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Supplementation can give you that slight edge in hormonal optimization, but it's not the main thing you should focus on.

For the goal of increasing testosterone levels naturally, supplementation with herbs, amino acids, serines, or the commonly sold "testosterone boosters" isn't even close to as important as proper food intake, micronutrient balance, training methods, and various lifestyle factors would be.

With that being said, once you have the most important factors taken care of, there's handful of scientifically proven supplements that can be used to manipulate hormone production.

Such as*:

  • Forskolin, which increases cAMP and nudged testosterone levels up by 33 in human study.
  • Mucuna pruriens, which raises dopamine, and thus ramps up testosterone production.
  • Ashwagandha, which in one study took the average testosterone from 630 to 726 ng/dL.
  • Carnitine, which has been proven by muscle-biopsies to increase androgen receptor density.
  • Or the estrogen blockers that inhibit aromatase (grape seed extract, IC3, resveratrol...)

* Clinical evidence for the claims above can be found in the post under the next paragraph

In the articles below, you can find all of the info we have written about various supplements, be it for androgens, thyroid, erection quality, or estrogen suppression.

supplements category


fenugreek testosterone

Fenugreek and Testosterone: Closer Look at One of the Most Popular Testosterone Herbs


Fenugreek (trigonella foenum-graecum) is a common herb that originates from the Indian herbal medicine; Ayurveda. Its claimed use is to enhance masculinity and libido. The seed powder and seed extracts of the fenugreek plant are commonly used in various testosterone boosters, and some manufacturers claim that it would be the single most effective natural compound…

bulbine natalensis and testosterone

Bulbine Natalensis and Testosterone: May Raise T-Levels but has Similar Toxicity Side Effects as Many Oral PEDs


The testosterone supplement industry has been booming for the past years, frequently coming up with new possible herbals to raise natural test production. Bulbine natalensis is one of them that was briefly hailed as the best of them all and then almost completely forgotten just months later. In this article we will go through all…

tulsi and male testosterone levels

Holy Basil and Testosterone: Tulsi is Praised as a T-Booster, but How Effective is it Really?


Holy basil, also known as tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) is a plant generously used in Indian herbal medicine of Ayurveda. Tulsi is commonly praised for its testosterone boosting effect. However, it’s also used as an anti-fertility agent. Human data of holy basil limited, although the animal research on this plant is pretty impressive. Even though tulsi may raise testosterone levels,…

ganoderma lucidum testosterone

Reishi and Testosterone: The Potent Antiandrogenic Effects of Ganoderma Lucidum Mushroom


The ganoderma Lucidum – commonly known as Reishi or Lingzhi – is a fungus that grows out of Eastern Hemlock trees that cultivate primarily in the Northern America. It has been used as a supreme medicinal mushroom in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years, and even Western medicine has taken interest on its possible health…

cordyceps testosterone

Cordyceps and Testosterone: is the Killer Fungi Really a Natural Sports Performance Enhancer and T-Booster?


Cordyceps has gained quite some popularity in the past few years, largely thanks to few fellow Finnish guys (Four Sigmatic) who are being very innovative with instantized medicinal mushroom drinks. There are some cool benefits – mostly around immune system function, cognitive functions, and antioxidant capacity – that can be attained by consuming mushrooms like Reishi,…

moringa oleifera testosterone levels

Moringa and Testosterone: The Effects of this so Called Superfood on Male Hormonal Health


Moringa oleifera (also called miracle tree, tree of life, and drumstick tree) grows in Asia and some African countries. It’s highly nutritious and resistant to environmental factors, which has made it an important food crop in its areas of cultivation. Due to Moringas high amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, it’s also used for some…

fadogia agrestis testosterone levels

Fadogia Agrestis and Testosterone: Does this Herb Really Skyrocket Test Levels Naturally?


 One of the common ingredients in many popular multi-ingredient testosterone supplements is a herb by the name of Fadogia agrestis. It’s among the primary ingredients in some of the’s most popular test boosters like HCGenerate and Sheer Testosterone (don’t trust the ratings on either one, they’re mostly fake), which means that plenty of guys have…

yohimbe and yohimbine testosterone levels

Yohimbe and Testosterone: Does Yohimbine Supplementation Increase Testosterone?


Yohimbine is an alkaloid found in the yohimbe tree bark. It’s used generally as a fat loss aid, testosterone booster, and even as pro-erectile agent, but does it work as well as claimed? Let’s take a look. How Effective is Yohimbine Yohimbe (Pausinystalia yohimbe) is an evergreen tree native to Africa. Its barks are used to…

avena sativa and testosterone levels

Avena Sativa and Testosterone: The Impact of the Common Oat on Male Hormones


Avena sativa or “the common oat” is the grain most people should be already quite familiar with. There seems to be this general consensus among the bodybuilding world that oats and avena sativa supplements (which are basically glorified oat straw extracts) would be anabolic and pro-testosterone. I have seen many claims about oat straw being…

stinging nettle and testosterone

Stinging Nettle Root and Testosterone: Can this Common Plant Really Increase Testosterone and Lower SHBG?


 Stinging nettle root (Urtica dioica) is a common plant most should already be familiar with. It’s added into many testosterone booster supplements, and generally stinging nettle is  labeled by some as a testosterone raising herbal supplement that works by inhibiting SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), and thus makes testosterone more bio-available in the body. Confusingly, nettle…

D aspartic acid testosterone supplement

DAA and Testosterone: The Real Evidence Behind the Anabolic Claims of D-Aspartic Acid


 D-Aspartic acid – or DAA – which is a non-essential amino acid naturally found in various bodily tissues, hit the bodybuilding World like a storm few years ago. All it took for the supplement companies to make millions of dollars off of this compound was few clever (sponsored) studies and massive promotional campaigns on the…

thyroid supplements

Thyroid Boosters: 6 Natural Supplements to Increase T3 & T4 Levels


Thryoid is a ~30 gram butterfly-shaped gland in your neck, just below the Adam’s apple. Its main function is to secrete the thyroid hormones; triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) in response to signals sent from the hypothalamus via thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) which travels to the pituiary gland to trigger the release of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). So hypothalamus releases…

fish oil and testosterone levels

Fish Oil and Testosterone: Omega-3 Intake from Fish Oils May be Harmful


When you read articles about increasing testosterone levels naturally from the internet, a lot of them state that one should eat “healthy fats”. Then they follow with a nice little list, somewhat like this; “Eat more nuts, more fish, and preferably supplement with fish oil to get more of the good fats”. The thing is…

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements

8 Testosterone Boosters that Actually Work to Increase T-Levels Naturally


The questions I get asked most often are all related to supplementation. Most of the time these are new readers of AM, who have recently started taking interest in natural hormone optimization, and now they are looking for that best testosterone booster to try. And when I reply to them, they’re often surprised that the…

natural pct supplements

Post Cycle Therapy: The Top 3 PCT Supplements that Actually Work


When people do anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) – usually some form of testosterone – their natural production gets suppressed (since male hormones are synthesized in a negative feedback-loop). On top of that, there’s some evidence that prolonged suppression of the hypothalamic-pituiary-testicles-axis (HPTA), leads to long-term damage of the testicular leydig cells (the cells responsible for…

how to maximize vitamin and mineral absorption and bioavailibity

How to Maximize The Absorption Of Vitamins and Mineral Supplements


All of the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) have important actions in the body. Some so much that we would die without them in our system. Supplements, herbs, amino acids and whatnot, can also be important, but they are not vital for our survival. With that being said, certain supplements can help increase testosterone, thyroid function…

do nootropics work

Nootropics: Who Should Be Using Them, Do they Work, and How to Use Them


Nootropics are a hot topic these days, especially as they grow in popularity and exposure from the biohacking community. They’ve been used for many years in more elite entrepreneur, business, and academic environments, however the general public is just now finding out more about them thanks to blogs, and independent researchers. A lot of people…

gynecomastia pills

Gynecomastia Pills: 5 Legit Supplements Help you Get Rid of Man Boobs


Gynecomastia, gyno, or as they’re commonly known; man boobs, are an embarrassing problem that more and more men seem to be struggling with. Due to shame and anxiety caused by the issue, many men refuse to seek medical help or talk about it. Even worse, many guys have absolutely no idea what actually triggers the…

probiotics side effects and safety

3 Serious Probiotics & Prebiotic Side Effects that People Seem to Never Talk about


If you search online, people seem to be praising probiotics for being the next best thing right after sliced bread. And even though quality probiotic supplements and fermented foods are actually pretty great for the majority of people… …There are still some – although extremely rare – side effects associated with certain strains and/or people…

supplements for insulin sensitivity

5 Surprising Scientifically Proven Supplements for Insulin Resistance


Produced by the pancreas, insulin helps to turn your ingested carbohydrates into the simplest form of sugar; glucose. Your body then uses glucose as direct energy for the cells to fuel the metabolic processes of the human body. Some of it also gets stored into the liver and muscle glycocen storages or as triglycerides in…

benefits of probiotic supplements

4 Surprising Benefits of Natural Probiotic & Prebiotic Foods and Supplements


Fermented foods like kefir, lassi, sauerkraut, kombucha, yogurt, and many others, are rich in naturally occurring probiotics. Probiotic strains can also be found in some supplements (but it’s important to look for only the high-quality kind). The common benefits of probiotics are well known, you know, the basic improved gut health & digestion and better immunity……

supplement that lower SHBG and increase free testosterone naturally

5 Potent Supplements that Lower SHBG Levels and Increase Free-Testosterone


Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) is a glycoprotein produced by the liver to regulate steroid hormones like testosterone (T) and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). SHBG works by binding into the active free-testosterone molecules, rendering them inactive and unable to bind the androgen receptor sites in the body. In layman terms, it reduces the activity of bodily androgens.…

dht supplements that raise dihydrotestosterone naturally

6 DHT Supplements to Increase 5-a Reductase Naturally


DHT is a male hormone, androgen, similarly to testosterone. They are similar, yet different. Dihydrotestosterone, which is actually made from testosterone via the conversion caused by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, has 2-3 times higher affinity towards the androgen receptors of the body and is bound for roughly five times longer than testosterone is. And whereas testosterone…

Redwood supplement review

Redwood Review: Why Truth Nutraceutical’s Redwood is the Best Erection Booster Supplement


You can get your bottle of Redwood from this link  Before we dive into the review of Truth Nutraceutical’s Redwood supplement, know that there are many compounds that can dramatically increase erection quality and relieve erectile dysfunction (ED) naturally. However, supplement manufacturers today rarely do justice to these great compounds in their formulations, which leads…

best nootropics list

4 Scientifically Proven Supplements to Bring Down High Cortisol Levels


Cortisol is a naturally occurring steroid hormone in the human body. Its release from the adrenal cortex is stimulated by a brain hormone called ACTH, and the release of ACTH on the other hand is stimulated by physical or mental stress, which is why cortisol is often called “the stress hormone”. Because of the “scary…

Testro-x review: why truth nutraceutical's testro-x is the best natural t-booster.

Testro-X Review: Why Truth Nutraceutical’s Testro-X is the Best Natural T-Booster


Before we get into the Testro-X review, we wanted to provide some context around Anabolic Men’s history with testosterone boosters… During all  these years of running the Anabolic Men website, several supplement manufacturers have asked us to; Formulate a supplement for them. Promote their supplements on our site. And even bash their competitors on our articles.…

5 effective sleep supplements to improve sleep quality and time

4 Evidence-Based Supplements to Improve Sleep Quality Naturally


Sleep is crucially important for overall health and testosterone production. After all, the majority of your T is being produced while you’re sleeping, and several studies show how reduced sleep can significantly lower testosterone levels. Not to mention the fact that you’ll just feel like shit if you sleep too little, everyone knows that. There…

Creatine and Testosterone: The King of All Bodybuilding Supplements


Creatine is a natural substance that is present in almost all vertebraes. It’s a key component in skeletal muscle metabolism, and it’s also the most researched and respected bodybuilding supplement out there. Creatine works simply by increasing the amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) molecules inside the cells, which improve the message sending and energy production of them…

carnitine testosterone androgen receptor activator

Carnitine and Testosterone: Amino Acid that Boosts your Androgen Receptor Density


Carnitine is a compound that our bodies naturally synthesize from the amino acids lysine and methionine. It’s often used as a brain booster, due to the facts that it protects neurons, and may increase alertness.  Carnitine is also used as a fat burning supplement, mainly due to the fact that few studies have shown its ability to transport…

resveratrol testosterone

Resveratrol and Testosterone: Supreme Natural T-Boosting Aromatase Inhibitor


Resveratrol is a naturally occurring polyphenol found in the skin of red grapes, mulberries, and blueberries. Its popularity has been soaring these past years due to research theorizing the compound of having an anti-aging, cardiovascular health promoting, and anti-cancer effects. Resveratrol is the compound also claimed to cause the health benefits of red wine, although a…

multivitamin and testosterone levels

Multivitamin for Testosterone: Correcting Micronutrient Deficiencies to Boost Test


Probably one of the simplest ways to increase natural testosterone production, is just to correct all of your underlying vitamin and mineral deficiencies. That is, since you can often do it effortlessly with a proper diet and a multivitamin supplement. Depending on the state of your current micronutrient balance, it’s not uncommon to double or…

five natural estrogen lowering supplements

5 Powerful Estrogen Blocker Supplements for Lowering High Estradiol Levels


In this article, I break down the 5 estrogen supplements that are proven to help lower high estrogen levels. Now, there are many reasons why high estrogen levels are no good news for men. Sure you need some for bone & joint health, and brain function, but most men these days have their levels completely…

grapeseed extract benefits and testosterone

Grape Seed Extract and Testosterone: Aromatase Enzyme Inhibitor and Circulation Enhancer


Grapes are one of the most beneficial foods for men’s health. That’s because they’re rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, such as the testosterone boosting and estrogen blocking resveratrol. This post is about grape seed extract and testosterone. Not to mention that the skin is filled with Calcium-D-Glucarate, a fiber that binds into estrogen molecules making…

mucuna pruriens and testosterone a source of l dopa

Mucuna Pruriens and Testosterone: The Androgenic Benefits of L-Dopa


Mucuna Pruriens (velvet bean) is an indian bean-like climbing herb that can reach 15 meters in length. Mucuna is widely used in Ayurveda (Indian herbal medicine) and its usage as a Parkinson’s relief and sexual tonic dates back thousands of years. It has also quite a reputation for its effects on increasing testicle size. Recently this…

shilajit testosterone benefits

Shilajit and Testosterone: Himalayan Rock-Tar Extract with Up to 85 Ionic Minerals


Shilajit is a dark tar like rocky substance collected from the deep rocks of Himalaya. It’s considered to be one of the cornerstones of Ayurveda (Indian medicine) and its use dates back thousands of years. Even in the western medicine (where Shilajit is rather new thing) it’s considered to be a healing substance, mainly due to…

Do Testosterone Boosters Work: How Supplement Industry is Scamming Us


Do test boosters work? What do testosterone boosters do? Are they worth buying? These are questions I get all the time… So let’s dive in and uncover the truth behind the testosterone supplement claims on the market today.  Testosterone enhancing supplements are all the rage right now, and have been for the past few years. Changes…

pre-workout supplement guide

Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Workout Supplements and Boosters


Pre-workout supplements or “boosters” are all the rage right now. Just look around the bodybuilding supplement industry, and you can see all the new pre-workout buzz words tied around the ever so clever marketing tactics… “skin tearing pump”… “laser sharp focus”… “explosive strength”… Just like most of the previously hyped up supplements, pre-workout boosters tend…

forskolin aka coleus forskohlii and testosterone levels

Forskolin and Testosterone: Potent Natural T-Booster and cAMP Activator


Forskolin is a labdane diterpene found in an Indian plant called Coleus Forskohlii. Dozens of studies have proven it to be a potent cAMP activator, while one human study found that forskolin increases testosterone. One study even found that the herb activates androgen receptors. Forskolin is not that popular of a supplement for sure, and…

ic3 gynecomastia pill

DIM and Testosterone: Does the Indole-3-Carbinol Lower Estrogen?


DIM (3,3′-diindonylmethane) is a naturally occurring byproduct of indole-3-carbinol (IC3), and IC3 itself is a byproduct of glucosinolate glucobrassicin, which is a compound found in all crusiferous vegetables, such as: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, and the like. There has been much discussion about DIM and its effects on the reproductive system. It’s claimed…

ashwagandha testosterone levels

Ashwagandha and Testosterone: Potent Adaptogenic T-Booster Proven by Research


Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) is a herbal supplement (commonly root powder or extract) widely used in the Indian herbal medicine, aka. Ayurveda. It’s considered to be an “adaptogen“, which is a term coined by Russian scientist to describe a herb that helps the body regain hormonal and psychological balance (homeostasis) in times of stress. It’s claimed…

DHEA supplements and testosterone levels

DHEA Supplements and Testosterone: Natural Source of Youthful T-Levels?


DHEA (dehydroepitestosterone) is the most abundant steroid hormone in human circulation. It’s made when the CYP11A1 enzyme converts cholesterol into pregnenolone, which is then converted into DHEA by another enzyme called CYP17. The synthesis of DHEA mainly occurs in the adrenal glands, but also takes place in the gonads and brain. Once DHEA is made…

arkarkara root and testosterone levels

Akarkara Root and Testosterone: New Discovery or Supplement Industry Marketing Hype?


Akarkara root (Anacyclus pyrethrum) is an aphrodisiac herb from the Indian herbal medicine, Ayurveda. It grows pretty much all over the mediterranean region, and in Northern India, Himalayas, and some Arabian countries. As a plant it’s quite similar to chamomille, and the bioactive compounds – alkylamides – are the same ones that can be found…

butea superba and male testosterone levels

Butea Superba and Testosterone: The Androgenic Effects Red Kwao Krua


Butea Superba (Red Kwao Krua) is an androgenic herb widely used among the males of Thailand as an aphrodisiac and to improve erectile quality. There’s only limited amount of studies available to prove its aphrodisiac effects, but what we know about the plant currently, is still quite interesting. In fact, Butea superba has a really…

royal jelly and testosterone levels

Royal Jelly and Testosterone: Can the “Anabolic Porridge” Help Restore Fertility?


Royal jelly is an anabolic porridge like goo secreted from the hypophranyx glands of the worker bees. When the hive decides to change the queen bee, they select few small larvaes and start feeding them with royal jelly. This anabolic nutritional powerhouse will then grow the larvae to be 60 times bigger and live for…

black seed oil and testosterone levels

Nigella Sativa and Testosterone: Is Black Seed Oil the Next Test Supplement?


Black seed oil (BSO) is the oil extracted from the seeds of black cumin (nigella sativa, black seed). Black cumin products are native to southern Asia, and they’re most commonly used as a spice in Indian and Middle Eastern cultures. Their “medicinal use” has now spread across the globe (not surprisingly, since these tiny black…

Bromelain and testosterone benefit endurance athletes

Bromelain and Testosterone: Finally Something that Preserves T from Endurance Training


Bromelain extract is a combination of proteolytic (protein breaking) enzymes, which are most commonly extracted from either the stem or fruit part of pineapples. It’s mainly used as a meat tenderizer, and this is simply because the catalytic enzymes break down the peptide bonds that link amino acids together, making the animal protein (read: meat)…

scientifically proven fat burning supplements

4 Fat Burner Supplements that Raise Metabolic Rate and Lipolysis (Research Backed)


Fat burners are a huge market all around the world, and why wouldn’t they be? Most of the people on this planet at some point of their lives want to lose some weight. For those people, there’s a market full of different fat burner supplements, all claiming to help with those stubborn pounds… The awful…

taurine testosterone

Taurine and Testosterone: Amino Acid with Some Promising Study Results


Taurine is a semi-essential organic amino acid that’s synthesised in the body from methione and cysteine, comprising roughly 0,1% of the weight of the human body. What makes taurine interesting is the fact that it’s the most prominent free amino-acid in the male testicles, and in breast milk. This hints that taurine may have a…

zma and testosterone levels

ZMA And Testosterone: Everything You Need to Know About Zinc Magnesium Asparate


ZMA (Zinc Magnesium Asparate) is a somewhat simple supplement that contains 15-30 mg’s zinc (monomethionine and aspartate), 350-500 mg’s magnesium (aspartate), and 10-20 mg’s vitamin B6 (pyridioxine hydrochloride). It was invented by the ex-basist of the band Tower of Power – Victor Conte – Who since then has been linked to various doping scandals and…

sodium bicarbonate and testosterone production

Sodium Bicarbonate and Testosterone: is Baking Soda $2 Testosterone Booster?


Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3) is definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when somebody mentions testosterone boosters or performance enhancing supplements. I mean come on, it’s just a white powder that your grandma uses when she bakes cookies and a bag of it costs about $2. But as weird as it sounds,…

6-oxo testosterone booster and aromatase inhbitor

6-OXO and Testosterone: Closer Look at the Controversial Aromatase Inhibitor


6-OXO, better known as androstenetrione (4-Androstene-3,6,17-trione), is a popular testosterone booster and estrogen blocker. It’s most commonly used among bodybuilders as a post-cycle treatment after exogenous steroid use in order to “jump-start” the body’s natural production of testosterone. It surely is hailed as a “natural testosterone booster”, and used as an ingredient in many popular…

vitamin k2 and testosterone levels

How to Make Your own Raw Liver Tablets at Home for a DIY Health Supplement


Considered to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet, raw liver is a nutritional powerhouse with an amazing range of important nutriets for men’s health. It contains the full vitamin B complex, massive amounts of animal based vitamins A, D, E, K2, and choline, it’s also a complete protein. Liver is also laden…

do nootropics work

Phosphatidylserine and Testosterone: A Nootropic with Interesting Hormonal Effects


Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a naturally occurring phospolipid that exists in the cell membranes of all species. In simple words, it’s a type of fat that can be found in every cell membrane of the human body that also contains the mineral phosphorus. Roughly 60 grams of phosphatidylserine can be found in human brain, testes, lungs,…

tongkat ali testosterone

Tongkat Ali is a Potential Testosterone Booster and Estrogen Blocker


Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali, Pasak Bumi). The name gets thrown around when people start talking about testosterone boosters or aphrodisiac herbs… However, in my opinion Tongkat Ali is not exactly the best testosterone booster out there. …It might be one of the most popular one’s, but the evidence of it boosting testosterone just isn’t clear…

piperine and absorption of supplements

Piperine Naturally Enhances the Absorption and Bio-Availibity of Herbs


What if there would be a scientifically proven way to enhance the absorption and bio-availability of pretty much everything? Wouldn’t that be great, awesome, and extremely beneficial? Hell yes it would. And today I’m now going to show you one inexpensive compound that does just that, and has plenty of research to back everything up. Alkaloid…

200% More Nitric Oxide with a Combination of Garlic and Vitamin C


Today I’ll share with you a trick that’ll significantly decrease your blood pressure, and literally skyrockets your nitric oxide production. The info that I’m about to present has actually been studied with humans, and what’s even better is that both of the ‘items’ used with this trick (garlic and vitamin C) are also known for…

deer antler velvet testosterone growth hormone and igf-1

Velvet Antler and Testosterone: Don’t Waste your Money


Velvet antler is a supplement that’s made by crushing the antler of an animal that has one (usually deer) to a powder form, which is then consumed orally or made into tinctures. In most cases, it’s crushed deer antler in a bottle with astonishingly high price tag on the side… …And as it is so…

bcaa and testosterone levels

BCAAs and Testosterone: Do You Even Need Branched Chain Amino Acid Supplements?


BCAAs (Branched chain amino acids) are leucine, isoleucine, and valine, and the name is simply derived from their branch chained looking chemical structure. Those three amino’s all belong to the category of essential amino acids for human survival. And research shows that they’re the main amino acids behind muscle protein synthesis. Sure there’s roughly about…

the three step estrogen flush protocol

The Estrogen Flush Protocol: A Three Step Formula For Estrogen Removal


Estrogen as you probably know already, is the principal female hormone in the human body… …It causes feminizing effects inside the male body and down regulates testosterone production. In other words: High estrogen often correlates with low testosterone levels. And while most men think that they don’t have to worry about the female hormone because…

suma testosterone

Suma and Testosterone: The Russian Secret from the Amazonian Rainforests


Suma (Pfaffia Paniculata, Brazilian Ginseng, Russian Secret) is a strong adaptogenic herb with ergogenic activity. It’s a large ground vine that cultivates mostly in the Amazonian rainforest, generously used by the native tribes. The locals call it “para tudo” which literally means “for everything”… …And for everything it seems to be, as research has shown…

muira puama testosterone

Muira Puama and Testosterone: Aphrodisiac with Possible Testosterone Enhancing Qualities


Muira Puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides, Natural Viagra, Potency Wood) is a herbal aphrodisiac and a potential testosterone booster that comes from the Amazonian rainforests. Muira Puama is basically a flowering tree, with the active ergogenic compounds located in the barks and roots of the herb, and by ergogenic compounds I mean that the active ingredients such…

saw palmetto testosterone and dht

Saw Palmetto and Testosterone: Why I’m not Recommending this Popular Herb


Saw palmetto is an extract made out of the fruit of a plant called serenoa repens. It was a big time hit on the bodybuilding world some years ago, and sometimes it’s even claimed as the best testosterone booster of them all. But really, it only increases testosterone at the expense of a more powerful…

how to make herbal tinctures

How to Make your Own Testosterone Boosting Herbal Tinctures at Home (Simple DIY Method)


This article explains you an extremely simple way on making your own herbal tinctures, which saves you a lot of dough in the long run, and can dramatically improve the absorption of certain compounds in the plant that could otherwise be destroyed in the gut. Take Pine Pollen for example. It contains natural androgens, such…

rhodiola rosea lowers cortisol increases testosterone

Rhodiola Rosea is Adaptogen that Balances High Cortisol Naturally


Rhodiola Rosea (rose root, arctic root) is a herb that cultivates in the harsh conditions of Siberia and northern Asia. Many herbalists and doctors claim that it’s the most beneficial herb for human health that we’ve discovered so far… For example there’s 7 peer-reviewed human studies which all show that it notably reduces fatigue, 4…

maca is it a testosterone booster or not

Maca and Testosterone: Another Aphrodisiac Mistakenly Hyped T-Supplement


When most people talk about testosterone boosters, they start with Tribulus Terrestris and Maca. And that’s not cool because Maca and Tribulus are both great aphrodisiacs, but they don’t really do that much for your testosterone levels. They’re both mistakenly though to raise testosterone, only because both of them have a positive effect on libido and…

horny goat weed testosterone libido

Horny Goat Weed and Testosterone: HGW is a Natural Aphrodisiac and Testosterone Mimetic


Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium) is a flowering herb that grows in the Mediterranean region of Asia. It’s use as an aphrodisiac in the Chinese medicine dates back thousands of years, and most recently even the western medicine has noted the existence of this potent libido booster, and one study shows that it has great potential…

pine pollen testosterone

Pine Pollen and Testosterone: Nature’s Own Androgen with Actual Testosterone


Pine Pollen is one of my favorite testosterone supplements out there. Even though it’s not even proven in human science yet. It might sound weird that I, as a guy who likes to state everything with scientific evidence, would be a big time fan for a compound that wasn’t even proven in science yet. But this…

tribulus terrestris and testosterone, does tribulus work

Tribulus Terrestris and Testosterone: Another Hyped up Herb that Doesn’t Live up to Its Claims?


Tribulus Terrestris (puncture vine) is a herb that grows pretty much all around the word, but is typically found in dry and cold climates. It’s the most well known “testosterone booster” in the bodybuilding community. With a bad reputation that is, and it really does share opinions. Some preach for its awesome effects, and some…

chrysin testosterone and estrogen

Does Chrysin Supplementation Really Block Estrogen and Aromatase Enzyme?


Chrysin is probably one of the most well known estrogen blockers out there. Yet I have never talked about it on this site. After a flood of emails about the supplement, I’m finally addressing chrysin in this blog, but do I use it myself, and does it even work? Let’s find out: What is Chrysin…

gynostemma, a potent adaptogenic herb with stress hormone lowering benefits

4 Adaptogenic Herbs For Balancing High Cortisol Levels Naturally


Cortisol is the main stress hormone in the body, and chronically elevated cortisol for sure is one of the worst thing as man could have, as cortisol can actually destroy your testosterone molecules before they even leave your testicles. Your gonads actually produce this enzyme called 11ßHSD-1 which normally protects your testosterone molecules from cortisol,…

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