The Vince Gironda Diet: Steak and Eggs For Ultimate Fat Loss

What if there would be a diet so easy that you wouldn’t even have to count calories?

So easy that you wouldn’t need to feel hungry all the time?

So easy that you wouldn’t need to eat salads and foods that you don’t actually like?

And so easy that you could actually fuck it up several times but still get awesome results?

Let me introduce you to the Vince Gironda steak and eggs diet:


The Vince Gironda Diet Plan: Steak and Eggs

The Vince Gironda diet consisted of steak and eggs.The guy on the left was called Vince Gironda.

The iron guru who trained Arnold and Larry Scott for example.

The man who quite possibly had the greatest naturally built body ever.

The man who possessed an IQ of 150 (Vince was some sort of a superhuman).

So the man described above is the father of this steak and eggs diet I’m now about to introduce you. He did follow it himself, and well…

…Just look at him. We know that he wasn’t on steroids and that he actually built that body only with real food and exercise (the picture is from the 40’s).

So how did he eat? Did he have some complex carb tricks that he did? Did he only eat low fat skinless chicken with brown rice like you’re told to do if you wan’t to lose weight? Did he count calories? Did he eat six small meals a day?

Answer: No! Vince Gironda did none of those things.

Vince was a renegade. He did not give a flying fuck about anyone or anything. He just went on and created one of the most amazing diets known to a man. The diet so simple that anyone could follow it. Then he proved how effective it was by following it himself.

So what does the Vince Gironda diet actually look like?

Vince Gironda Diet Secret: Steak and Eggs

The diet is very much what it sounds like…

…You eat steak and eggs either cooked in butter, or any way you want. You could eat the eggs raw, boiled, etc. You could also eat the meat raw if that’s your thing.

1. On the diet you eat only 2 times a day. No snacking or any bullshit like that. Either by eating a breakfast and dinner, or lunch and dinner.

Meal number #1 is 3/4 lb to 1 1/2 pounds of steak and 4-6 eggs with butter, raw, or anyway you want to eat them.

Meal number #2 is exactly the same as meal number 1.

2. You don’t count calories and you don’t have to measure the butter you’re using when cooking, as much as you like is the right way to go in the Vince Gironda diet.

3. Every 5th day is a “cheat day”. You can eat whatever the fuck you want. By this I mean whatever you want.

4. Repeat.

That’s all there is to the Vince Gironda Cutting Diet. Simple and extremely effective. Your fat will just melt away. Guaranteed.

This is the ultimate no-bullshit diet. It doesn’t require anything else than willpower and willpower only.

But isn’t the diet unhealthy? I mean it’s very high in fat and cholesterol?

Fat isn’t unhealthy, besides cholesterol is the main nutrient used by your brain and heart, and it’s the precursor of all your sex hormones.

Vince ate like this all his life. He was relatively old when he died and had no heart problems.

I’m also eating fat like a maniac. Somehow I also have no signs of plague and extremely good blood profile. So I don’t give a fuck about doctors or health guru’s. I do my own research and I follow my own test results.

Who could eat only steak and eggs for four straight days?!

Any man with even a slight hint of willpower.

You die if you don’t eat vegetables?

No you don’t die.

There’s the cheat day for that. You can drown yourself in salad then if you want to.

How come this diet burns fat so effectively?

It’s a ketogenic diet with zero carbohydrates. This means that your body can’t use carbs as a fuel so it has to burn off your body fat. Simple as that. No fluff.

You have said that carbs are needed for healthy testosterone production?

Yes, they are. The Vince Gironda steak and eggs diet is meant to be a diet where you burn off body fat, not one that you use to skyrocket your testosterone production.

However this diet will also boost your testosterone levels way more than the average western diet does, because you eat a lot of fat and cholesterol, and you will lose a whole lot of estrogenic body fat.

Won’t I miss a ton of vitamins & minerals on this diet?

No. Eggs and meat are filled with natural vitamins and minerals. Besides the food that you’re eating on a “normal diet” contains far less vitamins, minerals, and building blocks than steaks and eggs do.

Who is the Vince Gironda diet for?

For people who want to lose body fat.

How long should I be on this diet?

As long as you want to be. Vince did it for his whole life. I do it whenever I want to lose some body fat.

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Conclusion on the Vince Gironda Diet


The Vince Gironda steak and eggs diet works. I have done it many times before, and I will continue to do it whenever I need to lose some fat. There’s no need to get all new-age and scientific about stuff once you take a look at Vince’s body.

It just shows you that the diet works and that’s it. Simple, and with no fluff or bullshit.

NOTE: Remember that you have to eat the fat on this diet. If you try to do this diet only with protein you will completely fuck up your body. Fats and cholesterol are the main culprits in this diet, not the protein.

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