Different types of exercise have different effects on our endocrine system and to the rate at which our bodies are able to churn out testosterone.

What you'll find in this category, are posts talking about the research behind various types of training - ie. resistance, endurance, HIIT, recreational activities - and how they affect testosterone levels and production. We also go into detail about building muscle and what movements are the best for each body part (according to research that is)...

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The Optimal Way to Exercise in Order to Get Rid of Man Boobs Naturally

By Ali Kuoppala | 22/10/2016 | Comments Off on The Optimal Way to Exercise in Order to Get Rid of Man Boobs Naturally
how to exercise to reduce gynecomastia

Gynecomastia occurs primarily due to too high estorgen levels and estrogen receptor activity, too low testosterone and DHT levels and androgen receptor activity, and as a cherry to the top prolactin levels are also often elevated (this can literally trigger milk production in severe cases). So the actual condition is mostly hormonal, although being fat…

The Ultimate Guide on How to Build That Sculpted Muscular Chest

By Ali Kuoppala | 01/06/2016 | 2 Comments
how to exercise to reduce gynecomastia

Chest day, everyone’s favorite huh? That’s right, go to any gym and you’ll see the majority of guys doing either chest or biceps.  Why? For one, because they’re both “show muscles”, and lot’s of people just train to impress the ladies, and secondly, training chest and arms is easy, ask any newbie lifter if he…

How to Build a Pair of Well-Defined Muscular Legs Naturally

By Ali Kuoppala | 27/05/2016 | 9 Comments
how to build a pair of muscular legs naturally and fast

Oh the leg day, the most fearsome day of the Week for most lifters. Should you once again skip it? Hell no. In this article you’ll learn the perfect methods of building those defined muscular legs naturally. Some men want to avoid leg training as they’re worried that their legs get too big and they can’t fit…

How to Get Jaw Dropping Six Pack Abs Instead of Trying and Failing All The Time

By Ali Kuoppala | 26/05/2016 | 7 Comments
how to get to single digit body fat

You can have the strongest most muscular abs in the world, but if your fat percentage is over 10-12% it’s highly unlikely that your six pack shows at all without flexing like a moron. And that right there is the problem with most men. If only would they be lean, they would have a nice set…

Learn How to Get Bigger Arms That Pop Out From Your T-Shirt Sleeves

By Ali Kuoppala | 25/05/2016 | 14 Comments
how to build big arms (biceps triceps and forearms) fast

We have all seen those chest-bicep clowns in the gym. You know them, the guys who show up only when it’s chest or biceps day (aka, everyday except weekend for them) and do hours of pump-work and drop-sets on biceps. Yet year after year, they look the same. Why? The answer is simple, they never…