Fish Oil and Testosterone: Omega-3 Intake from Fish Oils May be Harmful

When you read articles about increasing testosterone levels naturally from the internet, a lot of them state that one should eat “healthy fats”.

Then they follow with a nice little list, somewhat like this; “Eat more nuts, more fish, and preferably supplement with fish oil to get more of the good fats”.

The thing is that those are actually NOT the good fats hormone-wise. For testosterone, one should aim to consume more saturated and monounsaturated fats, not the unsaturated kind.

Many of you already know the health and hormonal damage that can occur from too high intake of polyunsaturated fatty-acids (PUFA), due to the fact that these types of fats are prone to oxidation and lipid peroxidation, and easily create free radical damage in the body, which results in increased oxidative stress, lower testosterone, and lowered thyroid activity.

But even though some guys are smart enough to limit their PUFA consumption, they still swear by the benefits of fish oil. Omega-3’s are super healthy, right?

Fish Oil and its Problems as a Health Supplement

do fish oils increase testosteroneLike everyone, I used to consume a lot of fish oil before. I had heard – from many respected authorities – that fish oil, due to its omega-3 content, would be extremely healthy for us.

Just look around and you can see people touting how fish oil could; “make you lose weight”, “reduce inflammation”, “improve cardiovascular health”, and I could go on whole day listing the claims accounted to this “supreme healing substance”.

The positive press on fish oil for the last years has been so wide-spread, that fish oil supplements are now the third most commonly used health supplements in the US, coming behind the big-hitters; vitamins and minerals. Up to 10% of Americans now regularly consume fish oil capsules.

Well, does it work?

Not really. According to New York Times, during the time frame of 2005-2012, at least 24 well-done “rigorous” studies about the health claims of fish oil were conducted, and in only two of them, there was actually some benefit when compared to placebo. For the remaining 22, fish oil supplementation had NO benefit when compared to placebo pills…

…This did not stop the sales though, because nobody actually reads studies, and fewer people actually talk about them in public. And who would dare question the legitimacy of fish oil and the people praising it? During the same time frame as the studies pretty much proved fish oil to be fairly useless, the sales of the oils doubled.

“I think that the era of fish oil as medication could be considered over now”.Dr. Gianni Tognoni

If we take a closer look, we can easily find many problems with fish oil, which should explain why it doesn’t work, and could actually be more harmful for us than many realize.

You rarely hear these facts about fish oil from the sellers;

Conclusion on Fish Oils and Testosterone

Does fish oil increase testosterone levels?

Certainly not. There’s no real benefit to consuming it, other than maybe the (sometimes) added vitamins, which you should get from elsewhere anyway.

The possibly damage caused by the sensitive – if not already rancid – PUFAs and the high amount of testosterone suppressing pollutants (mercury, POPs, PCBs, DDT, Dioxin…) are reason enough to stop wasting your money on these supplements.

If you’re a knucklehead and still refuse to believe the evidence presented here, at least consider taking a good dose of vitamin E and use medical grade fish oil (molecularly distilled) instead of cheaper brands to limit the negative effects of lipid peroxidation.

Fish Oil and Testosterone: Omega-3 Intake from Fish Oils May be Harmful was last modified: March 27th, 2017 by Ali Kuoppala

Ali Kuoppala

Ali Kuoppala is the founder of Anabolic Men, and an Independent Researcher that has been credited with organizing the findings that have helped thousands of men reach hormonal balance.
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  1. Manu on 14/01/2017 at 12:28

    Shocking information

  2. Manu on 17/01/2017 at 06:14

    Hi Ali,
    Do all these facts apply to wild caugth fish?
    I eat fish like sardines, tuna, anchovies, salmon…On a daily basis and it started to concern me.
    Thank you.

  3. OnTheBayou on 15/04/2017 at 09:08

    Coming from the paleo/Primal communities, fish oil supplementation has been part of an attempt to alter the diet’s omega 6/omega 3 ratios. The rationale is good, although I was never convinced that the usual little capsule or two had effective amounts.

    I dropped fish oil from my regimen some months ago.

  4. OnTheBayou on 15/04/2017 at 09:08

    Uh…….did you read the story?

    Didn’t think so……….

  5. Luis Lopez-Angueira on 09/06/2017 at 10:29

    Omega-3 fatty acids and serum testosterone

    in Experimental research, Intermediate endpoints, Study findings

    Omega-3 fatty acids do not affect testosterone levels

    We tested the hypothesis that low-dose supplementation of omega-3 fatty acids reduces serum total testosterone levels. For the present substudy of the Alpha Omega Trial we included 1,850 male patients aged 60-80 who had blood samples available at baseline and after 40 months of follow-up. Additonal amounts of 400 mg/day EPA-DHA and/or 2 g/day ALA did not affect serum total testosterone levels. Moreover, omega-3 fatty acid supplementation did also not affect the risk of incident testerone deficiency.


    Androgens including testosterone may play a role in prostate cancer developement and progression. There is inconclusive evidence that EPA-DHA may protect against prostate cancer and that ALA has a possible detrimental effect. Our results do not support the hypothesis that ALA increases and EPA-DHA decreases testosterone levels, and thereby affect the risk of prostate cancer.


    Giltay et al. Int J Androl 2012;35:680-687

  6. Rincolorado on 08/07/2017 at 08:02

    Hi Ali…. just joined the group and glad to be here.

    I was on Fish Oil but my Doctor switched me to Ester oil….. is that any better or worse than Fish Oil?

    Also on 50mg of testosterone gel twice daily and my recent test show my testosterone dropped 100 points to below the range


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