As a men's health and natural testosterone optimization author for now four years and counting, I've tested A LOT of courses, books, gadgets, supplements, and the like. Many guys who have a brand with men's health related products, hope that I could be bought into promoting their crappy products for AM readers for some sum of money.

Don't worry though, I only review stuff I like and recommend, and this category is where you can find all the reviews.

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Review: THOR Program by Chris Walker

By Ali Kuoppala | 23/03/2016 | 5 Comments

The THOR Testosterone Training Program is the new training manual from my great friend Chris Walker. It’s the definitive “no stone left unturned” answer to the never ending amount of emails and questions about how exactly should you be training to ellicit the maximal testosterone response and long-term hormonal adaptations. THOR as you might know…

Reviewing Brad Pilon’s ‘Eat Stop Eat’

By Ali Kuoppala | 10/03/2016 | 10 Comments
eat stop eat by brad pilon review

Have you ever wanted to read a book that systemically crushes – with scientific evidence – the biggest myths of the fitness & nutrition industry? That teaches you a sane easily doable way of constantly slashing the pounds without feeling “trapped” to stupid industry myths such as; “You have to eat six small meals a…

Reviewing Ben Pakulski’s ‘MI40’

By Ali Kuoppala | 17/01/2016 | 2 Comments
ben pakulski mi40 review

What if you would get a full nutrition & workout program with specific exercise videos and all from a guy who not only has a honors degree in kinesiology, but also finished 11th in the 2012 Mr. Olympia competition? I mean heck, the guys is really one of the top elite bodybuilders in the world.…

Reviewing Chad Howse’s ‘The Man Diet’

By Ali Kuoppala | 12/01/2016 | 0 Comments
foods that boost testosterone levels naturally

Have you ever wondered why men and women are eating the same foods? Why we consume similar diets, although the bodies and hormonal differences among men and women are vastly different? Since men thrive on testosterone and women thrive on estrogen – and these hormones can be modulated by our diets – why do we…

Reviewing Rick Kaselj’s ‘Unlock Your Tight Hip Flexors’ Program

By Ali Kuoppala | 12/01/2016 | 1 Comment
Unlock your tight hip flexors review

Would you like to know what kind of damage you are doing to your body by sitting on your ass all day long? I mean that’s what most of us humans do, we’re constantly sitting. But did you know how this affects the muscles of your pelvic region, your blood flow, your posture, and even…