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Different types of exercise have different effects on our endocrine system and to the rate at which our bodies are able to churn out testosterone.

What you'll find in this category, are posts talking about the research behind various types of training - ie. resistance, endurance, HIIT, recreational activities - and how they affect testosterone levels and production.

We also go into detail about building muscle and what movements are the best for each body part (according to research that is).

Some of the topics we cover below:

  • How resistance training skyrockets resting testosterone (+40% in 4-weeks).
  • How simply walking and doing recreational activities ramps up androgens.
  • How to train for maximal testosterone surge and androgen receptor activation.
  • What is the optimal training timing and order for best testosterone response.
  • How overtraining hammers androgen production and skyrockets cortisol.
  • What it takes to build big broad respect demanding shoulders naturally.

Scroll down to see all of our training content. But just a word of advice; it may change your views on exercise - for life.

training category


garage gym building guide

How to Build a Home Gym: The Only 6 Pieces of Equipment Needed for a Killer Garage Weight Room


 Hopefully you’re already aware of the impact proper weight training can have on testosterone levels and bodily androgen utilization. (In case you’re not, go back and read how a basic resistance training routine increased resting testosterone levels by 40% in just 4-weeks and how strength training impacts androgen receptor density). If you’re lucky enough to have…

how to exercise to reduce gynecomastia

Gynecomastia: The Optimal Way to Exercise in Order to Get Rid of Man Boobs


Gynecomastia occurs primarily due to too high estrogen levels and estrogen receptor activity, too low testosterone and DHT levels and androgen receptor activity, and as a cherry to the top prolactin levels are also often elevated (this can literally trigger milk production in severe cases). So the actual condition is mostly hormonal, although being fat…

how to exercise to reduce gynecomastia

The Ultimate Guide on How to Build That Sculpted Chest as a Natural Lifter


Chest day, everyone’s favorite huh? That’s right, go to any gym and you’ll see the majority of guys doing either chest or biceps.  Why? For one, because they’re both “show muscles”, and lot’s of people just train to impress the ladies, and secondly, training chest and arms is easy, ask any newbie lifter if he…

how to build a pair of muscular legs naturally and fast

How to Build a Pair of Well-Defined Muscular Legs as a Natural Trainer


Oh the leg day, the most fearsome day of the Week for most lifters. Should you once again skip it? Hell no. In this article you’ll learn the perfect methods of building those defined muscular legs naturally. Some men want to avoid leg training as they’re worried that their legs get too big and they can’t fit…

how to get jaw dropping abs

How to Get Jaw Dropping Six Pack Abs Instead of Trying and Failing All The Time


You can have the strongest most muscular abs in the world, but if your fat percentage is over 10-12% it’s highly unlikely that your six pack shows at all without flexing like a moron. And that right there is the problem with most men. If only would they be lean, they would have a nice set…

how to build big arms (biceps triceps and forearms) fast

Learn How to Get Bigger Arms That Pop Out From Your T-Shirt Sleeves


We have all seen those chest-bicep clowns in the gym. You know them, the guys who show up only when it’s chest or biceps day (aka, everyday except weekend for them) and do hours of pump-work and drop-sets on biceps. Yet year after year, they look the same. Why? The answer is simple, they never…

thor program review

How Weight Training Increases Testosterone Levels Naturally: THOR Training


—– Post by Chris Walker —— Does weight lifting increase testosterone naturally? The answer is a resounding YES… Today I’d like to dive deeper into the discussion around weight training and testosterone. I want to discuss how proper and intelligent weight training increases testosterone naturally as well as address some of the questions people have been asking…

high testosterone system

How to Build a Wide “Cobra Back” that Creates The Visual Impact of a V-Taper


You can’t have an impressive physique without an impressive back, and more importantly, the true strength of lifting and pulling objects originates from, well… strong back muscles. Together with broad shoulders, a thick, cobra back gives you the ultimately manly V-taper that demands respect among men and drops panties among women. Not to mention the…

how to build wide broad shoulders naturally

Learn How To Build Big Broad Shoulders That Demand Respect


Shoulder width is – to some extent – determined by your genetics and hormone levels during puberty, but this doesn’t automatically mean that you can’t learn how to build big shoulders that are wider, stronger, and more aesthetically pleasing afterwards with proper training methods. Some men are born with narrow shoulders, others with medium width,…

how to break through a strength training plateau

How to Easily Break Through a Strength Training Plateau Naturally


Guest post by Radu Antoniu of Think Eat Lift: There is no universal formula for fixing strength training plateaus because they can be caused by many things. Strength progression is the natural consequence of: Training with the right volume, intensity and frequency Having Good Nutrition Using effective exercises Using a good progression system Allowing proper…

how to get jaw dropping abs

Get Shredded: How to Get to Single Digit Body Fat without Losing Your Sanity


Guest Post by Radu Antoniu of Based on the CDC anthropometric data, guys age 30 to 39 have an average body mass index (BMI) of 29. That’s just one shy of the medical definition of obese. If you transform this BMI to body fat percentage, it comes out about 25%. So for the average…

resistance training resting testosterone

Resistance Training and Testosterone: 40% Higher Testosterone and -24% Lower Cortisol


As a frequent AM reader you are more than likely already aware that resistance training is a great tool in increasing testosterone levels. However, there’s always a group of people who claim that weight lifting and testosterone levels are minimally associated. They think that any increase in testosterone and/or reductions in the stress hormone cortisol,…

effect of running on testosterone

Physical Activity and Testosterone: Could Walking Ramp Up Testosterone Production?


Is it possible that there are walking testosterone benefits? That simply walking can have the capacity to boost your testosterone levels? I’m here to tell you yes. Of the many health benefits of walking, increased testosterone is one of them. Don’t get me wrong, when thinking about physical activities that boost testosterone levels, many believe…

The best time to workout during the day

Exercise Timing and Testosterone: What is The Best Time and Order of the Training?


It’s a well accepted fact that weight training stimulates testosterone production, while certain types of cardiovascular training (especially HIIT) can do the same. What is not often talked about, is the best time to train or the effect of training order, which is what this article should answer. In particular, we’re going to focus on…

sample testosterone boosting workout

Testosterone Workout Plan: One Week Sample Testosterone Boosting Routine


Exercise, as well as sleep, sex, and proper macronutrient intake – form the base of your natural testosterone production. And while it’s a well-accepted scientific fact that resistance training increases T levels (study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study), there aren’t any testosterone workout routines that have been laid out and show you how…

get ripped with reverse pyramid training

Get Shredded: How Natural Lifters Can Use Reverse Pyramid Training (RPT)


Reverse pyramid training (RPT) is a set-rep pattern where you take the traditional pyramid style pattern, and simply reverse it. It’s an intense time-efficient low-volume training style, best suited for big compound lifts. Reverse Pyramid Training was made popular by the intermittent fasting mastermind, Martin Berkhan, and according to Berkhan himself, it was the pattern…

how to naturally increase vascularity and veins

Learn How to Increase Vascularity Naturally to Get that Ripped “Road-Map” Look


Learning how to increase vascularity is not as hard as you think. Not to mention a nice road map of veins on arms or pretty much all around the body looks pretty freaking bad-ass. Sure we can argue about that but when I see a guy who has some serious muscle going on, but not…

overtraining does exist and it lowers testosterone

Overtraining Testosterone Issues: How to Avoid Whacking up Your Testosterone Levels


I’ve seen many fitness ‘experts’ claiming that there’s no such thing as overtraining, or that every guy could lift for 7 days a week, and if they can’t they’re just lazy or unmotivated… …Well, let me tell you one thing that’s for sure. If you workout properly for every single day of the week by…

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