research, Dosage, and Side Effects


What is Phenylpiracetam: Sold by the brand names Phenotropil and Carphedon, Phenylpiracetam is a racetam structure nootropic smart drug. It was created by simply adding a phenyl group to the standard pyridione skeleton of Piracetam (which is seen as the structural back-bone and grand-father compound of all the racetam nootropics). This addition of a phenyl ring is…

nefiracetam review of dosage side effects benefits and where to buy

Nefiracetam: Review on Side Effects, Benefits, Research, and Dosage


What is Nefiracetam: Sold by the brand names Motiva and Translon, Nefiracetam is a nootropic from the racetam class that was created for the purposes of cognitive enhancement and neuroprotection. Nefiracetam was synthesized by Japan’s 2nd largest pharmaceutical company; Daiichi Sankyo, from the father compound of the racetams; Piracetam. Although it shares structural similarity to Piracetam, it’s more…

pramiracetam review of dosage benefits research side effects and where to buy

Pramiracetam: Review of Dosage, Side Effects, Benefits and Research


What is Pramiracetam: Sold by the brand name Pramistar in Eastern Europe, Pramiracetam is a nootropic smart drug from the racetam class. It was originally synthesized from the most basic racetam and first of its kind; Piracetam, by replacing the amide group with a dipropan-2-ylaminoethyl group. This swap was made under the premises that it would enhance absorption…

modafinil is it similar to NZT-48

Modafinil: is it Really The “Real Life NZT-48” from Limitless or Just a Bunch of Hyped Up Claims


What is Modafinil: Commonly sold by the brand names Provigil, Modalert, Alertec, and Modvigil – Modafinil is a drug that increases wakefulness and alertness, while also improving memory, learning, and overall cognitive abilities. It was originally designed for the use of Narcolepsy – a condition where people fall asleep suddenly thorough the day- by a French…

coluracetam review on dosage side effects benefits and where to buy the nootropic

Coluracetam: Review of the Benefits, Research, Dosage, and Side Effects


What is Coluracetam: Known also as MKC-231, Coluracetam is a nootropic smart drug from the racetam family. Although it has the same pyridione skeleton structure, it seems to have somewhat different effects than what are seen with its predecessors. Of all the drugs from the racetam family, it’s the most complex and highly modified type. Whereas the…

smart supplements

5 Smart Supplements that Can Naturally Improve your Memory and Learning Processes


There’s endless sources of information about supplements for bodybuilding, overall health, and various ailments, but one thing that doesn’t get the attention it deserves are supplements for the brain… …Otherwise known as nootropics. Some of these nootropics have been proven to improve memory and learning, and they can even have an acumulative, long-term effects that…

best nootropics list

5 Best Natural Nootropic Supplements for Improved Focus and Attention


The term nootropic was coined in the 70’s by Dr. Corneliu. E. Giurgea, to describe a class of cognitive enhancing compounds called racetams, he and his team of chemists had been synthesizing since the 60’s. The term would be used to describe any compound – natural or synthetic – that would posses cognitive enhancing abilities…

what causes brain fog and how to cure it naturally

The Definitive Guide to Brain Fog: Common Causes, Signs, and Symptoms


What exactly is brain fog? “clouding of consciousness” – as it’s medically called – is a condition where a person feels a mental decline or inability to think properly, as explained by a “foggy” feeling inside the head. Some people feel that they have brain fog all the time, and others report it to only occur occasionally,…

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What Exactly are Nootropics? The Definitive Guide on Benefits, Side Effects, and Research


For several years, startups, CEOs, authors, students, and entrepreneurs used smart drugs and nootropics in silence. But ever after the release of the movie “Limitless” in 2011, more and more people have caught interest in cognitive enhancing medication and supplements, and finally nootropics are being openly talked about in media and the internet. But the…

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How To Take Nootropics and Smart Drugs to Skyrocket your Productivity


Post by Chris Walker of Truth Nutraceuticals: In this article I want to go a little bit outside of testosterone enhancement and talk about one of my other interests, cognitive enhancers and how to take nootropics.  You see, being a competitive guy that likes to push things pretty close to the limit, I started to get…

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