Testro-X Review: Why Truth Nutraceutical’s Testro-X is the Best Natural T-Booster

Before we get into the Testro-X review, we wanted to provide some context around Anabolic Men’s history with testosterone boosters…

During all  these years of running the Anabolic Men website, several supplement manufacturers have asked us to;

  • Formulate a supplement for them.
  • Promote their supplements on our site.
  • And even bash their competitors on our articles.

However, we have never done any of the things above. Simply because we have never found a supplement which we could fully trust and promote as the #1 testosterone booster. We didn’t feel comfortable scamming our readers with testosterone boosters that didn’t work. And obviously, we’re not in the business of smearing other companies reputation for our own (or someones else’s) gain.

However, there is one company that we feel fully confident in promoting their products: Truth Nutraceuticals.


Because they are the only supplement company that we have seen with products that have high-quality, natural ingredients, contain the right dosing of those ingredients, and the science and research to back up their products.

We honestly believe that Truth Nutraceutical’s Testro-X is the #1 natural testosterone booster supplement on the market. And if you look through the ingredients and the research behind them below, I think you’ll agree…

Testro-X Ingredients: The Perfect Formulation

 best testosterone booster

You can see the ingredient label of Truth Nutraceutical’s Testro-X on the right…

…Unlike many brands manufacturing supplements for increasing testosterone levels, Truth Nutraceuticals doesn’t hide behind proprietary blends. The ingredients and where they are derived are easily accessible information.

They also refuse to use ingredients that aren’t proven in science or inhibit some other crucial hormones or enzymes in the body (like 5-ar or DHT).

This is Testro-X DOES NOT include the following common ingredients:

Here’s what Testro-X DOES include:

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium is an ingredient in Testro-XMagnesium can benefit testosterone levels by reducing the levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

When SHBG is inhibited, more free-testosterone remains bioactive in the bloodstream and is able to bind into receptor sites.

This is likely the reason why magnesium supplementation and high magnesium levels in the serum are consistently linked to:

Magnesium is highly beneficial for male hormonal health, which is why we decided to include 150mg of well absorbing magnesium citrate into the formula of Testro-X (no higher amount since mega-dosing magnesium is associated with gastric upset, and 150mg on top of an average diet is well enough for benefits).

Zinc Gluconate

Zinc Gluconate is an ingredient in Testro-XZinc is without a doubt the most important mineral for healthy testosterone production.

Aside from being one of the 24 essential micronutrients for human survival and regulating more than 100 bodily enzymes, zinc plays a crucial role in the producion of testosterone, in its utilization by the androgen receptor sites, in DHT production, and at keeping estrogen levels low.

Here’s some research about the importance of zinc for hormonal optimization;

There are three extremely bio-available forms of zinc to use in supplementation: picolinate, citrate, and gluconate. We decided to go with 15mg dose of zinc gluconate for Testro-X, as it’s known to be the form of zinc containing the lowest amounts of cadmium (a testosterone lowering heavy-metal found in high amounts on low quality zinc supplements).

KSM-66 Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha makes testro-x a great testosterone boosterAshwagandha (Withania Somnifera) is primarily used in the Indian herbal medicine.

Therefore one could think that its effects are not proven in science and only folklores told by the neighborhood shaman…

…But fear not, there actually is Western medicine clinical research behind this herb.

Just take a look at these;

The highest-quality ashwagandha on the market is a patented water-extract called KSM-66 Ashwagandha, we decided to include a potent 400mg dose of it in Testro-X based on the dosages used in majority of the human studies.

Forskohlii Root Extract

Forskohlli root extract is an ingredient in testro-xForskohlii root extract (Forskolin), rose to popularity after the notorious fool Dr. Oz proclaimed that it would be a “magical fat-loss miracle”.

This obviously was just hype to sell the product, and even though Forskolin works by stimulating certain enzymes necessary for fat oxidization, it isn’t exactly as effective as Oz claims.

Now, although that sneaky salesman of a doctor has done his best to make forskolin look like a scam, there actually is some scientifically sound benefits for the root in terms of testosterone optimization.

For instance;

Based on the human study which showed nice increases in testosterone levels, we decided to include 250mg’s of high-quality Forskolin in Testro-X formulation.

Boron Citrate

Boron citrate in testro-x boosts testosteroneYou may or may not have heard about boron before.

It’s a trace-mineral, not considered absolutely essential for survival, and honestly, not that popular as a supplement.

Here at Anabolic Men we absolutely love boron, and we believe it deserves more attention than what it is getting now…

…Here’s why;

Boron deserves more attention as an essential trace-mineral for maintaining male hormonal balance. We are proud to include 10mg’s of highest-quality boron citrate in Testro-X

Luteinizing Hormone Surge Blend

increase luteinizing hormone levels with testro-xWhen your body naturally produces testosterone, the whole cascade starts from the brain substrate called hypothalamus, which releases a hormone called GnRH…

…GnRH then stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone (LH) from the pituary gland…

…Which then travels down to your testicles via the spine and triggers the leydic cells to synthesize testosterone.

Our idea with the specific “LH Surge Blend”, was to identify natural compounds that can stimulate the release of GnRH and LH, for higher amount of natural testosterone production.


testro-x supplement ingredient: bioperineBioperine is a patented extract of the black pepper fruit.

Although there’s animal research suggesting that black pepper fruit extract may be beneficial for androgenic hormones in rodents, we didn’t include bioperine in Testro-X because of those studies.

Instead, we formulated bioperine into the supplement as it is known to significantly enhance the absorption of many herbs, minerals, vitamins, and amino-acids.

We wanted to make sure that the ingredients in the supplement, actually absorb into the body to provide real effects.

Hence the bioperine, and if it boosts testosterone as it did in the rat studies, that’s obviously just another plus 😉

Testro-X Side Effects: Is Testro-X Safe?

Testro-X was formulated with 100% all-natural ingredients, so there are no side effects to taking Testro-X. It contains a combination of micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals that naturally occur in nature and in everyday foods you eat. Truth Nutraceutical’s simply dosed these ingredients properly based on scientific research to provide you with the best testosterone boosting results possible.

Testro-X Review Conclusion

So does Truth Nutraceutical’s Testro-X work to increase testosterone levels naturally and reliably? Absolutely.

testro-x side effects and review

When we say that Testro-X is the best testosterone booster on the market, we’re not joking around.

Every ingredient in this supplement has been scientifically proven to either increase testosterone levels or improve the absorption of other ingredients.

No shady herbs with baseless claims, no hiding behind proprietary blends and ineffective dosages…

…Just 100% research-backed men’s health supplements.

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Where Can You Buy Testro-X?

You can get your bottle of Testro-X here (affiliate link).

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