100 Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally – The Ultimate List

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What if I told you, that you won’t need synthetic steroids, patches, gels, creams, or pellets to increase testosterone levels naturally. Would you be up to the challenge?
In fact you can increase testosterone naturally far more than you ever knew was possible; with the help of these 100 ways to increase testosterone levels naturally that I am giving you right here for free.
Some of these free ways to naturally increase testosterone levels can be found on various sources around the internet. Still most of the ways introduced on this list are completely new tricks on the field of natural testosterone.
As I have been furiously researching the whole field of natural testosterone past these few years, I have never managed to find a list with more than 20 ways to naturally increase testosterone levels. For a long time, even before putting up this website, I have had the idea of making a list of 100 ways to increase testosterone naturally stuck at the back of my head.
Now after all those years, I humbly present you the 100 Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally list.

100 Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally

ways to increase testosterone naturally

1. Increase Testosterone With Strength training

increase testosterone with strength trainingOne of the best things by far to increase our testosterone levels is: Strength training.
This shouldn’t come of as a surprise to you. I mean just take a look at those guys, they’re manly as fuck.
Of course there’s also some scientific insights too, as this study found out that it didn’t matter if the subjects were young or old, still a significant increase in testosterone was noted after strength training session.
So to increase your male testosterone levels. Hit the gym. Or lift rocks. Whatever you come up with.

2. Big Multi-joint Movements Increase Testosterone

increase testosterone naturally with big multi-joint movementsThe way you are training at the gym matters a lot. By working out small muscles on machines you are not generating good hormonal response at all. On the other hand if you are practicing those big compound movements preached by the big guys, you will most certainly create a huge hormonal response from them.
The best 3 multi-joint movements (called the big three) include – squats, bench press, and deadlift
This study found out that the good old squat made the body produce more testosterone and growth hormone than leg press on a machine.

3. Consume Enough Dietary Fat

consume fat to increase testosterone naturallyIt’s not a secret that you need to consume a lot dietary fat to increase testosterone naturally.
In one study researchers found out that low fat diets lowered testosterone levels dramatically, but the high fat diets created the opposite effect, a sharp increase in serum testosterone.
Click here to read my bigger post on fats and how they impact your testosterone levels.

4. Testosterone I/O

testosterone i/o e-bookThe Testosterone I/O is a program by Christopher Walker who naturally increased his testosterone levels from 11 ng/dl to 1192 ng/dl, he had a brain tumor that was suppressing the production of testosterone, despite the tumor, Chris was able to raise his testosterone significantly, now imagine what kind of results the program will bring to a man with no tumor…
Christopher masters the endocrine system from top to bottom and I seem to share tons of similar opinions on natural hormones with him, so that’s why you should check out the Testosterone I/O e-book here. It’s the ultimate all-in-one guide to natural testosterone.

5. Eat Some Cholesterol

cholesterol, testosterone and egg yolksOne of the final stages of the whole testosterone making process inside a male body is the work that leydig cells do inside of the testicles.
The cells literally convert cholesterol to free testosterone. Read more about this conversion here.
By eating more cholesterol you are consuming the most essential building block that is needed to increase testosterone.

6. Low Repetitions With high Volume

more volume will increase testosterone naturallyMany studies clearly indicate that the best way to exercise is by using heavy load of weights and working out sets with low repetitions. This way to exercise has been proven to increase testosterone far more than any other way of exercise in all of the studies done on the subject of testosterone and weight lifting.

7. Lose the excess fat

how to increase testosterone? Lose the fat!Fat cells are filled with estrogen, a female hormone that is notorious for it’s ability to lower testosterone levels.
Studies suggest that the more higher the fat percentage, the higher your estrogen levels will be, and thus far lower the testosterone. So a simple action to increase testosterone levels naturally is just to lose the excess fat.

8. The Man Diet

the man dietThe Man Diet from Chad Howse is an amazing e-book on how to maximize your natural testosterone production trough your diet, and it’s also ridiculously cheap for what it’s worth.
So I can wholeheartedly say that this copy is worth every penny, as Chad and I share very similar opinions on testosterone and dietary factors.
Click here to Check out the Man Diet by Chad Howse


9. Control your stress levels

get more male hormones by stressing lessThe main stress hormone, cortisol, is associated with low Testosterone levels. So obviously you should try to avoid things that increase cortisol production.
Stress is one of the biggest causes of high cortisol levels, so avoiding all those stressful situations would aid greatly in your journey towards high testosterone levels.
For a big guide on ways to crush down your cortisol, you should read this post.

10. Keep Your Workouts Short

how to increase testosterone naturallyWhen you are working out, try to keep your workouts short in duration to naturally increase testosterone levels.
That’s because the longer you workout, the higher your cortisol levels will climb. High cortisol, as stated above, leads to lowered testosterone levels.
The ideal length of a gym workout for example, would be less than 45 minutes, because the serum cortisol has been shown to spike significantly after 45 minutes into the training.
So high intensity with high volume, for a short duration = the biggest release in testosterone production.

11. Avoid overtraining

to boost testosterone levels naturally, avoid overtrainingOvertraining has been linked to lowered testosterone levels. It will keep your cortisol levels elevated for a long period of time and during all of that time you will have suppressed testosterone levels.
To find out how cortisol destroys your testosterone read this post.
Overtraining should be taken seriously, as it’s not only bad for your testosterone, but also for your heart and other muscles.

12. Sleep and Get More Natural Testosterone

Improve sleep, Maximize testosteroneMost of your testosterone will be produced during the time you are sleeping, especially in the REM-stages of sleep.
Dozens of studies have concluded that when you sleep less, you’ll produce less testosterone, and when you sleep more, you’ll produce more testosterone.
Also the quality of your sleep matters a lot.

13. Avoid soy products

increase testosterone by lowering soy consumptionSoy is a very strong phyto-estrogen that will directly increase your serum estrogen levels, and by that occurrence your testosterone levels will decrease. Vegetarians are constantly trying to prove this fact wrong, but so far evidence shows pretty clearly that soy lowers testosterone. Men that go trough the sex change operation usually eat a lot of soy products because soy is famous for its feminizing effects.

14. Avoid binge drinking

alcohol lowers your chances to increase testosterone naturallyA glass or two of red wine will be beneficial to your health, but consuming two bottles of red wine in one night will seriously interfere with your testosterone production. Studies state the following about binge drinking: It reduces testicle size, it increases the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, it lowers testosterone levels dramatically and it causes man-boobs.

15. Nuts Are Good For Your Nuts

nuts will boost male hormonesEating nuts is good for your nuts. According to the studies, almost any kinds of nuts will naturally increase testosterone levels – plus the fact that most of them are delicious.
They’re filled with essential fats needed in testosterone production, along with natural arginine, which makes your body produce more nitric oxide.

16. Body language can skyrocket testosterone

boost testosterone levels body language arnoldRecent study states that when you portray masculine body language, your serum testosterone levels will spike significantly.
The major signs of masculine body language include: Standing up straight, looking people into the eyes, taking up space and walking slowly. In fact one study noted that you can increase testosterone levels naturally by up to 20% in less than 2 minutes with only the use of body language – read more here.

17. Intermittent Fasting

raise testosterone with IFEvery time you consume a meal, insulin and cortisol levels will spike up. This occurrence then leads to lowered serum testosterone levels. That’s why I use the Intermittent Fasting eating style. Intermittent Fasting is not a diet, more accurate terms for it would be lifestyle or eating pattern. One example of a working IF pattern would be this: Fast for 16 hours -> consume all daily calories in the time frame of 8 hours -> repeat.
For more detailed post about fasting and it’s effects on weight loss, check out the Ultimate Guide to Intermittent Fasting

18. Iodine increases Testosterone Levels Significantly

how to increase testosterone, get some iodineIodine is something that most of the population lacks badly. It’s one of the most important minerals for our body and can be found in every cell. Iodine is very important for testosterone production and it aids your thyroid gland to produce hormones.
If you’re gonna supplement with iodine, try this one.


19. L-Taurine Will Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels

how to increase testosterone with l-taurineIn a rat study, L-taurine was seen to increase testosterone naturally by 200%! Rats have almost identical reproductive system when compared to humans, so it would most likely be beneficial to consume some L-Taurine as a supplement.
If you’re gonna supplement with taurine, try this high quality pure L-taurine out!


20. Boron Boosts Testosterone

boron to naturally boost male hormonesIn a study conducted with the mineral called Boron, researchers found out that Boron will lead to a significant boost in serum testosterone levels, along with lowered serum estrogen levels. It’s also quite cheap to supplement with.
This is the highest quality liquid boron supplement available.


21. Eat Organic Foods To Raise the T

How to increase testosterone naturally? Eat some organic foodsOrganic foods contain no pesticides, chemicals, or any other unnatural additives.
That’s why I always eat organic foods. Most of those normal grocery store foods are loaded with chemicals that tend to mimic estrogen, and as you know by now, this occurrence lowers testosterone levels. Other thing about non-organic foods is that almost all of those non-organic meats are filled with synthetic hormone traces.
Here’s my post on chemicals and their effect on testosterone

22. Try To Avoid Excessive Beer Consumption

to peak testosterone, skip the beerThiss one’s really hard for you guys I know…
Still, I have to bring you the bad news: Beer is filled with highly estrogenic hops, which will directly stimulate the estrogen production in the male body, and that’s not a good thing at all.
I have to admit that I’m still consuming beer once in a while, some habits aren’t worth giving up, and in my opinion beer is one of them.

23. Eat Red Meat

red meat increases natural testosteroneRed meat is awesome for your testosterone production as it’s filled with natural cholesterol, saturated fat, and other favorable compounds that will help your body to produce testosterone.
Nutrients like coenzyme Q10, carnitine, and a host of other beneficial ingredients are all present in red meat, and those will also help your body to make more T.
So don’t underestimate the power of meat to a man, ever.

24. Quit smoking

Smoking causes low testosterone levels in menCigarettes contain over 7 500 chemicals that will wreck havoc in your sensitive endocrine system. Smoking will harm your health in many different ways, but the one that conserns me the most is the lowered testosterone levels it causes. I know that quitting this habit can be really hard, but if you seriously want to increase testosterone levels naturally it’s almost mandatory.

25. Chop Down Trees To Raise Testosterone

chopping down trees, will increase testosterone levelsChopping down trees… At least it feels manly as fuck.
And one recent study actually proves the testosterone raising benefits of the good old wood chopping! As in the journal of Evolution and Human Behavior, there was this trial conducted on Bolivian men, which shows that after a session of chopping trees, their subject males saliva testosterone levels increased by a whopping 40% on average.
So if you’re offered the possibility to go knock down some timber, then do it.

26.Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally By Winning More

winning increases natural testosteroneWinning has been associated with high testosterone levels. In a recent study the researchers measured serum testosterone levels from the fans before, and after the match. Results showed that the winning side responded with a huge increase in testosterone levels, but the losing side experienced a significant drop in serum testosterone.

27. Supplement with zinc

zinc is a testosterone boosterAromatase enzyme is the enzyme that converts free testosterone into estrogen. One of the things that zinc does in the male body is that it will hamper the aromatase enzymes activity, and stop the conversion of testosterone to estrogen – meaning that your testosterone levels will increase because of that.
This is the high quality zinc supplement that I use myself.


28. Avoid sugar

to increase testosterone, skip sugarSugar can be very hard to avoid these days as it has been added in to almost everything. The reason why I’m suggesting you to drop sugar is that it’s pretty notorious for its ability to lower testosterone levels.
In one study, a meal containing sugar lowered serum testosterone levels by 25%. That wasn’t even a short-term effect! The study reports that testosterone levels were still clearly lowered hours after the meal.

29. Supplement with vitamin D

Vitamin D3 Testosterone boosterVitamin D is actually not a vitamin at all, it’s hormone that regulates over 1,000 bodily functions. It’s the key behind fertility and muscle growth but recently it has also been noted that it plays a key role in the production of testosterone. That’s probably one of the reasons why you feel so amazing at a beach vacation.
What’s more better is that vitamin D3 has been shown to increase your free testosterone levels, which is the most beneficial form of testosterone, that isn’t bound into SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin)
Read my post about vitamin D and testosterone, here.

30. Supplement with Tongkat Ali

tongakt ali will increase your testosterone levels naturallyIn a study Tongkat Ali was able to increase testosterone naturally by a staggering 46%. In another Brazilian study researchers found out that it also decreased serum estrogen levels effectively.
I use this pure Tongkat Ali powder myself.


31. Supplement with Suma root

Suma root will spike up your testosterone productionThe suma root (Brazilian gingseng) contains ecdysterone, a very powerful natural compound that has been studied a lot. One study found out that ecdysterone was able to produce even more powerful anabolic benefits than Methandrostenolone and Dianabol, two commonly used steroids.
This Suma tincture does the trick for me.


32. Sprint barefooted in the snow

to peak your male hormones, do a barefooted sprint in the snowThis one is a bit extreme, but if you got snow in your area take of your shoes and do a quick sprint on the snow barefooted. This will generate a primal response in your body to produce more testosterone and growth hormone. I don’t remember the source where I first found out about this, but let me tell you this, it sure does work!

33. Carb Back Loading Will Increase Testosterone And Anabolism

carb back loading by john kiefer will boost male hormonesCarb Back Loading is a very unique eating style created by a physicist name John Kiefer. It’s basically this: You won’t consume any carbohydrates before exercising, but immediately after the workout you will eat a lot of carbs. At first this might sound a bit funny cause you really can eat a lot of junk after the workout, but it still does work insanely well. It will also naturally increase testosterone levels for sure, I can guarantee you that!
Here’s a link to my review about John’s e-book.


34. Consume BCAA’s

bcaa's raise testosterone naturallyResearch shows that if you consume BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acid’s) both, during and after the workout. Your testosterone levels will increase significantly.
In fact one study shows a staggering 50% increase in testosterone levels after supplementation with BCAA’s during strength training.
Testosterone boost is not the only benefit of BCAA’s as they’re also accelerating recovery and protein synthesis, so those amino-acids can be hugely beneficial for all men who are prone to exercise.
This is some high quality bulk BCAA


35. Don’t go overboard with coffee

too much coffee and your testosterone levels will decreaseCoffee ain’t really that bad for you, but if you drink about 10 cups a day your cortisol levels will increase a lot. That’s because that is what coffee does, it increases serum cortisol. It’s not a huge increase though, and couple cups wont hurt your testosterone a bit, but overconsumption will.
You might think that this isn’t a big deal at all, after all it’s just coffee right?
Wrong, if you drink too much coffee and your cortisol will spike as a results, that’s gonna seriusly destroy your testosterone levels. You can read more about cortisol and how to naturally lower it, here.

36. Consume garlic

garlic increases natural testosterone levelsOne Japanese study found out that rats fed with a mixture containing 0,8g/100g garlic powder, gained a huge increase in serum testosterone levels. Increase was also noted in sperm volume, quality, and motility.
You won’t often feel any instant testosterone like benefits from foods, but let me tell you this: Garlic is an exception, as it delivers the testosterone boosting benefits almost instantly.
Eat couple of raw garlic cloves tonight to see what I mean.
Check out my post on 50 testosterone boosting foods for more foods that boost testosterone.

37. supplement with Omega-3’s

increase testosterone with fish oilFish oil has been shown to increase the production of luteinizing hormone (the hormone that triggers testosterone production inside leydic cells at testicles). Fish oil has also been shown to decrease the activity of SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), which is known for lowering free testosterone levels.
This is the product that gives me all the essential fats I need.


38. Check your thyroid

check your thyroid to increase testosterone levels naturallyIt’s estimated that 85-90% of the worlds population have got some stages of underlying thyroid problems. The most common one of these is called hypothyroidism, which is a condition where your thyroid gland is unable to produce enough of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4. That causes a host of serious heart problems in the body and is notorious for causing very low testosterone levels.
For more thyroid info check out this link.

39. Supplement with magnesium

magnesium boosts testosterone levels naturallyThe study conducted in Selcuk (Turkey), states that magnesium supplementation will increase testosterone levels by 24% in athletes. Magnesium is also a key mineral in many important bodily functions, so supplementation with it would be very beneficial for your overall health.
I use this transmedal magnesium oil daily.


40. Having More Sex Will Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

sex will increase testosteroneHaving more sex will definitely boost your testosterone naturally. In fact even having an erection will significantly increase your testosterone production. One study conducted in 1992 examined 4 couples on days that they did and didn’t have any sexual activity. Researches soon found out that testosterone levels increased on nights after sexual activity and didn’t fluctuate at all on the nights where there was no intercourse. Another study conducted on animals states that even the anticipation of sex will spike up testosterone production.

41. Supplement with D-aspartic Acid

D-aspartic acid will increase testosteroneD-aspartic Acid (DAA) is a non essential amino acid, but that doesn’t mean that it’s useless at all! In a recent study DAA was able to produce 33% increase in testosterone. The study was conducted with young men that already had very high levels of testosterone in their system, but still DAA generated a very favourable 33% increase in testosterone production.
This is the pure bulk D-AA that I use.


42. Supplement with Mucuna pruriens

how to increase testosterone naturally? try mucunaIf you like to use herbal supplements in aid to increase testosterone naturally, try out Mucuna Pruriens. It has been shown to increase testosterone levels by 27% and also decrease prolactin levels by 33%. Elevated prolactin levels have been linked to low testosterone and low libido.
This Mucuna Pruriens powder really does it for me.


43. Increase Testosterone Levels Significantly With Icariin

icariin will increase testosteroneIcariin is a compound that can be found in some of the natural testosterone boosters, like Muira Puama and Horny Goat Weed for instance. Icariin has been shown to increase testosterone levels, and also to increase the blood flow in to the pelvic area. It has also similar benefits as Viagra does, hence the common name for icariin – the natural Viagra.
Icariin can also be purchased as an extract.


44. Vitamin C Boosts Testosterone Production

vitamin c will maximize testosterone production naturallyMegadoses of vitamin C will lower your serum cortisol levels very effectively. So to increase testosterone naturally, consider purchasing some vitamin C.
Low cortisol is not the only benefit of vitamin C, as high vitamin C levels in the blood will also protect your precious testosterone molecules from oxidization.
This Camu Camu powder is filled with high absorbing vitamin C


45. Reservatrol Raises Testosterone

 reservatrol makes you produce more testosteroneReservatrol is a natural compound found in grapes, and it has been shown to raise natural testosterone levels by 50% in animal studies. The only downside to reservatrol is that it needs to be taken in megadoses to create significant benefits, but there’s reservatrol supplements available if you are not interested in eating tons of grapes.
Maximum strength Reservatrol.


46. Supplement With Pine Pollen

pine pollen can peak testosteronePine pollen is in my opinion by far the number #1 testosterone booster of all time. It actually contains pure testosterone in it, and also many other forms of testosterone such as, epitestosterone, brassinolide, dehydroepiandrosterone, androsterone, and androstenedione. Read my post about pine pollen here.
This is without a doubt the best quality Pine Pollen tincture available.


47. Start using natural cosmetics

raise testosterone levels with natural personal care items.Almost all of unnatural kinds of cosmetics contain a big list of toxic chemicals, the worst of them are parabens. Parabens come in many forms and they can be found on shampoos, commercial moisturizers, shaving gels, personal lubricants, topical/parenteral pharmaceuticals, spray tanning solution, and toothpaste. They are also used as food additives.
Inside the body parabens act as a very strong estrogen mimics causing decreased testosterone levels quite effectively.
I suggest that you scan trough your personal cosmetics ingredient list and lookout for these: Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Heptylparaben, Methylparaben, or Propylparaben. And if I were you, I’d throw them out instantly.
Also check out this post on natural personal care items.

48. Consume A Lot Of Berries To Remove Estrogen

blue berries calsium d gluacarate, testosterone supplementCertain berries like, junipers, aronias and blueberries are very testosterone friendly. These all contain this compound called Calsium-D-Glucarate. It’s found on the skin of those berries and it acts like a fiber that sucks in bad estrogens and helps them to exit your body via your intestines.

49. Consume something that acts as a methylator

get more methylators to spike up TThe methylation process in a nutshell is this: the bad estrogens are all missing one methyl group. By eating food that acts as a methylator you are adding that missing methyl group there. By that action your body will start this whole chelation process.
To make it sound more simple; chelation basically means that your body flushes out toxins and harmful xeno-estrogens.
One of the best natural methylators out there is beets, and they’re not only a methylator, as beets will also significantly increase your nitric oxide production.

50. The low estrogen trio

low estrogen trio will boost tRead here about the low estrogen trio. It’s a very easy to do solution to high estrogen levels. Combining 3 different foods to really flush that excess estrogen out of your body.
In a nutshell the whole trio is combined of foods that contain methylators, Calcium-D-Glucarate, and DIM. That’s the magic trio of substances to drive away female hormones from your body.

51. Get some sun

increase testosterone with sunbathingSun exposure is a really good way to increase testosterone naturally. The sun rays will start the natural process of creating vitamin-D in your skin, and vitamin-D is really good way to naturally increase testosterone levels. By being out in the sun you’ll get that natural D flowing in your veins, so it’s much better way to enjoy the sun than take it as a supplement.

52. Cycle natural testosterone boosters

raise testosterone levels with testostestorone booster cyclingHere’s my list of working natural testosterone boosters, and here’s my guide on how to cycle those boosters. In a nutshell the whole cycling means that you are not consuming all of those herbs at the same time. That’s how you can completely avoid the actions of natural resistance to these supplements, that would build up otherwise. So cycling those bad boys will naturally increase testosterone levels big time!

53. Stop the porn induced masturbation

increase testosterone by avoiding porn induced masturbationLet’s face it. Every single male does this, and some even suggest that it increases testosterone. That’s one hell of a weird claim considering that masturbation to porn will significantly lower the activity in your androgen and dopamine receptors. That will certainly crush your testosterone levels! ps. You absolutely have to watch this clip now.

54. HIIT Skyrockets Anabolic Hormones

hiit increases testosteroneHIIT (High Intensity Interval Exercise) is a very good way to increase testosterone naturally. One great way to see this in effect is to start looking at the difference between a marathon runner and a sprinter. The marathon runners are really skinny and fragile, as if they are not having any testosterone inside their bodies. But sprinters on the other hand are huge and muscular, almost like weight lifters. That phenomenon is caused by the way sprinters train; they practice a lot of HIIT and short sprints, that have been scientifically shown to skyrocket natural testosterone and human growth hormone production.

55.Avoid Mercury

increase testosterone by avoiding mercuryMercury is one of those really nasty toxins that really destroys your testosterone levels. That’s why you should be very cautious about the quality of the fish you consume, because it has been shown that fish caught from polluted waters contains a lot of mercury traces. So keep this in mind when at your journey to increase testosterone.

56. peak 8

increase male hormone levels with peak 8Peak 8 is a revolutionary workout method created by Dr. Joseph Mercola. In a nutshell it goes like this: you start by warming up for couple of minutes, then exercise for 30 seconds with the highest intensity you possibly can, and after that just cool down for 90 seconds, then repeat the procedure 7 times. Peak 8 has been proven to increase testosterone and growth hormone levels very effectively. You can read all about it at Dr. Mercolas websites.

57. Jumping

jumping will increase testosteroneOne study noticed that by jumping, our lymphatic system activates and that somehow raises our testosterone levels. So how would you jump then? -Well for example: trampoline, parkour, skip rope, and many other kinds of activities include jumping.
The increase in testosterone is not the only benefit of jumping, as it’s also hugely beneficial for your lymphatic system, and effectively accelerates autophagy, which means that your body will start to flush out excess chemicals from your body.

58. Avoid fluoride

increase testosterone by skipping fluorideFluoride is toxic. It’s been stated in many studies and that’s a cold hard fact. These days fluoride is everywhere; it’s in our toothpaste and recently it was found even in our drinking water… Fluoride acts in body by hampering all the activity of iodine and by taking it’s place on all of our cells. This occurrence happens because they’re both halogens, but fluoride is lighter and when that fluoride enters our glands and sensivite endocrine system, it will do some serious harm there. So avoid it like a plague!

59. Avoid chlorine

avoid chlorine to increase testosteroneCholrine is also a halogen and lighter than iodine. It will act same way in our body that fluoride does, so take a look in that number 58. Just like fluoride, chlorine is also toxic and it will wreck havoc in your body. It’s well capable to lower testosterone levels in many different ways.

60.Avoid bromine

 avoid bromine to boost male hormone levelsBromine should also be avoided for the same reasons as fluoride and chlorine. Bromine is also a halogen thats lighter than iodine, and will cause all of the same problems as those two stated above. So to increase testosterone naturally you should supplement with iodine and avoid fluoride, chlorine, and bromine alltogether.

61. Do not eat too much fiber

raise testosterone levels by skipping fiber rich productsLow fat and high fiber diets lower testosterone levels and it’s a scientific fact. In one study high fiber diet resulted in 12% decrease in serum testosterone. It’s ok to eat some fiber, just don’t over do it.
One trick that I do to balance out the bad effects of fiber is to eat oats, which contain steroidal saponins that will increase your testosterone levels, so that will lessen the harmful effects of fiber a lot.

62. Explosive Intensity Will Increase Testosterone Naturally

high intensity will increase testosterone levelsResearch shows that high volume with low repetitions is not the only way to increase testosterone naturally when working out. It has now been shown that if you workout with “explosive intensity” your testosterone levels will increase. So I suggest that you spike up your workouts a bit for increased testosterone production.

63. High protein diet causes low testosterone

increase testosterone by eating the correct amount of proteinCertain amounts of high quality protein is needed for healthy testosterone levels, but if you eat too much protein in your diet you will essentially leave less room for fats and carbohydrates. Everything needs to be in a perfect balance for testosterone to increase, and by consuming too much protein you will wreck that. So the thing to remember from this is that you don’t really need to supplement with a huge load of protein even when bodybuilding.

64. Don’t be a vegetarian

increase testosterone by not being a vegetarianVegetarian diets have been linked to very low testosterone levels. That’s not really hard to guess though, because for vegetarians it’s really hard to get those healthy saturated fats and cholesterol in their diet, and the fact that they consume a lot of soy won’t help either. One study showed that men who change from vegetarian diet to high fat carnivore diet increased their testosterone levels by 30%

65. Play Golf To Boost T Levels

increase testosterone by golfingBy playing golf you essentially hit the ball with a golf stick and that creates a very primal response inside your body; which in fact has been studied to increase testosterone levels naturally.
This actually covers multiple other sports too, as it really doesn’t matter what you’re hitting, but the actual action of hitting something with a stick, bat, etc. will create a primal response in your brain to spike up testosterone production.

66. Play hockey

raise testosterone with hockeyHockey is also a game where you hit something with a stick and it also causes the same primal response than golf does. Hockey is also fueled with testosterone in many other aspects so I’d say that it’s clearly one of the best sports if you are looking for an increase in testosterone.
Actually one study shows that even watching a hockey game from the audience will create an increase in salivary testosterone levels.

67. Skip the margarine

to raise male hormones, skip margarineFrom my post called Butter vs. Margarine can be clearly seen how destructive margarine is to your testosterone levels. So go read that post for detailed information about that so called “health food”.
One fun fact about margarine, is that it’s 2 molecules away from plastic…

68.Never overheat your testicles

avoid overheating testicles to improve testosteroneYour testicles hang in a pouch outside of your body for a reason, and the reason is that your balls should always be a bit cooler than your normal body temperature. If you heat them up by wearing tight boxers or by taking long hot baths, you are just basically lowering your testosterone levels.
I’ts been studied that if your balls are heated up to the same level as your body temperature, testosterone and sperm production will just simply stop until they are cool again – Read this post for more information.

69. Stop eating those small meals multiple times a day

stop eating small meals to raise your testosteroneThis is something that goes pretty hard against everything that fitness people preach about; but by eating many small meals you are just lowering your testosterone and growth hormone levels with every meal. That’s why intermittent Fasting and Carb Back Loading are so anabolic – both focus on eating bigger meals not so often.

70. Avoid chemicals

avoid chemicals to increase testosteroneThere are over 50 million chemicals listed as of now. Most of those chemicals will wreck havoc in our very sensitive endocrine system, and the fact is that many of those chemicals directly mimic estrogen in our bodies. Avoiding all chemicals completely is in fact impossible now, but you can still avoid most of them effectively by eating organic, using organic cosmetics, and avoiding plastics.

71. Push trough your limits

push trough limits to boost testosteroneBy this I mean working out as hard as you possibly can. I base this claim on a study where the researchers found out, that if an average Joe suddenly jumps out of he’s couch and runs a sprint, he’s testosterone and growth hormone levels will skyrocket trough the roof. On the other hand if an elite sprinter does the same thing, he excerts far more less of those anabolic hormones. That happens because the seasoned elite athlete didn’t really push trough he’s limits, but the average Joe sure did. So to increase testosterone naturally, go past your limits.

72. Calisthenics Will Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

calisthenics to increase testosteroneStudies suggest that by doing a calisthenics workout you will trigger certain endocrine system responses, and one of them is testosterone production. It’s not even sure why this is happening but frankly, I don’t even care. For me it’s enough to know that calisthenics increase testosterone levels.
If you don’t know what are chalistenics, the image on the left should tell you something. They’re bodyweight exercises.

73. Hill sprinting For Natural Testosterone

hill spriting raises testosteroneHill sprinting is something that nicely combines intensity with being explosive. The way how you can push yourself through the limits on those sprints makes hill sprinting a very good way to increase testosterone naturally.
I’d also say that hill sprinting might just be the most awesome exercise to burn fat, as I have never ever done anything as intense as doing these sprints with a proper coach.
So if you’re really looking to burn of that stubborn belly fat, instead of doing some shitty low pace cardio for hours, go run 15 minutes of agressive sprints up on some hill, preferably with a mate who challenges you to give 110%.

74. Fight sports

boxing increases testosterone naturallyAll the fight sports like boxing and wrestling for instance are well known for their ability to raise testosterone. Why wouldn’t they increase it? They are everything you would expect from a high testosterone event.
Fighting in general will also increase your testosterone levels, as it’s one of the most primal things that a man can do these days, but instead of starting a bar fight, start boxing or something similar.

75. Do not restric your calories too much

to peak testosterone do not avoid caloriesIf you restrict your normal calorie consumption too much, it is for certain that testosterone levels will fall down as a result.
So if you are doing Intermittent fasting, or any other kind of diet where you fast for some time, make sure that you will still get those calories when feasting.

76. Do not go too low on carbs

low carbs may not be the best thing to increase testosteroneIt’s true that carbohydrates will cause your insulin levels to spike, and that spike will lead to lowered testosterone production. Still you shouldn’t go too low on them, because recent study shows that very low carb diets will lead into low testosterone levels. So make sure that you do get carbs, but also make sure that you ain’t eating them all the time, scattered around your day. That would only spike your insulin all the time.

77. Avoid hormone replacement therapy

hormone replacement therapy won't increase testosteroneHormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is the thing that doctors always preach about. In reality it’s nothing more but taking synthetic steroids. That’s because in HRT you will most likely be injected with synthetic testosterone or given gels, creams, and pellets that will also contain synthetic male hormones. That will surely increase your testosterone levels for a while, but it’s very costly thing to start, and here’s what will happen when you stop: Your testicles will shutdown during the HRT because there is testosterone suddenly coming into your body from somewhere else. That’s why your testicles really won’t need to do anything, and when you stop the HRT your testicles will remain that way. They are on a long vacation and are not planning on returning for a while… That’s the main reason why people using synthetic hormones usually end up having man-boobs, shriveled up testicles, and hair loss.

78. Consume raw chocolate And Your Testicles Will Thank You

how to increase testosterone naturally? with raw chocolateThe chocolate found on grocery stores is actually very far from the real deal. It contains low cacao percentage and it will get heated up during the production. The heat destroys all of the biochemical benefits and antioxidants from those kinds of chocolates. THE REAL raw chocolate is not heated at any part of the manuafacturing process, and it contains huge load of antioxidants and biochemical compounds that nourish the human body. Raw chocolate also contains a lot of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for your testosterone levels.
If you want to try real raw chocolate, try this brand.


79. Consume Bee pollen To Increase Your Testosterone Levels

how to increase testosterone naturally, with bee pollenBee pollen is the pollen collected from bees legs after they’ve been flying trough flowers and plants. It’s very similar to Pine pollen and also contains pure testosterone, like it’s pine cousin. So consume Bee pollen if you want to increase your testosterone levels naturally.
I supplement with this bee product which has 3 testosterone boosting ingredients.


80. Consume vitamin K2

vitamin k2 boosts testosteroneVitamin K2 is very essential for healthy testosterone production but it’s very hard to consume enough. That’s why I figured out this weird trick to get adequate levels of K2 naturally, check it out!
Vitamin K2 is in my opinion one of the most overlooked vitamins in the world, I would go as far as even saying that it can be even more powerful than vitamin D in some cases, so instead of focusing those same old abcd’s that you’re used to, try to add in the K2 for some super awesome benefits for testosterone and bloodflow, increase hemoglobin and stuff…

81. Eat onions

onions will increase testosterone naturallyIn a study conducted at Tabriz (Iran), Researchers found out a very cheap and easy way to increase testosterone levels on rats. The researchers just took some onions, juiced them, and fed to the rats. They noticed that the testosterone levels actually tripled! Yes that’s right, onion juice tripled testosterone levels on rats.

82. Consume Selenium To Nourish your Leydic Cells

how to raise testosterone levels? try seleniumSelenium is needed by your testicles to produce testosterone. Defiency in selenium has been linked to low testosterone levels, so to increase testosterone naturally I’d suggest that you either supplement with selenium or eat something that is high in this mineral. One of those foods would be Brazil nuts, even as little as 2 of these nuts is enough to fill the daily requirement for selenium.
I usually buy a bulk of these bad boys, and it lasts for months.


83. The ratio between omega-3 and omega-6

 ratio between omega 3 and omega 6 will impact testosteroneIf your omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are not in optimal ratio (1:1), will it cause a host of problems inside your body, and one of those is low testosterone levels. These days it has become almost impossible to obtain that 1:1 ratio that our ancestors had. It was recently studied that some americans have this ratio blown out to 1:40! This is caused by the over consumption of omega-6 fatty acids, and the fact that we are not getting any omega-3’s. So avoid those vegetable oils like soybean, canola, and sunflower oil, and start to consume wild fish with butter and olive oil. These both are some really nice sources of omega-3’s

84. Consume High Quality Salts

how to increase testosterone with himalayan saltThe basic table salt nowadays is highly processed and lacks many key minerals that it originally had before the manufacturing process began. Actually the basic table salt these days contain only 2 minerals, sodium and calsium chloride. But real salts like unrefined sea salts and himalayan crystal salt can contain up to 80 different minerals. Another negative aspect in table salt is that some firms actually put fluoride on it these days, and that will destroy your testosterone levels.
This is as close as you can get to the natural salts.


85. Ejaculation control

ejaculation control is needed to raise testosteroneIn a Japanese study researching the correlation between ejaculation and testosterone, researchers saw minimal changes to serum testosterone levels prior 6 days of abstinence. Then suddenly on the 7th day, serum testosterone levels suddenly increased by 145%! The study only lasted a week and no further information was gathered.

86. Say no to steroids

 steroid will not increase testosterone in the long termMany bodybuilders will straight on jump into the world of steroids when they are first time told about testosterone, and its ability to increase muscle mass. However as you might already know synthetic testosterone will pretty much just make your testicles useless. Your balls are in no need to produce anything if you inject testosterone in to the blood from outer source. So the thing that happens after you stop taking steroids is that your testicles are not producing anything anymore. That leads to the growth of man boobs and a host of other problems. All the same kind of effects that you could expect from hormone replacement therapy.

87. Consume citrus fruits

how to increase testosterone naturally? with citrus fruitsCitrus fruits have been linked to a decrease in estrogen levels, and like you might already know leads to an increase in testosterone levels.
Citrus fruits are also great for boosting metabolism and they’re a food that alkalizes your body, so eat them as much as you want!

88. Consume vitamin A

how to naturally raise testosterone levels with vitamin aAnimal research shows that there is a clear correlation between Vitamin A intake and testosterone levels. Vitamin A not only increases the production of testosterone but, according to the Weston A. Price Foundation, it also decreases estrogen production in the male testes.
To reap out the benefits of vitamin A, you should steer away from supplements and get it from natural sources.

89. Vitamin E

raise testosterone with vitamin eVitamin-E has been shown to increase testosterone levels naturally and also improve the quality, motility, and volume of sperm. Also low vitamin-E levels are associated with high estrogen. So make sure that you are getting adequate levels of it.
Vitamin E can also be beneficial for your skin and hair, which is well, unimportant for men but still kind of beneficial if you ask your wife.

90. Supplement with ashwagandha

Ashwagandha testosterone boosterAswagandha is one of the best natural testosterone boosters. A study that conducted in India, gave men 5 grams of ashwagandha powder daily for 3 months, and after those 3 months researchers witnessed a 40% increase in testosterone levels. Ashwagandha is also known for its ability to increase hemoglobin and the amount of red blood cells – both of those are linked to high testosterone levels.
This Ashwagandha tincture is currently the highest quality that I’m aware of.


91. Supplement with Shilajit To Increase Testosterone Levels By a Factor

naturally increase testosterone with shilajitShilajit is a tar like substance that grows in the Himalayas. It’s said that Shilajit is the cornerstone of Ayurveda and it clearly has some pretty nice testosterone boosting effects. One study gave men 200mg of Shilajit for 90 days and then witnessed the following effects: Testosterone increased by 23.5%, sperm production increased by 37.6%, oxidative stress levels went down 18%, sperm motility increased by 17.4% and total sperm count increased by 61.4%.
It was a really hard task to find the real deal, when I was looking for quality Shilajit around the internet, until I stumbled on to this product which is actually the masterpiece of a guy who traveled 20 years in the Himalayas looking for the purest Shilajit. The only downside to this Shilajit is the fact that whenever it’s in stock, it’s gone in a whim – Authentic Shilajit.

92. Avena sativa Boosts Testosterone

avena sativa will increase your testosterone  levels naturallyAvena sativa is one of the saponins that can be found in oats. It has been shown to naturally increase testosterone levels by 105% in a study where it was combined with nettle roots.
One study also noted that Avena Sativa was able to unbind testosterone which was bound to SHBG, making it “free testosterone” which is the most beneficial form of T.
To find out more, read my full post on Avena Sativa and Testosterone.

93. Nettle roots

testosterone booster, nettle rootsNettle roots are well known for their ability to lower estrogen levels, and as you can see from the number 92. above, nettle roots combined with avena sativa created a nice 105% increase in testosterone levels.
If you wan’t to learn more about nettle roots, then read about them on my testosterone booster list.

94. Increase Testosterone Naturally By Avoiding depression

increase testosterone levels by avoiding depressionI know that once depression gets really bad it’s not that easy to just stop being in agony. Still in the spirit of 100 ways to increase testosterone naturally, I feel like it belongs to this list. Depression has been linked to lowered testosterone levels, lowered growth hormone levels and increased cortisol levels, and those are some very nasty effects that will seriously lower your testosterone levels.

95. Supplement with Fenugreek

fenugreek natural testosterone increaserFenugreek has been shown to naturally increase testosterone levels, based on a recent study where the researchers gave bodybuilders 500mg of Fenugreek extract for eight weeks. After that they witnessed a 26% increase in testosterone and a 1.6kg increase in lean body mass. It’s not certain how the Fenugreek does this, but researchers suggested that Fenugreek might inhibit the conversion from testosterone to estrogen.
I use this powdered form of Fenugreek to make tinctures.


96. Eat Pomegranate To Nourish Your Testicles

antioxidants in pomegranate will raise testosterone levelsPomegranate contains compounds that seem to increase testosterone naturally quite well. It’s not certainly sure how this happens, but researchers believe that it’s caused by the active substances found in pomegranate that probably stimulate the concentration of endogenous antioxidants in the testicles. But aside of the fact that the researchers were not sure about how pomegranate increased testosterone, the study showed a nice 22% boost in testosterone.

97. Ginger Will Increase Testosterone Production

increase natural testosterone levels with gingerIn a controlled human study conducted in Tikrit (Iran), the researchers saw a 17.5 increase in testosterone levels after they gave the subjects ginger supplementation. There is still one thing missing on this study. It doesn’t show how much ginger they gave to the men. Without further information, I will be consuming a lot of ginger now on.

98. Increase Testosterone Naturally With Royal jelly

roayl jelly, natural testosterone boosterRoyal jelly is secreted by the glands in the hypopharynx of worker bees. It can be bought as a supplement, and even as little as 25 milligrams of Royal jelly has been shown to naturally increase testosterone levels by 20% in a controlled human study.
I supplement with this bee product which has 3 testosterone boosting ingredients, including Royal jelly.


99. Parsley Boosts T

apigening in parsley will skyrocket testosteroneParsley contains a flavonoid called apigenin. The researchers at Texas Tech recently found out that apigening works in the testicles by stimulating them to produce more testosterone. Luckily it’s very cheap to consume apigening, since 100g of parsley contains 300mg apigening, enough to significantly increase testosterone levels based on that study.

100. Holy basil

how to increase testosterone naturally? try out holy basilHoly Basil, or Tulsi as it’s called in India, managed to create some amazing results in a controlled animal study. The researchers fed the leaves of holy basil to rabbits and measured the testosterone levels after it. The effects were bit more drastic than the researchers were expecting. Testosterone levels actually fluctuated off the scale. That’s right, the researchers were able to measure testosterone up to 1500 ng/dl, but after the rabbits consumed 5 leaves of holy basil, testosterone levels were higher than the 1500 ng/dl mark. That means the scientist were unable to finally tell how much the holy basil actually increased testosterone, but the conclusion of this study was that the increase was at least 395%. Now before you get all excited, we have to remember that this was an animal study. Still something tells me that an increase that huge in rabbits must create some effects in humans also, cause we do have considerably similar reproductive systems.
This is the Holy Basil tincture I’m testing soon.



Well here ends the 100 ways to increase testosterone levels naturally list. I’m sure that with the use of these 100 ways, you can create a significant increase in testosterone levels naturally. So stay away from those harmful injections and start to increase testosterone levels by natural means! It’s cheap, fun, and delicious in some cases.
If you made it this far, I’d love it if you shared this list around. The list can literally be life changing to all men battling with low testosterone, and I myself have used many of these ways to increase my testosterone from normal to all the way trough the upper limits of reference ranges.
Please note that all of the studies mentioned in this post can be found below.
Jump to – 20 Ways To Boost Nitric Oxide Naturally or check out the Natural Testosterone Store


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      There’s also a logical explanation to that study – as you might already know men with higher testosterone levels are more prone to take risks, including smoking. The study only concluded that those men who were smokers had higher T levels in the morning, which doesn’t straight on mean that those high T levels were caused by the tobaccos (which is almost impossible).

      The study also shows that smoking increased SHBG, which binds itself on your free testosterone molecules making it “unavailable” for your body.

      Glad you brought that up!

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