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Healthy nutrition is the cornerstone of men's health and hormone optimization.

If you are not in the utmost genetic elite, you simply cannot have optimal testosterone levels without adhering to the core basics of nutrition for testosterone production.

Don't worry though, the way to eat for increased testosterone production, is not complicated. It all comes down to adjusting your caloric intake, setting up macronutrient goals that best suit your situation, and then choosing the right pro-testosterone foodstuffs over the kind that can prove to be harmful for endocrine health.

Very simplified version of this would be as follows:

  • Consume foods that are rich in essential pro-testosterone nutrients.
  • Avoid foods that have that suppress testosterone (estrogenic, goitrogenic, etc).
  • Consume adequate calories. Starvation downregulates androgen production.
  • Stay close to macronutrient ratios of 25% protein, 25% fat, 50% carbohydrate.
  • Limit your intake of proven test suppressants; PUFA, trans-fats, and processed grain.
  • Include proven androgenic foods in your diet; eggs, coconut oil, root-vegetables, fruits...

The articles below will give you a detailed view of the above subjects, and everything else you need to know about nutrition and how it affects hormonal health.

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boost dht with nutrition

5 Foods to Boost DHT Levels and 5-Alpha Reductase Naturally for Androgenic Benefits


Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a controversial hormone. Even though it’s the male hormone of the male hormones and a lot more androgenic than testosterone, some are still scared that high levels of it could lead to hair-loss and prostate enlargement. Whereas the prostate claim has proven to be inaccurate in multiple studies (for example: in this…

pomegranates testosterone and erectile health

Pomegranates and Testosterone: Excellent Nitric Oxide Booster that Raises Free-T Levels


The pomegranate (Punica grantum) is an antioxidant rich fruit with small red edible seeds. It originates from the Mediterranean region, but nowadays, the use of this delicious fruit has spread thorough the globe. Due to the many claims made about the possible health benefits, pomegranate is in high demand in the United States, which is why…

natural steroids and anabolic foods

Natural Steroids: 3 Anabolic Foods you Wouldn’t Think Could Have Steroid-Like Activity


For years, bodybuilders and health conscious men have looked into ways to optimize natural testosterone production. One of the things that has gained quite some interest, has been nutritional methods to raise bodily hormone levels. And it has been already well-proven that total caloric intake, dietary fat intake, protein intake, and carbohydrate intake can all…

carbohydrates and testosterone production in men and athletes

Carbohydrates and Testosterone: This Is Why Carbs Are Essential For the Production of Androgens (Updated)


Carbohydrates have been unfairly bashed in the media for the last few years. Nowadays, many people are dumb enough to believe that increased carb intake would make them gain weight and that the “most evil of them all” – sugar, would be the reason to the current obesity epidemic. Funny thing. Since weight loss has been…

protein and testosterone levels in men

Protein and Testosterone: Does Dietary Protein Intake Affect Testosterone Production? (Updated)


Protein is easily the least demonized of the macronutrients, and when it comes to male health, people actually love it bit too much. Especially the guys involved in any form of weight lifting, some of them consuming ridiculously high amounts of dietary protein, sometimes upwards of 50% total daily calories. This is nothing short of…

Fats and Testosterone: Everything You Need to Know About Dietary Fatty-Acids (Updated)


Nutrition has a key role in our natural testosterone production. And one of the biggest factors in our diets is macronutrient ratios and the types of macronutrients we consume. When it comes to dietary fat, it has arguably the largest impact and room for manipulation. Increasing or decreasing the total intake of dietary fat as…

caffeine and testosterone levels

Caffeine and Testosterone: Coffee Stimulates T-Production, Possibly Due to Increased cAMP


If you’ve been reading my older posts here, you already know that I’ve been somewhat of an anti-coffee guy in the past. That’s because research has shown time after time that caffeine consumption leads to dose dependent increases in cortisol secretion through stimulating the adrenal cortex… …And elevated cortisol has been linked to lowered testosterone levels.…

sugar intake and testosterone levels

Sugar and Testosterone: Examining the Real Effects of Fructose and Glucose


Sugar – after saturated fat – is likely the most demonized foodstuff there is. Ask almost anyone and they will gladly tell you with high level of confidence that sugar is bad for us, that it’s unhealthy, and that they are “trying to limit their intake”. Then ask, why? And that’s where the popular knowledge…

do vegan diets lower testosterone levels

Vegan Diet and Testosterone: The 4-Step Hormonal Survival Guide


There’s this common notion related to plant-based diets that they would lower testosterone levels in men and make them less masculine. In fact, one recent study examined the popular view about men who are vegans and vegetarians, and came to the conclusion that the general public does view meat eaters “more masculine”. Many men also report…

surprising estrogen suppressing foods

3 Surprising Foods that Suppress Estradiol Levels and Block Aromatase Naturally


Fact is that estrogen – even though it’s called the female hormone – is also present in the male body. It has some functions, for joints and memory mainly, but in excess it leads to problems such as: man boobs, mood swings, feminizing body changes, and generally, lack of masculine traits with increased feminine kind.…

what makes soy unhealthy for men

Two Key Reasons that Make Soy Products Unhealthy for Male Hormonal Health


Soy is everywhere by now. Due to its cheap price and easy farming, soybean usage in everyday food products has skyrocketed. This sucks, because soybeans, soybean oil, and pretty much everything made from these pesky little estrogenic legumes, is extremely unhealthy in terms of male hormonal health. And here’s why: #2. Soybeans are Fairly Estrogenic The…

surprising t boosting foods

3 Surprisingly Effective Foods that Can Supercharge Natural Test Production


Raising the rate of natural testosterone production is not rocket science. In fact, it’s pretty easy when you know what you’re doing and how the body produces this incredibly beneficial hormone. It all boils down to a cascade of endocrine glands and enzymatic reactions that eventually turn some of the most basic nutrients (that we…

foods high in vitamin a

B Vitamin Complex Foods: The Only 3 You Need to Cover Daily Needs


There are 8 different water-soluble vitamins that are commonly categorized as “B vitamins”. Vitamin B1 (thiamine) Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) Vitamin B3 (niacin) Vitamin B5 (panthothenic acid) Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) Vitamin B7 (biotin) Vitamin B9 (folic acid) Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalomin) The body uses the vitamins from the B complex in various functions, including the production of metabolic energy,…

how intermittent fasting improves cognitive abilities naturally

3 Ways on How Intermittent Fasting Boosts Cognitive Functions


There are some impressive benefits that can be achieved with short-term (intermittent) fasting. Such as; improved insulin sensitivity, increased androgen sensitivity, better food control, and significantly increased 24-hour growth hormone levels. One of the less discussed benefits of IF is its ability to improve cognitive functions naturally and for – well – free. Here are…

foods that improve insulin sensitivity

5 Awesome Foods that Improve Insulin Sensitivity and Reduce Insulin Resistance


Insulin has been heavily demonized in the media as of late, when in reality, it increases testosterone production, promotes muscle protein synthesis, and prevents hyperglycemic neuronal toxicity. It is when your body isn’t sensitive towards insulin that you run into problems with weight gain, high blood sugar, and water retention, and eventually type 2 diabetes. Simply…

5 Fermented Probiotic Foods you Should be Eating Frequently for Gut Health


Probiotics occur naturally in fermented foods. They provide health benefits to the consumer through displacing the “bad gut bacteria” with more of the better ones. The vast list of scientifically proven probiotic benefits includes things like: increased testosterone levels, reduced stress and anxiety, improved gut health and heightened immunity. An easy way to get more…

blueberries are foods that improve insulin sensitivity naturally

5 Incredible Brain Foods for Naturally Supercharged Memory and Learning


While there’s lots of discussion about brain boosting supplements (nootropics, smart drugs, etc), many forget that some naturally occurring foods are awesome for improving cognitive functions. They hold within crucial micronutrients that nourish the complex functions of the brain, provide building blocks for neurotransmitters, and provide metabolic energy for our bodies most important organ. Below…

nuts and testosterone levels

Nuts and Testosterone: Do these Fat-Bombs Increase or Decrease T Levels?


Oh nuts. The tasty nutrient rich fat bombs. Are they good or bad for testosterone production though? That’s the flaming question we (for some reason) get asked a lot. The answer is yes, and then also no. Whether nuts increase or decrease (or make no difference) on your testosterone levels, is obviously dependent on the…

cholesterol testosterone

Eggs and Testosterone: Can you Raise your Test Production with Cholesterol?


Amidst the various health food crazes of the modern day, it seems that everything is low carb, fat-free, gluten-free, and/or vegan. While many self-proclaimed fitness gurus swear up-and-down by living a life of restriction when it comes to food, these dietary trends seem to be all about denying the human body certain macronutrients for the…

Guest Post: 3 Libido-Boosting Raw Homemade Protein Bar Recipes


Editor’s Note: Today we have a very helpful protein bar recipes guest post from Jonathan at He has put together these raw bar recipes for the Anabolic Men Community. These recipes will be helpful for anyone in need of some on-the-go food. These 3 epic homemade bars will bring back memories to when you enjoyed…

reasons to eat more gelatin

3 Reasons to Eat More Gelatin, aka. the Most Underrated Food of Modern Diet


For optimal functioning of the body and endocrine system, one should consume adequate amounts of protein (not too much though) and also make sure that the protein comes from balanced sources so that the amino acid profile is optimal for the human body. This is not what we’re doing with modern day diets unfortunately, when…

why chipotle is the greatest restaurant for boosting testosterone

Chipotle and Testosterone: Likely the Most T-Friendly Fast-Food Restaurant


Few weeks ago, I realized one of my biggest dreams of visiting the United States. Within the states I realized another dream of mine, which was eating at Chipotle. I had heard great things of Chipotle before my trip, and since we don’t have one in Finland, the only way to get some was to…

fast food and testosterone levels

Fast Food and Testosterone: New Study Claims it’s Not Only the Frying Oil that Sucks


Everyone knows deep down inside that processed fast food isn’t a healthy choice. But still from time to time we can find ourselves at McDonalds drive thru window 4am wondering whether 2 Big Mac’s and a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese will satisfy the wildest junk food cravings known to man. Even though its universally…

anabolic post-workout dessert

Try this Anabolic Jello Recipe Post-Workout for Better Androgen Utilization


This is a recipe I came up with after I stumbled upon some studies about glycine, fructose, and carnitine. According to a bunch of scientific literature, combining those three into something ridiculously delicious (read: jelly) should yield some impressive hormonal returns, especially after training (seriously). 1 cup water 2 packets (14g) gelatin 4 grams L-Carnitine…

testosterone increasing recipes list

5 Mouth-Watering Testosterone Boosting Recipes to Nourish the Endocrine System


Huge part of boosting testosterone levels naturally comes down to nutrition. You want to eat a good amount of starchy carbs, good amount of the right type of fats, and low-medium amount of protein mainly from animal sources (both muscle-meat and collagen-proteins). On top of all, it’s ideal to get plenty of micronutrients (vitamins and…

milk testosterone and dairy products

Milk and Testosterone: Does the Consumption of Dairy Products Affect Androgens?


Milk and many other dairy products have been under some heavy demonization recently. What used to be the favorite go-to health drink of both, the alt-med people and normal people, is suddenly seen as something that barely fits human consumption, and apparently now also destroys your health. Like always, the truth isn’t as straight-forward as…

dietary fiber and testosterone levels

Dietary Fiber and Testosterone: A Legit T-Suppressant or Misunderstood Studies?


Dietary fiber is a generic term to refer to all plant-based dietary compounds that can’t be metabolized by the intestines. In short, it’s the ‘roughage’ that travels through your system intact. Looking pretty much the same as it enters your system (mouth), and as it exits the system (toilet). By definition, fiber is either; Insoluble…

how to increase productivity

3 Big Myths about Intermittent Fasting that Just Need to Die Already


Over these few past years, the popularity of intermittent fasting or ‘IF’ has exploded. Though the patterns of short-term fasting are thousands of years of old, the idea of “skipping meals” or pushing them for later has only surfaced in the fitness world few years ago. This has raised a lot of eyebrows in the…

foods that boost testosterone levels naturally

30 Foods that Can Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally – The Androgenic Pantry


Few of the most often asked questions I get are: what do I eat to maintain high testosterone levels, and if I have a specific list of recommended foods that boost testosterone. While there are many food related posts scattered around this blog, I’ve never really made an all-around post about what I would put…

trans fat and testosterone production

Trans Fat and Testosterone: Guide to Avoiding the Unhealthiest Fatty-Acid


It seems to be in general knowledge that trans fatty-acids are extremely unhealthy and should be avoided. With that being said, most people still don’t really understand what they are, and which bodily systems they affect. Hence, why in this article, you’ll learn about the following topics: What are trans fats? Why are trans fats…

coconut oil and male testosterone levels

Coconut Oil and Testosterone: Possibly One of the Best Fat Sources to Consume


For the past years, saturated fat has been getting a lot of negative press on the media. Since coconut fat is 92-96% saturated, it has gotten its (un)fair share of negative attention too. However, if you look behind the scenes of the mass media fat demonization, you will quickly see that there’s a mounting pile…

green tea and male testosterone level effects

Green Tea and Testosterone: Healthy Drink or Hormonal Disaster?


Green tea is considered to be one of the healthiest drinks around due to its fairly high content of antioxidants. In the case of green tea, or supplemental green tea extract, there are four antioxidants that are believed to be the principal cause to green tea health benefits. These are called “green tea catechins” (GTC)…

calorie intake and testosterone production

Caloric Intake and Testosterone: How Much You Really Need to Eat to Boost Test


When it comes to the subject of how much to eat for weight loss or to get more muscle mass, people can be divided into two camps: the ones who claim that calories don’t matter, and the ones who say that calories is what weight manipulation is all about. To make sure that this article…

how to eat for high testosterone levels on a budget

How to Find Testosterone-Supporting Foods on a Strict Budget


There have been many times in my life when the budget for food has been extremely tight, especially during my time in the military (where the “pay” at times was less than 150$ a month). However, I have always been able to eat in a testosterone-supporting manner, even at times when the income has been…

paleo diet and testosterone levels

Paleo Diet and Testosterone: How Good is the “Caveman Diet” Really for Test Production


The paleo diet has been extremely popular in these past few years. The idea is relatively simple, just eat like a caveman More specifically, eat like a human of the paleolithic era, an era which started roughly 2,6 million years ago and ended 10,000 years ago. The foundation is based on: According to the “experts”,…

foods that lower testosterone

7 Foods that Can Lower Testosterone Levels Quite Significantly in Men


Just like there are many foodstuffs which can increase testosterone levels, there are also many foods that lower testosterone in men. In this article, we’re looking at 7 possible foods and/or food groups that can have a negative effect on your androgen levels. Without further ramblings, let’s check out the seven dietary foods that lower…

cinnamon and testosterone

Cinnamon and Testosterone: This Cheap Household Spice can Boost Test Levels


After seeing a lot of research supporting the notion that cinnamon could be used to reduce high blood glucose and to improve insulin sensitivity in humans, I became more and more confident that it could – in most men – also have a possible testosterone boosting effect. This is because both, high blood glucose (think pre-diabetes…

best testosterone boosting foods

9 Tasty Foods that Give you More Testosterone Naturally


There are hundreds of different natural testosterone boosting foods out there, just as there are hundreds of foodstuffs that can do the exact opposite and lower testosterone. In today’s post, I will show you 9 testosterone boosting foods which I personally consider to be the best of the best when it comes to increasing natural test production.…

how to craft your own multivitamin

Guest Post: How to Craft your Own Multivitamin from Some Simple Everyday Foods


This is the second guest post in’s history, and its from a long-time site reader who will be opening his own men’s health blog soon. Enjoy! – Ali ———–High quality multivitamins are quite hard to find and afford. Speaking in general anything taken in form of pill has lower bioavailability than the real thing,…

bulletproof coffee testosterone

Bulletproof Coffee and Testosterone: Few Problems and How to Fix Them


Many of you have been asking about my stance on the World famous bulletproof coffee. You know, the coffee mix invented by Dave Asprey in which you blend butter and MCT-oil into coffee, making it “bulletproof”. The questions I’ve received have mostly been about if bulletproof coffee would be pro-testosterone… …And yes, it kind of…

pesticides and testosterone levels

Pesticides and Testosterone: Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides, What’s their Impact?


The global average on male testosterone levels is crashing down rapidly, year after year. In a 17 year study with 1,700 men as subjects, the researchers found out that since the late 80’s, the average US men’s testosterone levels have dropped by 1% every year. In a Finnish study with somewhat similar design, it was…

how to protect testosterone levels when dieting

Dieting and Testosterone: 6 Ways to Preserve Your Testosterone Levels While Cutting


Losing weight – or more specifically – losing body fat, is one of the best ways to increase natural testosterone levels. As several studies have shown, men who have lower levels of bodyfat, also have higher overall testosterone levels. However, dieting and testosterone levels are closely related. You see, when you’re in the process of…

excitotoxins testosterone

Excitotoxins and Testosterone: be Cautious with MSG and No-Calorie Sweeteners


Excitotoxins are compounds added to most packaged foods, which can bypass the blood-brain barrier, and wreck havoc in certain brain receptors. They have a really bad rep in the mass media, and some people seem to blame excitotoxins for just about any medical issue they can think about. But is the rep justified, or are excitotoxins…

soy and testosterone levels

Eating Soy and Testosterone: Can Regular Soy Consumption Really Cause Low T?


The debate about men eating soy and its hormonal effects has been going on for years, and there are 2 groups in particular who fuel the debate year after year… 1. The group that often contains a lot of vegans and vegetarians, who claim that soy is in fact, a really healthy superfood, and that…

cholesterol testosterone

Cholesterol and Testosterone: The Most Important Building Block of them All


Cholesterol has a bad reputation. It’s easily the most misunderstood molecule on the planet and people still believe that it’s an evil sterol that will only block your arteries. Therefore the common mantra often is: The lower the cholesterol, the better But that’s not the whole story. Actually the evidence of cholesterol causing harm in…

brazil nuts and testosterone levels

Brazil Nuts and Testosterone: A Selenium Packed Super Nut


There’s one nut that is the king of them all, and that’s the Brazil Nut (or the Macadamia, nut depends if you value good fat ratios or minerals). There’s this endangered specie of monkeys, called the Chapuchin monkeys, who actively search these nuts covered with a thick shell. Only the strongest and wisest monkeys are…

intermittent fasting and testosterone

Intermittent Fasting and Testosterone: Does IF Increase Test Levels Naturally?


I often get asked what was the big thing that boosted my testosterone levels the most during this 4-5 year journey of natural hormone optimization. And even though there has been a lot of factors in play, I still believe that the biggest increase was due to the fact that I started following a pattern…

foods high in natural nitrates

5 Foods High in Nitrates to Blast Your Nitric Oxide Levels Through the Roof


Foods high in nitrates an essential part of a healthy diet that increase nitric oxide within your body. Nitric oxide (NO) is the undisputed molecule of men’s health. It’s one of the most important factors in every guy’s health, right after testosterone. The research group who found out the link between heart and nitric oxide,…

how to get more antioxidants

18 Anti-Estrogenic Foods That Will Help You Overcome Estrogen Imbalance


Here’s a detailed list of 18 different foods that are known for their ability to decrease estrogen levels through multiple different pathways. One could say that these foods base the foundation of an anti-estrogenic diet, but why should we eat an anti-estrogenic diet when we can eat anti-estrogenic foods along with androgenic testosterone boosting foods? That…

oysters are an aphrodisiac food that lowers cortisol

The 7 Aromatase Inhibiting Foods to Block the Synthesis of the Female Hormone Estrogen


I’m excited to bring you 7 of the best aromatase inhibiting foods you can eat, all of them backed with proven research and studies to support how they block aromatase within the body. First let’s talk about what the aromatase enzyme is and why you want to minimize it within your body. Aromatase enzyme is…

foods that decrease estrogen production naturally

Plain Old White Button Mushrooms Are Great Aromatase Enzyme Inhibitors


One of the most nastiest enzymes in the male body is the aromatase enzyme. The reason why it’s so extraordinarily bad, is the fact that it directly converts your hard earned testosterone molecules into the female hormone estrogen. So in other words it’s the enzyme that ‘feminizes’ men. That being said, one of the key…

the old school steak and eggs diet by vince gironda

The Vince Gironda Diet: Steak and Eggs For Ultimate Fat Loss


What if there would be a diet so easy that you wouldn’t even have to count calories? So easy that you wouldn’t need to feel hungry all the time? So easy that you wouldn’t need to eat salads and foods that you don’t actually like? And so easy that you could actually fuck it up…

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