Plain Old White Button Mushrooms Are Great Aromatase Enzyme Inhibitors

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One of the most nastiest enzymes in the male body is the aromatase enzyme.

The reason why it’s so extraordinarily bad, is the fact that it directly converts your hard earned testosterone molecules into the female hormone estrogen.

So in other words it’s the enzyme that ‘feminizes’ men.

That being said, one of the key points in men’s health, is the ability to drive our aromatase enzyme levels down to as low as possible. To block this conversion so we can enjoy more testosterone with far less estrogen.

One great way to do this is by eating something that acts as an ‘aromatase inhibitor’

Here’s one of them ‘aromatase inhibitors’. Dirt cheap, effective, and scientifically proven:

White Button Mushrooms Inhibit Aromatase Enzyme

white button mushrooms lower estrogen via inhibiting aromataseIt’s a well researched fact that many mushrooms are androgenic and can suppress estrogen production.

…But what many men don’t know is that something as plain and simple as white button mushrooms (Champignon’s), can be used to drive down our estrogen levels via inhibiting the aromatase enzyme.

The topic of mushrooms and their ability to inhibit aromatase enzyme has been covered in multiple studies, mainly done with women, as the research usually focuses on solutions to prevent breast cancer (one of the best ways to do so just happens to be a reduction in aromatase enzyme)…

…Here’s some of the findings so far:

In this study, the researchers at Beckman Research Institute, found out that that an extract prepared from white button mushrooms decreased the activity of aromatase enzyme and estrogen levels in a dose dependent manner (more extract, less enzyme and estrogen).

In this long term Chinese study, the researchers found out that white button mushrooms along with green tea were able to inhibit aromatase enzyme activity. According to the researchers the reduction was ‘statistically significant’.

This study had high hopes, as the researchers believed that they could decrease their subjects estrogen levels by 50% only with a small dose of white button mushroom extract. They failed to reach the 50% reduction but they also mentioned in the abstact that the extract did decrease the activity of aromatase enzyme, and also estrogen levels. So seems to me that the researchers had bit too high hopes on this one and the 50% reduction might of have worked out if they’d only up the dose.


White button mushrooms are dirt cheap to buy, and as you can see there’s some clinical evidence that proves how they actually can decrease your estrogen levels via inhibiting the activity of aromatase enzyme, therefore button mushrooms should indirectly also boost your testosterone levels.

If you can’t bare the taste of mushrooms, you could also get some white button mushroom extract here (affiliate link), even though it’ll cost you more than plain mushrooms for sure.

But if you can handle the taste, feel free to eat as much of white button mushrooms as you can stomach, at least I know I will.

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  1. Patrick DavisTucker on 18/02/2017 at 15:57

    His many mushrooms do you need to eat a day?

  2. Rick Smith on 26/06/2017 at 09:52

    If testosterone is spiked above baseline after a workout then wouldn’t white button mushrooms or any aromatase inhibitor be a good choice for a pre workout meal? Do you happen to know the half life on mushrooms and the aromatase inhibiting affects? If it only lasts a few hours it would be wise to eat them at the correct times….times when testosterone is spiked the highest…morning 9am is just baseline which is important as well but after a workout testosterone is spiked and if we want muscle growth to occur then we would to flood our bloodstream with as much free t as possible while killing estrogen…

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