5 Estrogen Blocker Supplements that Inhibit Aromatase

By Ali Kuoppala | Last reviewed Tue 25 September 2018

Medical Review by Gerardo Sison, PharmD

In this article, I break down the 5 estrogen supplements that are proven to help lower high estrogen levels. Now, there are many reasons why high estrogen levels are no good news for men. Sure you need some for bone & joint health, and brain function, but most men these days have their levels completely overblown due to high exposure to xenoestrogenic chemicals, storing too much fat in their bodies, and consuming a diet that is not hormonally beneficial in any way shape or form.

In men, 95% of the time elevated estrogen levels are due to having too high level of aromatase enzyme activity. That is, an enzyme directly converting testosterone molecules into estrogen.

High estrogen on the other hand has been found to suppress testosterone production by inhibiting the luteinizing hormone release from the pituitary gland. This vicious cycle eventually causes very low levels of testosterone, with overblown estrogen – and thus – the testosterone to estrogen ratio shifts far too much to the right, resulting in;

  • Feminization of the physique and face.
  • Retaining of subcutaneous water under the skin.
  • Weakened libido and dramatically increased emotionality.
  • In the worst case scenario; development of man-boobs, prostate issues, and hot flashes.

This list consists of five scientifically proven supplements that work by either inhibiting the aromatase enzyme or by down regulating the activity of estrogen towards its receptors.

NOTE: Do remember, that outside of using estrogen supplements, the hands-down the best way to lower high estrogen levels is to get lean, eat real food, and avoid exposure to man-made estrogen-mimic chemicals.

The 5  Natural Estrogen Supplements to Lower High Estrogen Levels

1. Zinc

Zinc as an estrogen supplement lowers estrogen levels and aromatase enzymeZinc is one of the 24 essential micronutrients necessary for human survival.

It’s known to regulate hundreds of bodily enzymes, as well as being absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Some of the scientifically proven benefits of zinc supplementation include (seen up to the point where bodily zinc levels are saturated);

For best results consume 15-30mg’s of high-quality zinc supplement (affiliate link) or have large amounts of some good meat in your diet, best if you do both.

2. Boron

Boron is an anti estrogen supplement and estrogen suppressantBoron is a mineral and estrogen supplement that can pack an estrogen-lowering punch.

Although it’s a trace mineral, and not considered absolutely essential to human survival, it still has some interesting benefits for us.

Study from Naghii et al. for example showed the following results after men consumed 10mg’s of boron for a week;

  • Free-testosterone levels increased by 28%.
  • Free-estrogen levels had decreased by -39%.
  • Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels rose by 10%.
  • Inflammation biomarkers (hsCRP, TNF-α) dropped significantly.

Another study saw that 6mg’s/day of boron for 2-months can increase testosterone levels by 29% as well as improve serum vitamin D by increased absorption of the vitamin.

For best results consume 6-10mg’s of high-absorption boron glycinate (affiliate link) or eat plenty of raisins.

3. Grape seed Extract

Grape seed extract is an estrogen supplement that is a natural aromatase inhbitorGrape Seed Extract (GSE) high in a valuable compound called procyanidin, this phenol is mostly hailed due to its ability to naturally increase nitric oxide levels (and therefore improve circulation).

One of the lesser-known benefits of grape seed extract is its ability as a natural estrogen supplement to reduce estrogen levels by inhibiting the activity of aromatase enzyme.

Researchers studying ways to prevent and cure breast cancer have identified grape seed extract as a natural compound that blocks estrogen biosynthesis by inactivating the aromatase enzyme (study, study, study).

Due to grape seed extract having low bio-availability in the human body, high doses (up to 2000mg/day) of the extract are needed to see these positive effects in studies. This would translate to about a gallon of grape juice or five pills of high-potency grape seed extract supplement (affiliate link).

To counteract the low absorption rate of GSE, take it in fasted-state, one study saw that this improved the bio-availability by up to 5x!

4. Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a great estrogen blocker supplement and helps increase testosteroneResveratrol is the antioxidant polyphenol found in red grapes. It’s one of the main reasons why red wine is considered healthy. It is also a great estrogen blocker supplement.

Many studies have shown that resveratrol can increase testosterone levels and suppress estrogen by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme in test-tubes (study, study, study).

The problem with resveratrol however is that it doesn’t seem to work as well in living organisms, ie. when people take it orally.

This is due to low bio-availability.

The only resveratrol I’ve seen to actually work and be properly absorbed in studies is this patented resveratrol delivery system which has absorption rate 100x that of pure resveratrol powder, called VESIsorb® (affiliate link).

5. Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali estrogenTongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia, Pasak Bumi) comes from Malaysia, it has huge popularity as a pro-erectile testosterone booster due to multiple studies supporting its effect at increasing testosterone levels and suppressing the stress hormone cortisol.

There seem to be many claimed mechanisms of action in which Tongkat Ali works, but three of the scientifically proven ones include; stimulation of testicular CYP17-enzymes, suppression of SHBG, and inhibition of aromatase enzyme.

The inhibition of aromatase enzyme has actually been shown in only one rodent study so far, but the results were staggering…

…Injected Tongkat Ali blocked estrogen with comparable potency to Tamoxifen, which is a synthetic – and extremely powerful – prescription aromatase inhibitor.

I have tested various brands of TA, but the only one that had any noticeable effect was the original Sumatra Pasak Bumi 1:200 water extract (affiliate link), it is also much more darker and bitter than the other brands I tried.

Conclusion on Estrogen Supplements

High levels of estrogen can be a nasty problem to have as a man, as the feminizing effects are, well, demasculinizing…

If your estradiol is high, and you’re looking for ways to suppress it back to a more natural level, consider losing weight, cutting out man-made xenoestrogens from your life, and stacking together the above anti estrogen supplements.

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