This Scary T-Supressing Condition Called “Varicocele” Affects 20% of All Men

There’s one very very important topic that gets way too little attention in the natural hormone optimization circles. And that is…

*drum roll*

Preventing and eliminating varicoceles, aka. blocked/half blocked veins and/or venous insufficiency (poorly operating vein valves) in testicles.

What? Were you expecting some breakthrough new supplement? No this is actually super-important topic. It’s known that 20% of men develop this condition during their lifetime, and varicoceles are known for significantly reducing testosterone levels – which if you ask me is not a big surprise – after all 95% of the good stuff is produced in the testicles.

Varicoceles can occur from injuries, sitting too much, poor vascular function, or just by some unknown factors, though whatever the reason might be, every fifth guy has them.

It’s more common to get a varicocele to the left nut, since the veins run in a loop like fashion over the penis on the left-side, but not on the right.

You can suspect a varicocele if the following happens;

  • Visible or enlarged vein in scrotum
  • Dragging-like dull ache within scrotum
  • Feeling of heaviness in the testicle(s)
  • Shrinking of the testicle(s)
  • Significant one-sideness of the sack

How to prevent and fix varicoceles naturally then?

a) The most common option referred to men diagnosed with varicoceles is a corrective surgery (varicocelectomy). This option is quite low-risk in comparision to many other surgeries and is linked to significant improvements in testosterone levels post-treatment (study, study)

b) One really good natural supplement for eventually fixing (perhaps not in the extreme cases) but mainly preventing varicoceles is called horse chest nut extract (affiliate link). It contains a compound called escin, which has been found to overtime restore normal function of the vascular valves and eventually help remove or at least partly relieve varicose veins all around the body (study, study, study). One study in particular looked at the herbs effect on varicoceles and found that it was associated with significantly improved sperm quality and reduced rate of varicoceles. Similar effect has been noted in another study where male rodents were experimentally varicocele’d.

c) If you check the comment section of this article at you will find one guy commenting how he cured varicocele without surgery using a combination of rutins and horse chest nut extract. The protocol explained might be worth trying before opting for a ball surgery in case you have a varicocele (even though the surgery is considered relatively safe).

Be safe out there brothers!

This Scary T-Supressing Condition Called “Varicocele” Affects 20% of All Men was last modified: March 27th, 2017 by Ali Kuoppala

Ali Kuoppala

Ali Kuoppala is the founder of Anabolic Men, and an Independent Researcher that has been credited with organizing the findings that have helped thousands of men reach hormonal balance.
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  1. kyle893 on 29/04/2016 at 21:01

    I was kind of diagnosed with prostatitis and it’s a real pain to deal with. It’s actually very serious, more so than people think. I don’t know if I have this condition mentioned in the article but I did go to the doctor once before for a pain in my groin area that was diagnosed an infection. Hopefully this can be worked out without surgery as I think most people wouldn’t want to deal with this type of thing like that, but it’s better than having your balls suffocate.

    Prostatitis is linked with some issues in this regard also, Ali could do something on that as it’s a very misunderstood and treatment is horribly inadequate.

    Most people are told it’s a bacterial infection despite evidence 90% of the time this is not the case. So they prescribe you more antibiotics because … yeah there is no good reason.

    Go to a urologist and they won’t help a lot of the time unless they have realized the alternative explanation for this most likely the right one. An Iliopsoas muscle dysfunction causing pelvic tilt due to leg length imbalance and/or weak abdominal muscles. This causes a stretching of the nerve causing dysfunctional urinary regulation due to the weird unnatural rigormortis like hardening of the tissue when a nerve is pinched.

    This also causes hormonal inbalances especially if you take opioids for the pain or any other endocrine system changing drug. Stress is either an exacerbate or part of the cause but it’s definitely a factor as I can feel the symptoms start when I get annoyed or irritated. Stress accumulates in the pelvis as the fight or flight response tightens your core for action, but when this is weak it will actually over tighten the pelvis instead. Like the cortisol issue over time with stress hacking slowly away at your testosterone levels among other things is a definite corollary.

    This cortisol causes inflammation with the stretched nerve already out of whack. Man it’s a pain in the ass but is reversible. I’m still in that road to get right and hope someone sees this and knows it’s not the ominous dark vague hopeless condition it seems when you first try to learn about what you have.

  2. Bartje on 03/05/2016 at 19:47

    I actually just done the surgery a little over a month ago and it did not work for me. Unfortunately I got a new varicocele. I’m going to try the chest nut extract! Also I might get another surgery if that’s possible.

  3. michael on 04/07/2016 at 13:12

    Does anyone have any info on how spermatocele can affect T? I have just been diagnosed with one, and cant find info anywhere. Not sure I believe the ‘nothing to worry about’ line.

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